My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 708 - Make You Get What You Wished For

Chapter 708: Make You Get What You Wished For

Ou Luoxi said that he wanted to leave suddenly, and Zhou Yao said, “Luoxi, what are you rushing off for? It is so hard for us to get together.”

Ou Luoxi took his car keys and said, “Another day then. Eldest Brother, Second Older Brother, goodbye.”

“Ay, Luoxi!”

“Second Young Brother.” Upon noticing that Zhou Yao was about to get up, Lu Shaoming immediately gave him a kick underneath the table.

“Eldest Brother, why are you stopping me? Could you not know that Luoxi is rushing back in such a hurry because of…”

“I know.” Lu Shaoming took a small sip of white wine before he stared at Zhou Yao as he said, “We are unable to stop this kind of thing. Don’t waste your energy.”


“Why didn’t you stop Luoxi from coming back when he was recuperating in America? He has Xia Xiaofu in his heart, and he misses her all the time. Otherwise, his leg would not have recuperated so quickly.”

Zhou Yao was puzzled, and he said, “I just do not understand why Luoxi would throw his heart on a woman. He doesn’t even turn back after he fails.”

Lu Shaoming put the wine glass down and stood up. He stretched his hand out to pat Zhou Yao’s shoulder before laughing softly, and he said, “It is just like me who always thought that our Major General Zhou would not be interested in any woman. How is it going? You have a wild wife at home who is wreaking havoc in your home every day, and you are not living at the military base anymore. You are running back home every night.”

Zhou Yao froze before he quickly patted the table. “I am teaching her…”

“Okay, that’s enough.” Lu Shaoming stretched his hand out push the wine glass in front of Zhou Yao further away as he said, “Drink a little less. Alcohol is not good for preparing for pregnancy.”

Preparing…for pregnancy?

Zhou Yao was almost shocked by this word.

Even though Lu Shaoming had three children at home, and all of them were smart and cute, Zhou Yao naturally did not have any interest in children, and when he thought about having a small kid trailing before him, his entire body broke out into goosebumps.

At this moment, Lu Shaoming already headed over to the door, and Zhou Yao loudly shouted, “Eldest Brother, you are leaving just like that?”

Lu Shaoming did not even turn his head back but waved his hands as he said, “I’m going home. I have to accompany my wife and kids.”

Zhou Yao withdrew his gaze. He was unhappy as he drank the remainder of the alcohol in the glass. He suddenly missed the times back in the past. The three brothers would spend the entire night in the bar, but now, every one of them was going back home to accompany their wives and kids. What did this mean?

At this moment, a ringtone rang out. It was Zhou Yao’s phone.

“Hello, Young Master, come back quickly! Old Master’s birthday is coming in two days. We have tailor-made some outfits for Madam, but Madam tore all of the outfits up, and she even threw the shoes downstairs. We, we…”

Zhou Yao stood up immediately, and he held his phone in one hand as he went outside.

Damn it. This wretch was really such a…

Inside the Ou family villa, Xia Xiaofu stood before the window inside the room and looked at the heavy downpour outside. It was already nine at night, and the helpers and Little Fifth were all sleeping already, but Ou Luoxi hadnot come back yet.

Was he not coming home tonight?

Xia Xiaofu firmly embraced herself with her slim arms. She felt cold, and this huge downpour made her think of the time back in the small house in the mountains. It rained often in the mountains, and every time it rained, they would close the doors and not go out. They liked to hold a book and lie down in bed, and she curled up in his embrace as they chatted with one another happily.

At that time, she always liked to raise her head up to ask him, “Luoxi, will you be together with me forever?”

He laughed softly before he bent over to kiss her forehead as he said, “Silly, of course I will.”

She also thought that both of them would forever be together, and she never imagined that she would break up with him.

But it was a pity that now…

Xia Xiaofu’s heart was full of sadness.

At this moment, a soft sound rang out in her ears. It was the sound of the front door opening. Xia Xiaofu’s eyes lit up. Someone came back. Was it Ou Luoxi?

This kind of feeling was just like her empty heart was filled up in this instant. She lifted her slim legs apart to rush out of her room. She lowered her gaze to look towards the back. There was an amber light left in the living room. At this moment, a tall, handsome figure stood beneath the light. He’d rushed back in the rain and wind, and his short, dark hair was all wet and limp on his eyes.

“Luoxi…” Xia Xiaofu was extremely surprised as she called out to him. She ran downstairs quickly. She rushed into Ou Luoxi’s embrace and said, “I figured that you were not coming back.”

His embrace was full of her fragrance and softness. Ou Luoxi froze for a moment, before he raised his right hand up to hold her small waist. He closed his eyes, kissed her forehead, and softly said, “I am back now right?”

Xia Xiaofu hugged him even tighter.

“My body is wet; you’ll get a cold.” After hugging one another for a while, he pushed her away gently.

“I don’t want to.” Xia Xiaofu acted cute just like before as she moved her small body.

The next second, her body was in the air, and Ou Luoxi carried her up on his shoulders as he headed upstairs.

Xia Xiaofu let out a soft shout. She did not expect him to be so dominating right now. She was afraid that she would fall, and she had no other choice but to use her small hand to pull his clothes. Her soft stomach was on his shoulder, and she felt a little uncomfortable, so she moved about.

“Don’t move!”

Thent into the room and Ou Luoxi gently set her on the floor. She went on her tiptoes and removed Ou Luoxi’s drenched shirt as she gently said, “Go inside to take a hot shower then. It is very easy to get a cold when you get drenched in the rain.”

Ou Luoxi had a look at her small, egg-shaped face that was just like a flower underneath the lights before he raised his eyes to look at the bassinet in front of him.

“Little Fifth went to sleep a long time ago.” Xia Xiaofu saw him caring for Little Fifth, and her small face had a bright smile on it.

“Okay.” Ou Luoxi nodded his head and said, “Then I will go and take a shower first.”

He headed towards the bathroom.

Xia Xiaofu hung his wet coat on the hanger before she opened the door to go into his room. She took a loose shirt. Knock, knock.Then she went into the bathroom.

“I am putting your clothes here.”

“Okay.” Ou Luoxi answered from inside.

Xia Xiaofu’s small face was hot as she walked out. She walked over to the side of the bassinet as she looked at Little Fifth’s small face that was in deep slumber.

After a while, the bathroom door opened, and Ou Luoxi walked out.

He wore a white shirt and a long pair of khakis. Because his hair was still wet, he took a dry towel to wipe it. He raised his head up to look at the woman in front of him as he said, “Your shirt is a little wet. Go inside to take a shower again.”

Xia Xiaofu had already bathed. She was wearing a nightgown, and she lowered her gaze to have a look. Her nightgown was a little damp, and she said, “Okay.” She stood up.

Ou Luoxi followed the woman to the bathroom with his gaze. He put the towel down and walked over to the side of the bassinet. Little Fifth was sleeping inside, and her small, powdery face grew up a little more. She’d become more beautiful. She’s inherited her looks from her Mummy, and she will definitely be a big beauty in the future.

Ou Luoxi stretched his long fingers out to touch her supple, tofu-like face. He did not know why, but although he knew that she was not his daughter — she was Ou Ze’s — when he looked at her, he still felt very very gentle.

Maybe she had a shadow of Xia Xiaofu on her.

She was such a small baby, and was a small angel.

The corners of Ou Luoxi’s lips were curled up into a warm arc.

Xia Xiaofu came out and saw Ou Luoxi leaning against the bassinet as he smiled at Little Fifth. Nothing could make her happier and more satisfied than him being able to like Little Fifth whom she’d given birth to. She walked over with light footsteps and stood at the other side.

Both of them looked at Little Fifth, who was deep in slumber, and Ou Luoxi said, “Is she so obedient normally?”

“Yeah, she is not like other children who like to cry, throw a tantrum, or need me to carry her. After feeding her till she is full, she likes to sleep for a while. After she wakes up, she blabbers and plays on her own. She also likes you to talk to her while standing by her side.”

Ou Luoxi did not say anything else after hearing what she said.

The room became quiet again. It was so quiet that they could hear each other breathing. Ou Luoxi lowered his gaze to look at Little Fifth. Xia Xiaofu felt a little uneasy. It was already very late now. He was inside her room and did not go back into his own room. They could not stare at one another like this for the entire night.

Xia Xiaofu walked over to the side of the bed and bent over to tidy the blankets.

She saw a pair of long khaki pants by her snow-white legs, and he was standing right behind her.

Xia Xiaofu straightened her body up quickly.

But the man behind her stretched both of his hands out to hug her, and he firmly pressed her into his embrace. A hot kiss hit the side of her ears.


Xia Xiaofu opened her eyes slowly. She had already slept on the big soft bed. The wounds on her body were all treated. He must have carried her over to take a shower, and she was still wearing a nightgown.

She scanned her surroundings. The carpet was still littered with ripped clothes, and the sofa was extremely crumpled. There was a musty scent in the room, but Ou Luoxi was not around.

Xia Xiaofu was shocked, and she sat up quickly. Where was Ou Luoxi?

Did he leave already?

She just propped one long arm and saw the balcony door was open. Through the thin white curtains, she saw a handsome figure standing on the balcony as he placed one hand into his pockets, and he used another hand to smoke.

When did he learn to smoke?

Xia Xiaofu wanted to go over, but she did not dare to do so. At this moment, Ou Luoxi stood there all alone. There was a cold, lonely aura on his body, and the shadow of his back profile was very long. It made others…feel bad for him.

The tip of her nose turned sour.

“Yee yee yay ya.” the crisp sound of wind chimes rang out in the air. Little Fifth was awake now, and she was probably hungry.

Xia Xiaofu wanted to get out of bed.

At this moment, Ou Luoxi who was on the balcony, heard the sound and stubbed out his cigarette. He lifted his long legs apart and walked inside, then he walked over to the side of the bassinet. He picked Little Fifth up from the bassinet and placed her by Xia Xiaofu’s side.

Xia Xiaofu thought that he would not care about her anymore, and she did not think that he would be so caring. She lay down and brought Little Fifth into her embrace, before lifting her shirt up to feed Little Fifth.

Ou Luoxi sat down by the side of the bed, and he stretched his hand out to touch Xia Xiaofu’s hair as he softly said, “When did you wake up?”

Xia Xiaofu fluttered her long eyelashes and did not raise her head up to say, “Just now.”

“Just now. I went to the balcony to smoke. I was afraid the smell of smoke would affect the both of you.”

Was this considered an explanation?

Xia Xiaofu bit down on her lower lip before raising her eyes towards Ou Luoxi. He was still wearing the loose shirt and had not taken a shower yet.

She really wanted to ask him something, was he angry now? But she did not dare to ask him.

She was scared like a small white rabbit as she took her gaze back.

Ou Luoxi saw her soft expression and swallowed his saliva. He went onto the bed and bent down by Xia Xiaofu’s side.

Xia Xiaofu’s entire little face burned up again. She was frantic as she looked at him and said, “Little Fifth is here…”

“It is alright. Isn’t this bed a bassinet right now?” Ou Luoxi lifted the nightgown that she was wearing and blocked Little Fifth’s line of vision.

Xia Xiaofu’s ears were so red that they were almost the colour of blood. She used one hand to firmly protect Little Fifth in her embrace, and she was nervous and afraid as she closed her eyes.

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