My Disciples Are All Villains

Chapter 1687 - The Only God in the World

Chapter 1687: The Only God in the World

Luo Xiu was thoroughly shocked. He used all his strength to retreat. However, he felt as though invisible walls had appeared around him, blocking his retreat. He raised his head to look at the attack that was about to be launched, and he instinctively pushed his hands out and stomped his feet. With that, a surge of energy burst forth from his body to defend against the attack.

Luo Xiu stared at the golden palm seal fixedly.


The golden palm seal flew out before it vanished and reappeared again, closing the gap.

“Law of space?”


Although Luo Xiu had prepared to defend against the palm seal, he failed to consider his opponent was much stronger than he had imagined. The palm seal pushed him down into the ground. He felt his arms go numb.

‘Too strong!’

Luo Xiu looked at Lu Zhou who was hovering in the sky and looking at him calmly.



The avatar disappeared.

“Captain Luo!”

Luo Xiu’s subordinates were shocked. They flew over from different directions toward Lu Zhou like meteors. At this moment, their bodies were like swords.

When Luo Xiu saw his subordinates attacking, he dislodged his arms from the ground, Then, he smacked his hand on the ground. When it bled, he used the blood to draw two strange circles on the ground.

Lu Zhou nodded slightly when he saw the five people choosing to attack him instead of running. “You’re quite brave, but unfortunately, it’s meaningless.”


A golden lotus bloomed under Lu Zhou’s feet as 14 leaves spun around it. Following that, a wave of energy swept out, smacking the others away.

The 36 triangles under the lotus merged and exploded with a dazzling light before a light disk shot out.

“Light disk?”

“He’s a supreme being!”

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The five people were instantly sent flying by the light disk. Their protective energies shattered easily, and the light disks hit their chests, breaking their ribs and injuring their internal organs.

Lu Zhou had very good eyesight. When he saw the painting and the brocade bag that held the Ancestral Jade hanging by the waist of one of those people, he waved his hand.


The Primal Qi churned, pulling on the painting and the brocade bag. Just as they were about to fly toward Lu Zhou…



Luo Xiu flew up into the sky. His entire body had turned blood-red; he looked terrifying. Even his eyes that flashed coldly had turned bloodshot. His killing intent seemed to have manifested into a blood mist that lingered around him.

Lu Zhou frowned and struck with his palm.


Luo Xiu blocked with both his arms. Although he managed to block the palm strike, he was still sent flying.

Lu Zhou took the opportunity to keep the Unholy One’s painting and the Ancestral Jade. Then, he shook his head and said, “So it’s witchcraft.”

At this time, a blood lotus bloomed under Luo Xiu’s feet as he asked, “What’s your relationship with the holy maiden?”

Lu Zhou said indifferently, “What does it have to do with you?”

Luo Xiu said threateningly, “You know I’m a member of the Nihilist Congregation, but you still dare to rob me?”

Lu Zhou frowned, but he did not say anything.

Luo Xiu scoffed and continued to say, “As long as the blood lotus doesn’t die, I won’t die. If you dare to recklessly, the grudge today will be repaid tenfold in the future.”

Then, Luo Xiu flashed along with his blood lotus toward his five subordinates and said, “Let’s go.”

Lu Zhou shook his head and said icily, “You still haven’t figured out the situation up until now…”


“From the beginning until now, you’re no better than an ant in my eyes. Let alone you, I don’t even care about the entire Nihilist Congregation. I’ll ask you again. Do you have any last words before you die?”

Lu Zhou used his great power of teleportation and appeared above the six of them. Then, golden lotuses flew out from the huge golden lotus beneath his feet.

The golden lotuses filled the sky. They seemed to be imbued with the greater law, the law of space. The space was immediately restricted.

“Go!” Luo Xiu spun around as a red line shot out from the blood lotus and wrapped around his five men.

Just as they were about to break the restriction and leave, Lu Zhou suddenly swooped down with his hand out.

A palm seal that was about 300 feet wide shot out. It was not particularly big, but it had faint blue electric arcs flashing between the five fingers.


The palm seal hit Luo Xiu’s chest, causing him to spit out blood and fall immediately.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Lu Zhou continued to descend, launching palm seal after palm seal at Luo Xiu. He ended up launching five consecutive palm seals that landed accurately on Luo Xiu’s body.

After the final palm seal landed on Luo Xiu, it slammed against the blood lotus. The blood lotus caved in immediately, crashing to the ground along with Luo Xiu.

The ground cracked as the surrounding mountains shook, causing boulders to slide down.

Lu Zhou looked down from the sky.

Luo Xiu’s blood lotus lay on the ground, undamaged. It was truly tenacious.

At this moment, Luo Xiu’s five subordinates began to attack Lu Zhou again.

“Captain Luo, leave!”

They were aware of the situation. In front of a supreme being, they stood no chance of escaping with their current cultivation. The opponent did not even need to use the laws to deal with them. However, Luo Xiu still had a chance of escaping. Hence, they chose to fight to the death, in hopes that it would help Luo Xiu escape.

Lu Zhou hovered in the air without moving as he said tonelessly, “Golden avatar.”


The golden avatar appeared around Lu Zhou’s body, shrouding him completely. It did not look as magnificent as before; now, it seemed to resemble Lu Zhou slightly.

Lu Zhou allowed the five of them to attack him. It was as though he had donned a set of dazzling golden armor.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The five of them attacked in a frenzy, using their swords, avatars, and palm seals.

Lu Zhou ignored them. Instead, he looked at the blood lotus.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The five people left afterimages in their wake as they attacked. Alas, no matter how hard or how many times they attacked, at most, they only left ripples on the golden avatar.

At this moment, the blood lotus gradually lit up.

Luo Xiu raised his head slightly and saw his subordinates attacking the golden avatar. What happened next destroyed his worldview.


Next to the golden avatar, another avatar appeared. Faint blue electrics flashed on its body, and the lotus beneath its feet had 14 leaves. It held a sword in its hand as it charged out.

The speed of the second avatar was faster than the five men. When it struck, its move was clean, precise, and ruthless. One strike, one body part. In just a blink of an eye, the five men had already been dismembered.

The second avatar did not stop. It stomped its feet, and the 14 leaves shot out, hitting the five men’s astrolabes. When the five astrolabes shattered, the five men vanished into thin air.


The second avatar disappeared as though it was never there.

At this time, Lu Zhou still had yet to move. He was still hovering in the air, looking at Luo Xiu.

Luo Xiu’s eyes widened as he stammered, “W-what, what is that?”

Lu Zhou did not answer Luo Xiu. Instead, he put his golden avatar away before he waved his hand.


Xihe Hall’s Heaven Suppressing Pestle flew out of Luo Xiu’s body.

“No!” Luo Xiu leaped to his feet and flew out with the blood lotus, trying to grab the Heaven Suppressing Pestle.

Just as Luo Xiu’s hand was about to close around the Heaven Suppressing Pestle, Lu Zhou appeared in front of him.

Lu Zhou’s eyes seemed to burn with fire as he said, “You overestimate yourself.”


Another palm seal knocked Luo Xiu down.

Lu Zhou took the opportunity to grab the Heaven Suppressing Pestle before putting it away.

Luo Xiu lay on the ground limply. Fear threatened to overwhelm him at this moment. He could not bear the brunt of the tyrannical power, and he was throwing up blood continuously. He looked at the unharmed Lu Zhou in the sky and shivered. ‘When did Xihe Hall gain such an expert?’

Lu Zhou slowly descended. He looked at Luo Xiu’s blood lotus and said, “If you knew this would happen, would you have chosen differently?”

Then, Lu Zhou raised his right hand slightly, and Unnamed in the form of a sword appeared.

Luo Xiu said hastily, “S-senior, if you have something to say, please say it.”

“From the moment you switched the Unholy One’s painting, only death awaits you,” Lu Zhou said tonelessly.

“I… I…” Luo Xiu’s face was ashen. He wanted to quibble but found that he had nothing to say. He turned to look at the two blood-colored circular patterns on the ground.

At this time, a faint voice rang from the foot of a mountain in the distance.

“You should always spare lives if possible…”

Lu Zhou turned to look.

As for Luo Xiu, as soon as he heard the voice, he became energized. A joyful expression could be seen on his face as he called out, “Cult Leader Du, save me!”

A burly cultivator dressed in a red-and-black robe took a step and appeared about 300 feet in front of Lu Zhou. His aura was like the water, calm and mysterious. It was not difficult to tell that he was an expert.

The Nihilist Congregation lasted for so long not because they were good at hiding from the ten halls. It was because the congregation was filled with crouching tigers and hidden dragons.

Cult Leader Du raised his head, revealing his face. His beard was white, and his face was thin. His hair was also sparse. Four gray-clad cultivators stood behind him respectfully.

Lu Zhou nodded. “Are you also a member of the Nihilist Congregation?”

Cult Leader Du nodded and said, “You’re a supreme being. Why bother with a Great Dao Saint? For my sake, why don’t you let this matter end here? What do you think?”

Lu Zhou replied, “Why should I do anything for your sake?”

Although these words made people feel suffocated, they were not unreasonable.

Cult Leader Du was neither angry nor happy as he said, “The Nihilist Congregation has always believed in equality among all living things. We don’t provoke or stand out. We don’t believe in gods, and we don’t bully the weak. If he made a mistake, I’m willing to apologize to you.”

“Your congregation’s beliefs have nothing to do with me,” Lu Zhou said.

Cult Leader Du felt that the man in front of him was really stubborn and unyielding. Nonetheless, his patience was extraordinary. He continued to say, “Luo Xiu is a core member of the Nihilist Congregation. He’s made great contributions to the congregation over the years. In fact, he found the clues that led to the discovery of the Unholy One’s painting in your hands.”

After a pause, Cult Leader Du continued to say, “The Nihilist Congregation is no longer the Nihilist Congregation of the past. Over the past 10,000 years, we’ve followed the footsteps of the Unholy One and trained many experts. With the Great Void on the decline, the congregation is now comparable to any of the ten halls.”

In short, Cult Leader Du meant to say that the Nihilist Congregation was not as weak as many imagined. Hence, Lu Zhou should be afraid.

Lu Zhou did not care about most of the things that were said. There was only one thing that caught his attention. He asked skeptically, “The Nihilist Congregation believes in the Unholy One?”

Cult Leader Du smiled. “That’s right. I know this is a taboo in the Great Void. However, the Nihilist Congregation doesn’t believe in gods… We believe in… the Unholy One.”


What did it mean to believe in the Unholy One?

“The Unholy One left behind many precious treasures. Everyone in the world covets them. Although the Great Void despises him, we, the Nihilist Congregation, believe is a god! He’s the only god in the world! Alas, the Unholy One had fallen so there is no more god in the world.”

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