My Dangerous Billionaire Husband

Chapter 710 - The Truth

Chapter 710: The Truth

Maybe it was because Xia Xiaofu’s face was already extremely horrifyingly pale that Zhou Yao took a deep breath of air and slowed his tone as he continued, “Luoxi flew over to Japan, and he will definitely be punished by Fourth Uncle. The Green Door has been involved in business both legally and illegally for a few hundred years already. Fourth Uncle is an old fox who is extremely cunning. He may seem to be friendly on the outside, but he is firm and swift in his decisions, so the people who dare to make him lose do not have a good ending.”

Xia Xiaofu was already trembling from head to toe. She was stuttering as she asked him, “Then Luoxi… He went to Japan… Would he be in any danger?”

“With Eldest Brother and I around, Fourth Uncle would be wary. Luoxi would not be in any danger this time.”

The worry in Xia Xiaofu’s heart was finally gone. She lowered her gaze and looked at the cold sweat on her palm. What Zhou Yao said was already enough to make her hands and feet icy cold.

After a short moment of silence, Zhou Yao said, “Do you know what Ou Luoxi was doing in the time he was gone?”

Xia Xiaofu lowered her long eyelashes and said, “He…would have…been badly injured…at Huangpu Port. He was probably recuperating. Ou Luoxi did not bring it up. I…did not dare to ask him.”

She did not have the courage to ask him.

At this moment, Zhou Yao gave an indication to the young soldier behind him with his gaze, then the young soldier stepped forward and inserted a disk into the television.

Zhou Yao took the remote control and switched the screen on.

Xia Xiaofu found it glaring at first. It was at the operating theatre. The cold white light in the video made the atmosphere sinister and jarring, and there were a few foreign doctors wearing white lab coats as they gathered around the operating theatre and spoke with one another nervously. Then, the camera switched over to the person lying down on the operating table.

Xia Xiaofu saw that person, and her irises contracted. It was as if she could not breathe anymore. After she reacted to the scene, she stretched her hand out to touch her face, and her face was already covered in tears.

Ou Luoxi lay down on the operating table, and his upper body was naked. His entire chest was full of the wounds from getting pierced by the sharp arrows. His skin was all horrifically injured, and there was no part that was untouched.

The doctors could not help but wipe their sweat away. They started to pull the arrows out, and every time they pulled an arrow out, fresh red blood would gush out. The doctors; white gloves were all soaked with red blood, and their hands were even trembling. It was very obvious that those doctors had not seen such a horrific surgery before.

“We found Luoxi at the downstream of the lake. At that time, Luoxi was in this state. We sent him to America in an emergency state. Luoxi’s surgery went on for three days and three nights, and in the middle of it all, there were a few times when his pulse suddenly stopped beating, so the surgery had to be paused. At that time, Eldest Brother and I stood outside the operating theatre as we heard the doctors growling out loud alongside the sounds of the electric pumping time and time again. The thankful thing was that Luoxi made it through the surgery, and even the doctors said that it was a miracle that Luoxi managed to survive.

Zhou Yao switched the camera source, and the camera was inside another operating theatre as he said, “Luoxi was in a coma for an entire week before he woke up. At that time, his condition was not suitable for another surgery, but the joints in his right leg that had broken were slowly getting fixed in place. If we pushed the surgery back, we would have no other choice but to break the joints in the crooked bones and let them grow again. So after one week, he went under a second surgery.

“They could only use a small amount of anaesthetic. It was to prevent the surgery from damaging his joints that were not injured, so during surgery, Luoxi was going through a great amount of pain…”

After that, Zhou Yao did not say anything else. Thinking back about one year ago, even this tough man also raised his eyebrows. He did not want to think about that time.

Xia Xiaofu looked at Ou Luoxi, who was on the operating table. He bit a towel in his mouth, and his hands and feet were all locked up. The doctor broke his bones slowly, and his entire body jumped up from the operating table. The metal chains rang out with an ear piercing sound. His entire forehead was soaked with cold sweat, and his mouth was screaming out with a beastly, “Aoow!”

Xia Xiaofu was trembling from head to toe. She did not know that Ou Luoxi spent that year like that. Even now, she was unable to imagine it.

He went through so much torturous pain.

He went through so many obstacles.

After the screen became calm again, a new screen showed a clean and quiet hospital ward. Ou Luoxi wore a blue striped hospital gown as he sat down on the bed. There was a window behind him, and it was the only window inside the room. The rays of sunshine spewed onto his body, and he was so quiet. He was so quiet that she could not even hear the sound of his breathing.

“After the surgery, Luoxi cooperated well with the recuperating treatment. Very quickly, it was all out of everyone’s imagination. He took only nine short months to recuperate completely. Oldest Brother and I wished that he would stay in America, but the first thing he said was that he wanted to go back home. There was a fated opportunity, and Luoxi had the chance to meet Fourth Uncle before he killed and created a path of bloodshed in Japan and became the Young Master of Green Door. After that, he returned back to the country.

“Eldest Brother and I always thought that the motivation for him to continue living on was his hate for Ou Ze. Ou Ze and his mother were extremely evil towards Luoxi, and they secretly tracked every single moment of Luoxi’s growth. When Luoxi was eight, Ou Ze and his mother sent someone to kill everyone in the temple. They knew that Luoxi hid in a rice vat , and they just wanted Luoxi to see his kin pass away in front of his eyes. After that, they sent someone to sell Luoxi off. Ou Luoxi ran and escaped to the depths of the mountain, and they were extremely happy to see that. That made Luoxi turn into a wolf child, and after that, you appeared. It was just because of you who travelled into the depths of the mountain and got lost, and you had a story together with Luoxi unexpectedly. Ou Ze used his wits again, and he changed his mind. He brought Ou Luoxi away from the depths of the mountains and turned Luoxi into his tool, and at last, Ou Ze pierced Luoxi with thousands of arrows at Huangpu Port.

“Ou Ze played and toyed around with Luoxi’s life, and we all thought that Luoxi went back to take revenge, but he chose to hand the picture of the sources of military arms over to Ou Ze at last. Miss Xia, do you know why he did that?”

Zhou Yao’s hawk-like eyes were sharp as he stared at Xia Xiaofu.

Xia Xiaofu used both of her small hands to cover her small face, and she broke out into painful sobs. Why? It was because he loved her!

The motivation that made him go through the entire hard time was not Ou Ze, but it was her!

Every day that he was in America, he would miss her. Every promise that he made to her during the times that they were intimate with one another — he never forgot any single one, and he engraved each promise into his heart.

It was engraved deeply in his heart and bones.

He came back because of her.


Her being like this, how could she match the man who loved her so deeply and sincerely?

“Miss Xia, I do not agree with you being together with Luoxi. Regarding what happened in the past, who was wrong or right — we are unable to determine that. I heard that love is able to make a person enter his most perfect form, but why is it that after Luoxi got together with you, he became like this? Luoxi does not like the cheating and sinister things in this world. He likes a simple and innocent life in the village. He wants to live in silence, but right now, he became the Young Master of Green Door, and he has to please Gong Ling while being wary of Ah Gan. He has to fight Ou Ze. Does he like behaving like this? No, he does not like it, but he has turned into the type of person he hates the most.

“Miss Xia, the price of Luoxi loving you is too huge, and you seem as if you do not understand anything that he’s given up for you. The love between the two of you is so far apart. How can you expect a happy ending?”

Xia Xiaofu was at a loss for words. She accepted everything that Zhou Yao said. Zhou Yao was right. At the start, she was the one who kept pestering Ou Luoxi, but in the end, it was all Ou Luoxi who was the one who was contributing, and she did not see any of it.

She did not see anything.

He never said a single word, and he was so silent. She bullied him just like this. He undid his own wings to love her, and she could not see the tears in his eyes.

And now, his status and life made him unhappy.

He got her body, but her heart was so far away from his, and he was not happy.

And now, she understood everything.

She deserved to die!

Zhou Yao noticed Xia Xiaofu’s behaviour and stood up slowly. He’d said everything that he was supposed to say, and he figured that he should get a move on.

As he stood up, Zhou Yao had a glance at the door. The door was not shut tight. Xia Xiaofu’s mother carried Little Fifth as she stood by the side of the door, and it was obvious that she overheard their conversation.

All of those lies would be exposed one day. Every person had to pay the price for the things that they did. Zhou Yao lowered his gaze to look at Xia Xiaofu before he said, “Miss Xia, there is one more thing. I did not want to say it, but there is no one else who would tell you.”

Xia Xiaofu’s mother, who was inside the room, heard this sentence, and her entire body froze before she looked over at the living room.

Xia Xiaofu raised her gaze up slowly, and her voice was all hoarse as she asked, “What is the matter?”

“More than one year ago, at Huangpu Port, with Ou Luoxi’s skills, even if he was unable to escape, he would not usually have been hurt that badly. Didn’t you feel suspicious at all?”

Xia Xiaofu froze, and she said, “You… What do you mean?”

Zhou Yao was cold as he curled his lips up and said, “You should ask your mother.”

Zhou Yao brought the young soldier away with him as he left, and the main door of the condominium unit was closed.

The condominium unit was soaked in a deathly silence. Xia Xiaofu slowly stood up from the sofa, and her gaze was frail and helpless as she looked at her mother.

Xia Xiaofu’s mother placed Little Fifth, who was in deep sleep, on the bed before opening the door to walk out. She was sad and guilty as she looked at Xia Xiaofu and said, “Xiaofu, Mummy just knew that this day would come.”

Xia Xiaofu took a step back, and she had a very bad premonition inside her heart. This kind of premonition made her want to escape, but her legs were just made out of steel, and she could not move them away. “Mum, you…do you…have something…that you’ve hidden from me?”

“Xiaofu, do you still remember your father taking drugs?”

Xia Xiaofu nodded her head.

“Actually, your father had been addicted to drugs for a long time. The first person to discover your father taking drugs was Ou Luoxi, and that day, I went inside the room and saw your father fighting Ou Luoxi. At that time, your father shouted that Ou Luoxi stole his item. I…went forward to give him a slap…”

“Mum!” Xia Xiaofu’s face was pale as she shouted. Hot teardrops could not stop falling down her face as she said, “What did you do? At that time…we were living in Ou Luoxi’s home. What precious treasure did you all have…that was worth it for Ou Luoxi to steal…”

Xia Xiaofu’s mother did not dare to look at Xia Xiaofu in the eye, so she averted her gaze as she said, “After that your father was rolling on the floor, he could not stop shouting for powder, and after that, I found out that your father was taking drugs. At that time, Ou Luoxi was about to help your father into bed, but your father bit his elbow…and sucked Ou Luoxi’s blood.”

“What?” It was just as if Xia Xiaofu did not hear what her mother said, and she shouted in shock.

“I do not know what is so special about Ou Luoxi’s blood, but after your father drank it, his drug addiction was satisfied. At that time, your father was in bad health, and I did not want to send him to the drug rehabilitation centre, so…so…”

“So you allowed Dad to continue drinking Ou Luoxi’s blood?” Xia Xiaofu’s lips were quivering as she spoke.

Xia Xiaofu’s mother nodded her head with difficulty as she said, “Yes.”

Xia Xiaofu’s hands that she drooped by her sides were tightly clenched into fists, and she raised her gaze before she asked her mother, “How long did he drink it for?”

“About two months… At first, your father just needed one small bowl, but towards the end, it was not enough. He needed one and a half bowls of blood…and after that, Major General Zhou suddenly appeared, and he brought Ou Luoxi away, then sent your father to the hospital…”

The moment her mother spoke like that, Xia Xiaofu remembered everything. Her doubts were also answered. No wonder that more than a year ago, Ou Luoxi’s face was very pale, and he did not seem to have any blood in his face. His body must have been lacking in a way, so he was struck by so many arrows at Huangpu Port before falling into the lake.

Xia Xiaofu got it. This must’ve been Ou Ze’s plot.

This plot of Ou Ze must have started a very long time ago. He knew that Ou Luoxi was not an easy target, so he started to give drugs to her father first, and Ou Ze was very sure that Ou Luoxi would definitely feed blood to her father to save him.

Xia Xiaofu felt that her heart was broken in two. That time in the hospital, she was still blaming Ou Luoxi for not taking good care of her father on the phone.

Thinking about it now, she was not any different from Ou Ze; she was Ou Ze’s accomplice!

The strength in Xia Xiaofu’s entire body was all sucked away. The truth came in such a way that made her find it hard to accept, but she was unable to say a single word. She was unable to blame anyone. She had harmed Ou Luoxi, after all.

Xia Xiaofu looked over at her mother slowly as she said, “Mum, is every person who likes your daughter obligated to slave away for you? On top of that, with Ou Luoxi, you could long tell that he liked your daughter, and he liked her so much that he was willing to give up his life, so you made use of him like that?”

Xia Xiaofu locked herself up in her room. She did not go out and also did not say a single word. Her mother would boil soup and cook her meals every day and send it to her room. Because she had to feed Little Fifth, Xia Xiaofu forced herself to eat a little.

But Xia Xiaofu did not speak to her mother anymore. The relationship between mother and daughter was already ice cold.

The past that was hidden all this while had already become a prick in Xia Xiaofu’s heart. She even did not dare to close her eyes to reminisce. She was unwilling to forgive her mother and did not dare to forgive herself more so.

That day, her phone rang suddenly. She received a text message.

Xia Xiaofu tapped it open to have a look. There were a few simple words on the screen — I am back.

Xia Xiaofu curled the corners of her lips up. She had a bright smile on her face. She did not have to look at the number to know that it was from Ou Luoxi. He was back.

She used her fair fingers to type, and she replied — Where are you?

The reply came back very quickly — I am almost at the ground floor of your place.

Xia Xiaofu stood up quickly. She went over to the closet to take a long white knitted shirt and wore it before opening the main doors of the condominium unit. She ran downstairs.

Ou Luoxi parked the car by the roadside, and he opened the door of the driver’s seat as he stepped out of the car. He lowered his gaze to have a look at his phone. He did not get a reply.

Was she ignoring him now?

As he was pondering, a gentle and charming voice rang out in his ears, “Luoxi.”

Ou Luoxi just raised his gaze and felt a small, soft figure rush into his embrace. He opened his arms to catch her, and he hugged the woman in his arms.

“Luoxi.” Xia Xiaofu hugged Ou Luoxi’s sculpted waist tightly, and she lowered her gaze to sniff the special clean and masculine scent on his body as she was in his embrace, and she suddenly felt that the entire world become quiet in that moment.

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