My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 709 - For You, He Can Give Up Everything

Chapter 709: For You, He Can Give Up Everything

A night of indulgence resulted in Xia Xiaofu sleeping in the next day. When she sat up on her bed, Ou Luoxi was nowhere in sight. Even Little Fifth was no longer in her crib.

She swiftly got out of bed. “Luoxi, Little Fifth…”

Just then, the shower door opened, and Ou Luo Xi walked out. He had just taken a shower and was handsomely clad in a blue shirt and brown slacks.

Xia Xiaofu’s face reddened upon seeing him. She was embarrassed to recall last night’s events.

“Why didn’t you sleep in a little more?” Ou Luoxi walked to her and reached out to caress her pale little face.

Xia Xiaofu had been afraid that last night was just a dream, and upon awakening, he would return to being cold towards her. But he did not change. Her delicate little oval-shaped face broke into a charming smile. She lifted her eyes to look at him. “I’m awake. Are you going to work now?”

“Yes.” Ou Luoxi nodded, walking over to the bedside to retrieve his tie. “Ah Li is waiting for me downstairs. I will go out in a while.”

“Ok,” Xia Xiaofu replied and approached him. “Let me help you put on your tie.”

Seeing that his shirt had two buttons which were still unbuttoned, she stood on her tiptoes and reached out to touch his collar, but her small hands were swiftly captured by his own. “It’s fine; I’ll do it myself.”

He put on the tie by himself.

Xia Xiaofu stood aside awkwardly. She had long realised that he did not like her touching his body. No matter how much they fooled around last night, he did not remove his shirt and when she tried to reach in to touch his chest. He did not allow her to.

Having finished fixing his tie, Ou Luoxi saw Xia XIaofu standing aside like a child who had made a mistake. The corners of his lips turned up, and he leaned over to kiss her on her tiny face. “What’s wrong? Are you unhappy?” he gently asked.

“Not at all. Where is Little Fifth?” Xia Xiaofu pouted her red lips.

“Oh, when you were still asleep just now, the servant came to knock on the door, so I let them carry Little Fifth outside to play.”

Xia Xiaofu stopped short. The servant had knocked on the door when she was still asleep… This means that the servant had seen them sleeping together?

Why didn’t he avoid them but even let the servant into the room?

Xia Xiaofu’s heart warmed. What did he mean by that? Was he not planning to hide it from others?

Maybe that is how people in relationships are. Sunny at one moment but suddenly rainy in another. Xia Xiaofu felt that her mood was changing a little too quickly. “I have to go.”

“Okay.” Xia Xiaofu accompanied Ou Luoxi to the door. Suddenly, she remembered something. “I have already found a house. I will be moving out today,” she said.

Ou Luo Xi stopped walking. “What’s wrong with living here?”

Xia Xiaofu shook her head. “After all, Ou Ze had lived in this house before. Right now I only want to bring my mother and Little Fifth away from this place to live a peaceful and unrestrained life.”

Ou Luoxi looked up and patted her head. “Alright, I will send some people to help you move. Give me a call if there are any problems.”


Outside the room, Xia Xiaofu’s mother and the servant were playing with Little Fifth. Ah Li was waiting. It was inappropriate for her to greet visitors in her pyjamas, so she did not leave the room.

Her gaze followed Ou Luoxi as he left. The servants in the living room were looking at her differently, with timidness but also great respect. Xia Xiaofu’s mother gave her a questioning look. Xia Xiaofu’s face turned beet red and she shut the door.

Inside the elongated luxury car

Ah Li who was seated in the driver’s seat, handed a document to Ou Luoxi. “Young Master, these are all of Ou Ze’s munition trafficking plans. With this, we can thoroughly destroy Ou Ze such that he will not stand any chance to return.”

Ou Luoxi eyed the document, then looked sideways out of the window. “Let’s set off.”

“Yes, Young Master.” Ah Li started the car and asked, “Young Master, do you want to give Major General Zhou a call first to check if he is at the military unit or at home so that we can deliver the documents to him.”

“Go to the hospital,” Ou Luo Xi blandly replied.

“Hospital? Major General Zhou …” Ah Li stopped speaking abruptly. He had wanted to ask why Zhou Major General was in the hospital, but he suddenly understood that the person in the hospital was…Ou Ze!

Ah Li was shocked. What was Young Master thinking?

Wearing a camouflage singlet, Zhou Yao led the new troops on their morning run. After 4000 metres of running, a soldier ran over hurriedly. “Major general.”

Zhou Yao took the towel that someone handed to him and walked over, “What’s wrong?”

The soldier whispered in his ear.

Zhou Yao’s winged eyebrows instantly knitted into a frown. He angrily threw the towel on the ground, cursing in a low voice. “Get the car.”

“Yes Sir.”

The army green jeep smoothly arrived at the hospital entrance and braked sharply. Zhou Yao opened the door and jumped out. Right at this moment, he saw Ou Luoxi and Ah Li walking out from the hospital.

Seeing Zhou Yao, Ou Luoxi looked back and ordered, “Go and drive the car over.”

“Yes, Young Master.” Ah Li obediently left.

Ou Luoxi strode towards Zhou Yao. “Second Older Brother, I’m sorry.”

Zhou Yao put his hands on his hips and sighed heavily. He extended his index finger and jabbed Ou Luoxi in his chest. He lowered his voice and exasperatedly asked, “Luoxi, do you know what you are doing?”

“I do.”

“You know yet you still did this? Have you forgotten about getting revenge for the bloodbath when you were 8 years old, forgotten about your hatred regarding Little Fifth? Is there only Xia Xiaofu in your heart?”

Ou Luoxi was expressionless. Only his clear black eyes reflected how apologetic he was. Moving his thin lips, his voice lowered as though he were in submission. “Second Older Brother, I want to give both of us another chance. I want to be with her. I love her.”

Zhou Yao frowned hard. He looked at Ou Luoxi and asked, “Is Xia Xiaofu’s daughter yours?” Ou Luo Xi blinked. “Yes.”

Zhou Yao turned and left. “Clean up your own mess.”

The army green jeep left in a trail of dust.

Ah Li drove over in the luxury car, and Ou Luo Xi got on.

Through the rearview mirror, Ah Li cast a grave look at Ou Luoxi in the back seat. “Young Master, Fourth Uncle called just now. He is very angry and wants you to go back to Japan immediately to give him an explanation.”

“Alright, help me book the earliest flight. What about Gong Ling?”

“Young Madam did not return to Japan. Although Young Madam always says that she would go back and get her father to tear you into pieces if you were to mistreat her, she did not go back even though she was thoroughly heartbroken. She also did not call Fourth Uncle. Young Madam has shut herself in her house and has not gone out at all. However Ah Gan is accompanying her. Nothing will happen to her.”

Ou Luo Xi merely listened but did not speak.

Ah Li knows that men like Young Master are indifferent by nature. While Young Madam is usually wilful, when it comes to critical moments, she is also reluctant to report back to her father. She is protecting him so much, but Young Master is not moved. He was unwilling to spare any other women a second glance.

Young Master would probably be the most cold-hearted person on earth without Xia Xiaofu. But with Xia Xiaofu, he just had to become the most infatuated person ever.

I guess even heroes fall for beauties.

Just then, a ringtone sounded. Someone was calling Ou Luoxi.

Ou Luoxi looked down at the number. His face softened, and he picked up the phone. “Hello.”

“Hi, Luoxi.” Xia Xiaofu’s gentle voice sounded from the other end. “I am done with the moving and am in the new house now. I will be cooking dinner later. Are you…coming?”

“No I won’t be coming. I have to fly to Japan to settle some urgent matters.”

“Oh.” Xia Xiaofu paused. “Luoxi, I have something to tell you.”


“I just heard the news that Ou Ze has signed the divorce agreement. I am free.” Xia Xiaofu’s voice was light, but he could hear the excitement in it.

Ou Luo Xi smiled and lowered his voice lovingly. “Are you happy?”

“Of course I am happy.” Xia Xiaofu wanted to say more, but she hesitated and did not continue.

But Ou Luoxi knew what she wanted to say. At this moment, silence spoke volumes. His defined features were as gentle as ripples of water as he said, “Wait for me to come back.”

“Ok, be careful.”

The two hung up.

Ou Luoxi looked up at Ah Li. “This time, I will go back to Japan alone. You will stay and look after matters here. Pay special attention to any movements from Ou Ze’s side.”

Ah Li knew that Ou Luoxi wanted him to look after Xia Xiaofu. “Alright.” He nodded.

Xia Xiaofu has moved to a condominium. The condominium was not big, a bit more than one hundred square meters, with two rooms and a living room. The environment here was peaceful and quiet, a very good place to live in.

Xia Xiaofu was very pleased with her life as it is now. She had finally escaped from Ou Ze’s monster den and obtained freedom. Watching Little Fifth grow up healthily every day and having her mother at her side, she felt incomparable peace from watching over her family.

Ou Luoxi would be in Japan for two weeks. She did not dare to call him for fear that he was busy with work. When she missed him at night and sent him text messages, he did not reply. Xia Xiaofu did not know what plans he had for them. She was waiting, waiting obediently for his return, and waiting for his decision. She would accept whatever he decides.

He wants her, he doesn’t want her, it all depends on one sentence from him.

These two weeks, Xia Xiaofu was considering what kind of work she should take up. Little Fifth was growing up. Even if… Ou Luoxi wanted to have another child with her, it would take some time. She cannot possibly always be idle at home.

With her status, it was indeed inappropriate for Xia Xiaofu to publicly be working. She wanted to return to her Alma Mater to be a teacher, so she contacted her tutor which went very well. She was allowed to return to her Alma Mater to teach Chinese. After all, her label as a lady of talent was not for show.

After this matter was settled, Xia Xiaofu brought Little Fifth to the playground in her free time. She knew that Ah Li was personally shadowing them to provide protection. Xia Xiaofu was also slightly uneasy. Why would Ou Ze suddenly agree to their divorce? Where was Ou Ze now, and what was Ou Luo Xi doing in Japan? The series of questions revolved around her mind. She did not know who she should ask.

One day, they were returning from the playground. Xia Xiaofu carried Little Fifth out of the lift and walked towards her condominium. “Miss Xia, goodbye.” Ah Li bid her farewell.

Ah Li had changed the way he addressed her.

Xia Xiaofu smiled. “See you.”

She opened the main door of her unit and walked in with Little fifth in her arms. As usual, she called, “Mum,” in the direction of the kitchen.

She suddenly stopped short because she saw that an unexpected visitor was in her house. Zhou Yao was seated on the sofa in the living room, guarded by a soldier at his side.

“Major General Zhou,” Xia Xiaofu cried out in shock. “How do you…have time to come and visit?”

Zhou Yao was Ou Luo Xi’s second older brother, but she was not on familiar terms with him, hence Zhou Yao’s abrupt visit was unexpected.

Xia Xiaofu’s mother hurriedly ran out from the kitchen and carried Little Fifth away. Xia Xiaofu took a glance at her mother’s pale face and thought that her mother was acting strange today.

“Miss Xia, nice to see you. Sorry for the abrupt visit. Please take a seat.” Zhou Yao gestured towards the sofa beside him.

Although this was her home, the way Zhou Yao crossed his long legs and sat on the sofa made him look like the master of the house instead. Xia Xiaofu previously only had limited interactions with Zhou Yao, but this man was firm and unyielding from head to toe. No matter what standing or sitting position he assumed, it revealed his strong military-trained physique and posture, which makes one uncontrollably want to look up to him.

This was a real soldier!

Xia Xiaofu smiled. “It’s not abrupt. In a while, maybe Major General Zhou, you will do me the honour of staying for dinner.”

The corners of Zhou Yao’s lips were upturned. His dark black eyes lingered on Xia Xiaofu’s face. “Miss Xia you are too kind. I’ll pass on the dinner. Today I’m here to talk to Miss Xia about Luoxi.”

Xia Xiaofu had already guessed Zhou Yao’s intentions. She kindly nodded. “Please, go ahead.”

“Miss Xia, do you know what Luoxi has gone to Japan for?”

Xia Xiaofu shook her head. “I don’t know.”

“Hah, just as I guessed. You are unaware. Luoxi would never have told you these matters. He did not even speak a single word of what had happened more than a year ago, and he would certainly not tell you about this.”

What had happened more than a year ago?

Xia Xiaofu’s heart jolted.

“Miss Xia, I heard that you have gotten a divorce with Ou Ze. Have you not suspected why Ou Ze agreed to it?”

All colour had already drained from Xia Xiaofu’s face. Her almond-shaped eyes were tightly fixated on Zhou Yao, but she did not speak.

Seeing her expression, Zhou Yao already knew that she had had her suspicions. She was actually an intelligent lady. “Ou Luoxi returned with the objective of finishing Ou Ze off. Ou Ze was a businessman on the surface, but in fact, his illegal munitions trafficking is spread all over. This was why Ou Ze was becoming more daring and confident in recent years. Our initial plan was for Ou Luoxi to uncover his smuggling plans, then I would have wiped him out completely. Luoxi would then have presented the munition resources to the Fourth Uncle of the Green Door, killing three birds with one stone.”

Xia Xiaofu nodded in understanding. She had already guessed most of it when she overheard Ah Li and Gong Ling’s conversation.

“Just three weeks ago, Luoxi had already obtained Ou Ze’s munitions trafficking plans, and he had intended to hand them to me. However, Luoxi ultimately handed it over to someone else.”

Xia Xiaofu’s body turned rigid. The two small hands resting on her knees were now tightly gripping her dress so hard that her knuckles turned white.

“Miss Xia, did you manage to guess who it was? That’s right, it was Ou Ze. That was why Ou Ze signed the divorce agreement on that day and you were set free.” With a shadow of a smile on his face, Zhou Yao took a look around the condominium unit, “And so you get to live a life like this now.”

Xia Xiaofu could not believe it. She shook her head. “No, Luoxi would never…”

“Would never do what?” Zhou Yao’s gaze suddenly became aggressive. “Miss Xia, what don’t you believe? Luoxi was supposed to have a bright future. He could have given Ou Ze a fate worse than death. Gong Ling is a nice girl. Luoxi would have obtained all that power and influence just with a slight nod of his head. Once upon a time, your mother looked down upon him, but now he can totally stand amongst the crowd and receive offerings from everyone. Yet, for you, he can give up everything.”

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