My Disciples Are All Villains

Chapter 1686 - The Unholy One Reappears

Chapter 1686: The Unholy One Reappears

For some reason, Lan Xihe could not help but feel that she had lost control in her own territory. Lu Zhou’s imposing manner seemed to dominate the scene. Nonetheless, she was not angry. Instead, she was inwardly jumping for joy. Her previous indecisiveness had completely disappeared at this moment.

Luo Xiu was puzzled. Who was the Hall Master of Xihe Hall exactly? Who was this person who suddenly appeared, and why was he so aggressive and unreasonable? Finally, he asked in return, “What if I refuse to answer?”

As soon as Luo Xiu’s voice fell, Lu Zhou flashed, leaving an afterimage in his wake, before he struck Luo Xiu with his palm.


Luo Xiu was shocked and instinctively raised his hand to defend himself. Alas, he did not expect Lu Zhou’s palm strike to defy space and time, hitting his shoulder.

Luo Xiu leaned back 30 degrees and slid back. When he reached the threshold of the hall, he suddenly stopped and froze. He felt pain in his shoulder.


“Captain Luo!”


‘The opponent is very strong! He can control time and space, and he’s not weaker than Captain Luo!’


Luo Xiu stared at Lu Zhou. He had obviously misjudged Lu Zhou’s strength and determination.

Silence descended on Xihe Hall.

Lu Zhou’s hand was still raised while the other was placed on his back. After a few seconds, he withdrew his raised hand and said, “I’ll only say it once. You better answer honestly and be grateful for this chance.”


Luo Xiu was not stupid. He could sense Lu Zhou’s aura was not quite right. Moreover, there was Lan Xihe and Ouyang Ziyun who were on the same side. He knew he could not fight directly at this time. In the end, he could only answer honestly, “There’s a branch in the congregation dedicated to studying the life of the Unholy One, his cultivation path, his deeds, and even the place he died. Everyone knows the Unholy One died in the Great Abyss Land, but no one knew he left the painting behind before he died. It took the congregation 1,000 years to find this painting in the Great Abyss Land.”

“Is this true?” Lu Zhou raised an eyebrow. He had no impression of this in his mind. Clearly, the Unholy One’s memories did not contain this specific memory. There were also no memories of the Great Void War and the ambush. He also did not know the Unholy One fell in the Great Abyss Land.

Luo Xiu said, “I dislike lying. Whether you believe me or not, it’s up to you.”

“I’ll believe you for now. If I find out you’re lying, I definitely won’t let you get away with it,” Lu Zhou said.

“May I ask if we can trade now?” Luo Xiu asked.

Lu Zhou turned and glanced at Lan Xihe.

“Wait a moment,” Lan Xihe said with a nod before she left the main hall. It did not take long before she returned with an object wrapped with a cloth in her hands.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on the object in Lan Xihe’s hands.

Lan Xihe unwrapped the cloth directly and said, “This is the Heaven Suppressing Pestle of Xihe Hall which corresponds to Ping Dan’s Pillar of Destruction.”

It looked like a small unopened green umbrella. It was very exquisite. It resembled the Great Abyss Land’s Heaven Suppressing Pestle in Lu Zhou’s possession, but it was different at the same time. The Great Abyss Land’s Heaven Suppressing Pillar was thicker, sturdier, and a few times bigger. The patterns on it could be clearly seen. They looked like fine hair that could move with a blow of the wind.

Luo Xiu’s eyes brightened as soon as he saw the Heaven Suppressing Pestle. His entire person became much more spirited. He quickly ordered his subordinates, “Bring the Ancestral Jade and the Unholy One’s painting over.”


Two of Luo Xiu’s stepped forward and handed the two treasures over.

Although Lan Xihe felt slightly reluctant, she still handed the Heaven Suppressing Pestle over.

Luo Xiu took the Heaven Suppressing Pestle with both hands and quickly hugged it before he said with a smile, “Thank you, Holy Maiden.”

“Don’t forget your promise. You must return it in five days,” Lan Xihe said.

“Of course,” Luo Xiu said, “Let’s go.”

“Wait,” Lu Zhou called out before he said, “You said before that you’re still looking for the Great Abyss Land’s Heaven Suppressing Pillar?”

“That’s right,” Luo Xiu replied with a nod.

“Have you found it?” Lu Zhou asked.

Luo Xiu smiled. “You don’t have to worry about that. We already have a clue. I believe we’ll find it very soon.”

After saying that, Luo Xiu turned and left.

Ouyang Ziyun moved to Lu Zhou’s side and asked, “You’re just letting him go like that? It doesn’t seem like your style.”

‘My style? My style has always been very reasonable…’

“He’ll come looking for me again,” Lu Zhou said confidently.

“He’ll look for you?” Ouyang Ziyun asked, puzzled. He did not know Lu Zhou possessed the Great Abyss Land’s Pillar of Destruction, after all.

At this moment, Lan Xihe suddenly said, “It’s not right.”

Lu Zhou and Ouyang Ziyun looked over.

Lan Xihe opened the scroll and said, “It’s been switched.”

The painting looked exactly the same. It also emitted a faint mysterious aura. Even the poem was the same. If one did not look carefully, one would not be able to tell that it was fake. After all, it did not have the energy that pulled on one’s consciousness.

Lu Zhou smiled and said, “I expected it.”


Ouyang Ziyun and Lan Xihe were stunned.

Lu Zhou said, “I left the divine Dao power on his shoulder.”

“The divine Dao power?”

Ouyang Ziyun and Lan Xihe were confused.

‘What the hell is the divine Dao power? I’ve never heard of it!’

“There’s no such thing as free lunch in the world. I’ll be right back,” Lu Zhou said before he flashed and disappeared from the hall.

Lan Xihe looked outside the hall and said emotionally, “Pavilion Master Lu and I didn’t know each other for a long time so I didn’t expect him to be so concerned about Xihe Hall…”

Ouyang Ziyun: “…”

Lan Xihe continued to say, “It’s a pity that he entered the Great Void, and his aura is too strong. He was a little too domineering during the commanders’ competition so he had offended a lot of people.”

Ouyang Ziyun could not hold it in any longer so he said, “Holy Maiden, you’re wrong.”

“Wrong?” Lan Xihe did not know what Ouyang Ziyung meant.

Ouyang Ziyun gritted his teeth before he revealed a helpless expression on his face as he said, “Very well. There are some things that you have to know sooner or later.”

Lan Xihe grew curious when she saw the solemn expression on Ouyang Ziyun’s face.

Ouyang Ziyun said, “It’s very likely that painting belongs to him.”

Lan Xihe: “…”

At the same time, Lu Zhou looked like a shooting star as he flew in the sky, passing through countless mountains and rivers. In just a blink of an eye, he had traveled more than 60 miles away.

At this moment, he saw dozens of towering mountains in front of him. Their peaks were hidden above the clouds, and the mist swirling around them made them look mysterious.

Lu Zhou came to a stop and hovered in the air. Then, he closed his eyes to sense the mark of the divine Dao power that he had left on Luo Xiu. When he was done, he looked at the mountains and said in a deep voice, “I have always been reasonable. Since you disregarded ethics first, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

Lu Zhou flashed, using the great power of teleportation over and over again. While he was in Xihe Hall, he had silently used the Purple Glazed Ceramic so he had recovered much of his divine Dao power. As for his divine power, he had an almost limitless supply now so he could use the great power of teleportation over and over again.

Lu Zhou appeared on each of the peaks, taking only one breath each time as he searched for his target.

At this time, below one of the mountain peaks.

Luo Xiu held the Heaven Suppressing Pestle with a smug expression on his face as he said, “Xihe Hall’s Holy Maiden is only average. Did she think everything will be alright just because she found an expert?”

“Captain is wise.”

Luo Xiu looked at the Heaven Suppressing Pestle and continued to say, “They’re really brainless. How can we exchange such precious treasures just for the Heaven Suppressing Pestle?”

“Everyone has a weakness, after all, and everyone wishes to gain the upper hand in a deal. The Holy Maiden is no different even if she was hesitant.”

Luo Xiu nodded. “This can be considered a lesson for them.”

“Captain Luo, are we really going to return the Heaven Suppressing Pestle after five days?”

Luo Xiu snickered. “If he didn’t strike me, I might have considered it. After all, the congregation doesn’t need more enemies. However…”

“Captain is wise. You really toyed with those three people.”

“Some people are born stupid, and some people are born smart. This is something that can’t be changed no matter how long one lived,” Luo Xiu said gloatingly.

As soon as Luo Xiu’s voice fell, a dignified voice rang from the sky.

“Is that so?”


Luo Xiu and his subordinates looked up. Initially, they could not see clearly, but after the soundwave dissipated, they saw a figure looking down at them.

“It’s you?!” Luo Xiu frowned.

Lu Zhou placed his hands on his back as he hovered in the air. His expression was frosty as he said, “I’ve killed more people than you can imagine. You dare to play tricks in front of me when you’re so young?”


Luo Xiu and his subordinates retreated immediately. It was as though they were facing a great enemy.

Luo Xiu asked, perplexed, “How did you find us?”

Lu Zhou naturally could not be bothered to answer the question. He only said, “Hand over the Unholy One’s painting, the Ancestral Jade, and… the Heaven Suppressing Pestle.”

Luo Xiu continued to retreat as he thought to himself, ‘How’s this possible?’

Lu Zhou advanced every time they retreated, always maintaining the same distance. He extended his hand and said, “Hand those things over, and I’ll grant you a quick death.”


“You want to kill and rob us?” Luo Xiu asked with a grim expression.

“Do you think you’re very smart? You still want to quibble at this time?” Lu Zhou said icily, “Before you die, do you have any last words?”

When Luo Xiu sensed Lu Zhou’s killing intent, he said decisively, “Let’s go!”

The six people stomped on the ground and flew toward the furthest mountain peak at lightning speed, activating their protective energies at the same time.

Lu Zhou flashed, using his great power of teleportation.


A huge avatar that was like a Buddha appeared in front of the six people. Due to its sudden appearance, they could not stop in time and crashed into one another.

Then, the avatar expanded and sent all of them flying.


Five of them were sent flying back while Luo Xiu plummeted to the ground.

When Luo Xiu looked up at the avatar, he sneered. “So he’s not a supreme being?”


Luo Xiu smacked his hands on the ground and flew toward Lu Zhou. The energy seals around him merged into what looked like a light saber. Killing intent surged from his body as he charged out, determined to cleave the avatar into two.


At this time, faint blue electric arcs shot out from the avatar’s hand and circled it as they rapidly expanded.


Luo Xiu realized he had seriously misjudged his opponent’s strength. After the collision, he felt dizzy, and there was a sharp and piercing pain in both his ears.

Time seemed to slow down as the light saber was shattered. Following that, a ferocious energy swept out and destroyed Luo Xiu’s protective energy and shredded his robes. A sense of discomfort washed through his body, and he felt like his arm was broken. He looked at the avatar with widened eyes and a confused expression.


Lu Zhou appeared in front of the avatar; he was two feet away from Luo Xiu. His divine mark robe fluttered in the air, and the dazzling eyes of the avatar shone behind him, making him look mysterious. He did not look any weaker than a divine emperor at this time.

Luo Xiu felt chills running up his spine when he saw the killing intent in Lu Zhou’s eyes.

Lu Zhou raised his right hand slightly before he flipped it down. The unique sound of energy resonance rang in the air as a golden palm seal with the words ‘Flawed Perfection’ appeared.

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