My Disciples Are All Villains

Chapter 1690 - The Reappearance of the Unholy One (3)

Chapter 1690: The Reappearance of the Unholy One (3)

The avatar pulled its fist back before it punched out with enough power to shatter space.


Without any suspense, the huge skeletons shattered and fell.

Lu Zhou flashed backward. He was still in the range of the blood disk, after all. Just as he was about to use the Hourglass of Time, the Unholy One’s painting in his sleeve suddenly shot on its own accord.


It unfurled in the air.

“The Unholy One’s painting?!” Cult Leader Du was taken aback. He unleashed a bloody hand seal, trying to seize the painting back.

However, the painting released a wave of mysterious power that repelled the bloody hand seal.

Following that, a streak of light shot out of the painting toward Lu Zhou. He only looked at it in confusion and did not do anything since he could tell it was not a threat. When the light entered his body, he heard a voice in his mind saying, “The Unholy One has returned to his position.”



Then, Lu Zhou’s golden lotus appeared on its own accord. The four power cores on the lotus seat flashed with different colors.

Lu Zhou recalled that when he was at Grand Mystic Mountain, the power cores flashed with golden light. Why did they now flash with four different colors? The colors were nothing like the nine domains. They were indescribable and chaotic. They were rich, bright, and opaque.

“Power cores?!” Cult Leader Du’s voice trembled slightly. He tried to mobilize his blood disk in a frenzy to stop Lu Zhou, but it was useless. The blood disk could not get close to the power cores at all. After all, the power cores were too strong.

The Nihilist Congregation and the Sacred Temple had searched for the power cores over the past 100,000 years, but they could not find them. Only those who understood the power cores knew how terrifying they were.

At this moment, the four red-clad men cried out in fear, “Cult Leader Du!”


Four streaks of light shot out from the lotus seat and shrouded Lu Zhou. He closed his eyes slightly. He could feel a force capable of dominating the world surging under his skin at this moment. This was far beyond his expectations. He did not expect the power cores to contain such terrifying force.

At this moment, Lu Zhou finally realized why the Unholy One had expended so much effort to divide the four cores into eight before hiding them under the mountains to suppress them for 100,000 years.

The terrifying force flowed through Lu Zhou’s body and coursed through his Eight Extraordinary Meridians.

Lu Zhou suddenly opened his eyes. “Is this how the Unholy One felt when he dominated the world back then?”

Lu Zhou’s eyes were blue, and his hair fluttered in the wind. The ancient Dragon Soul in his divine mark robe roared thunderously as though it was responding to its master.

At this time, the lotus suddenly turned blue.

Then, a blue avatar with a powerful aura appeared in front of Cult Leader Du and his men.

Cult Leader Du’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets as he said tremblingly, “Un, Unholy One?”

“Is he really the Unholy One?!”

The four red-clad men felt souls tremble as well.

Suddenly, an incomparably huge skeleton pounced over.

Lu Zhou did not even look at it as the blue avatar reached out and grabbed the neck of the skeleton.


Electric arcs flashed before the huge skeleton was reduced to dust.

At this moment, Cult Leader Du finally understood why the skeleton did not come back to life after being destroyed earlier. As it turned out, the other party was truly the Unholy One!

Cult Leader Du and his men were dumbfounded as they watched the blue avatar wave its left hand.


All the skeletons within 30,000 feet shattered immediately.

The blue avatar waved its right hand.


The skeletons were reduced to dust.

Cult Leader Du felt as though he had been frozen at this time, unable to move. He did not know if it was due to the law or if he was too frightened.

At this time, one of the men shouted, “Cult Leader Du!”

With this, Cult Leader Du seemed to regain his senses. He shouted decisively, “Run!”

The blood disk continued to spin as it shrank.

Lu Zhou’s blue eyes looked at the fleeing figures before he tossed out the Hourglass of Time.

“Isn’t it too late to run now?”

Cult Leader Du’s face turned ashen when he saw the Hourglass of Time flipping in the air. “T-the, the Hourglass of Time!”

The Unholy One had once used the Hourglass of Time to freeze everything within a radius of 30,000 feet in an instant.

Lu Zhou walked unhurriedly on air toward Cult Leader Du. His blue eyes caused everyone to shudder. It was as though they could see through everything in the world. When he arrived in front of Cult Leader Du, he looked down and saw a red bead appear in Cult Leader Du’s abdomen. Without hesitation, he reached out to grab it. His hand pierced through Cult Leader Du’s flesh and Dantian’s sea of Qi before it firmly grabbed the red bead out.

Due to the stagnant time, Cult Leader Du did not even feel the pain.

After Lu Zhou grabbed the red bead, he flicked his hand, and the Hourglass of Time flew back to him.

As soon as time resumed…


Cult Leader Du cried out miserably. He looked at the Unholy One who was holding his divine soul pearl, and he trembled.

Upon seeing this, the four red-clad men fled in all four different directions without any hesitation.

“No one can escape from me.”

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

Lu Zhou used the power from He Luuoyu’s life heart, which he had not used for a long time, and formed projections of the Unholy One.

Figures covered in blue electric arcs appeared in front of each of the four men. Then, the figures forced the four men to retreat step by step with their majesty.

The four men trembled, and their minds went blank.

Lu Zhou said expressionlessly, “You said you believe in the Unholy One? Why do you not kneel now that you’ve seen me? Moreover, you even dare to oppose me. Tell me, how should you be punished?”

The four red-clad men: “…”

Cult Leader Du losing his divine soul pearl was tantamount to him losing his cultivation. At this moment, he lay on the ground and looked at the Unholy One in the sky in disbelief.

‘Did the Unholy One really come back to life?’

At this time, Cult Leader Du’s attitude did a 180-degree change. He struggled to get up before he kneeled on the ground and kowtowed. “My, my lord! I, I, I’m your most loyal believer! My lord, please protect your followers!”

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Cult Leader Du kept kowtowing. It was as though he had lost his mind. All his crazy actions were for the sake of surviving. This was his survival instinct when all was lost.

With this, the four red-clad men kneeled in the air and cried out, “My lord! We are your most loyal believers! Please forgive us!”

Lu Zhou looked at Cult Leader Du and asked, “Where’s the Nihilist Congregation?”

“In, in the ancient ruins… They’re your believers! They’re all your believers!” The terrified Cult Leader Du kept repeating these words over and over again.

Lu Zhou nodded slightly and said, “Very good.”

“Thank you, my lord! Thank you, my lord! Thank you!” Cult Leader Du kowtowed in a frenzy.

“No one can hide from my eyes. Accept your death,” Lu Zhou said coldly. Then, he clenched his hand. Blue electric arcs flashed around it like lightning bolts.


Lu Zhou crushed Cult Leader Du’s divine soul pearl.

The Unholy One dominated the world. There was no need for him to consider others, and he would do as he pleased. He did not need the filthy divine soul pearl of a blood shaman nor did he need hypocritical believers!

Death was the only outcome for these people in front of him.

Cult Leader Du bent over in pain and vomited blood when his Dantian’s sea of Qi shattered along with his divine soul pearl.

With this, Du Chun, the Cult Leader of the Nihilist Congregation, died, never to rise again.

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