My Disciples Are All Villains

Chapter 1689 - The Reappearance of the Unholy One (2)

Chapter 1689: The Reappearance of the Unholy One (2)

Cult Leader Du’s eyes turned blood-red.

At the same time, the four men’s gray robes turned blood-red.

Cult Leader Du looked at the ‘ants’ crawling on the ground as he said furiously, “You killed Luo Xiu so I’ll kill you.”

Lu Zhou seemed to realize what was going on. He said, “As it turns out, Luo Xiu is under your control. He’s just a puppet. How pitiful.”

Cult Leader Du said in a deep voice, “Shut up! I used a blood-refining technique to help him step into the realm of a Great Dao Saint so he was very grateful to me! It’s not your place to judge me!”

Lu Zhou asked expressionlessly, “So the one who wants the Heaven Suppressing Pestle is you?”

Since they had shed all pretenses, there was no longer any need to act.

Cult Leader Du said, “So what if I am?”

Lu Zhou shook his head. “You took my painting and even dared to threaten me. Who gave you the courage?”

Cult Leader Du said coldly, “Your painting? Very well. I’d like to experience the means of the Unholy One.”


Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The four red-clad men flew into the sky unprompted as their hands continued to form seals.

At this time, the red pieces of Luo Xiu’s shattered body suddenly stopped moving and sank into the ground.

Lu Zhou raised his hand and pushed the Unnamed in the form of a shield out.

When Unnamed released a wave of the divine Dao power…


Cult Leader Du and his blood disk were sent flying in the sky.

Lu Zhou could not judge Cult Leader Du’s strength based on the blood disk alone. However, coupled with the battle, he could see that Cult Leader Du was not simple.

Lu Zhou flew up.


The golden avatar appeared as a golden lotus bloomed under Lu Zhou’s feet.

At this time, the blood disk flew over again.

“Seal Formation!”


The four red-clad cultivators were pushed back more than 30,000 feet by the powerful shockwave.

Cult Leader Du swayed on his feet as well due to the shockwave.

Lu Zhou pushed his hand out, unleashing the Daoist’s Nine Cuts Hand Seals that had been imbued with the divine power.

Cult Leader Du waved his hand, pulling the blood disk and the shadow back.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Surprisingly, Cult Leader Du managed to dodge a few of the nine palm seals. The palm seals continued to rampage, destroying the mountains in their paths.


Cult Leader Du and the four gray-robed disciples descended to the ground.

‘Hm?’ Lu Zhou felt like something was amiss. Under normal circumstances, even Xuanyi would not be able to escape unscathed.

Cult Leader Du stomped on the ground and pushed his blood disk into the ground before he said derisively, “You call yourself the Unholy One, but you don’t even know that you can only be invincible by borrowing the power of the earth!”

Lu Zhou looked at the ground.

The forest within 30,000 feet had been flattened, and the ground looked like it had been overturned. A thick blood mist lingered above the ground.

Cult Leader Du spread his arms, and the four red-clad men flashed and appeared in the four cardinal directions. Five of them seemed to form a formation as a blood-red light lit up the area within roughly 30,000 feet.


Following that, intact and bloody skeletons of humans and fierce beasts began to claw their way up from the ground. They were clearly quite powerful.

Cult Leader said loudly, “Come back to life, my slaves! All the humans and fierce beasts that have died over the past 100,000 years, rise!”


The blood disk that had previously sunk into the ground suddenly shot up, stirring the soil on the ground.

Cult Leader Du stood in the center, surrounded by the five red-clad men, and flew up.

The skeletons seemed to be illuminated by a red light at this time. Although they no longer had eyeballs, they turned to look at Lu Zhou with their empty eye sockets. As though they had seen their prey, they pounced over immediately.

Lu Zhou used the divine power and moved like flowing water as he launched palm seals in all directions.

The palm seals hit the army of skeletons, causing them to fall and shatter into pieces.

Upon seeing this, Cult Master Du frowned. “He managed to destroy the skeletons?”

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The palm seals were deadly and accurate. In just a few breaths, they had taken down tens of thousands of skeletons.

Lu Zhou thought it was a waste of time to deal with the skeletons when the real enemy was a supreme being. He used the great power of teleportation and appeared in front of Cult Leader Du after withdrawing his avatar.

Cult Leader Du sneered. “I’ve been waiting for you here.”

Based on his experience, he knew the enemy usually would not want to engage with the skeletons and would choose to confront him. However, his enemies did not know that the area formed by the five of them was the most dangerous.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A huge blood disk slowly rose up.

Similarly, countless skeletons began to rise in the air as well. Before long, they became a part of the blood disk. Then, the blood disk emitted a strange light before time suddenly stopped.

‘This isn’t right…’ Lu Zhou felt the effect of the time stopping. He had comprehended the greater law of time. For him to be affected, even if it was just a little, it meant that the enemy had also comprehended the greater law of time.

Lu Zhou looked down at the blood mist lingering on the ground. It was strange and mysterious.

‘The power of the earth? Did the Nihilist Congregation find a way to absorb the power of the earth during the time they studied the Unholy One? Is that why they’re so desperate for the Heaven Suppressing Pestles?’

At this moment, everything was clear to Lu Zhou. He frowned. He had to free himself from the effect of the law of time. Otherwise, he would have been stabbed 10,000 times when time resumed.

‘Divine Dao power.’

Lu Zhou mobilized the blue avatar. As soon as the blue avatar buzzed and trembled, he felt the divine Dao power freeing him from the shackle of time. As soon as he regained mobility, a huge skeleton flew over.


Upon seeing this, Cult Leader Du’s eyes widened as he exclaimed in shock, “How, how’s this possible?!”

Cult Leader Du saw an avatar with 14 leaves that was covered in electric arcs appear and stop the gigantic skeleton.

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