My Disciples Are All Villains

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: World Events

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“It is good that you have come, Old Third! Your junior brother has some questions about his fist style. You will help him find out the problem,” said Lu Zhou.

“Ding! A side quest is triggered: Discipline Mingshi Yin, executed by Duanmu Sheng.”

Duanmu Sheng nodded as he cupped his fist and said, “Yes, Master! I will definitely help Fourth Junior Brother find out the problem.”

He stood up and stared at Mingshi Yin, who looked miserable beside him. The latter felt like weeping, but he had no tears.

‘Why does this happen to me…’

Could he refuse? Was there any room for him to refuse? He was no match for Duanmu Sheng at all!

‘Master is getting more and more cunning…In the past, he always beat us himself, but he has asked Senior Brother to beat me this time!’

“Old Fourth, let’s go…”

“Ugh…Senior Brother, be gentle on me!”

Peace returned as both men left the gazebo, where Lu Zhou sat cross-legged down and continued to rest.

‘Mingshi Yin finally became suspicious of me…At this rate, he will find excuses to fight with me sooner or later, and I’ll be forced to waste a peak-form experience card.’

Where there was the first time, there would be a second time.

The reason that Ji Tiandao was able to reach a point where no one else could, in addition to his profound cultivation base, should be that he had obtained many trump cards from the system. That was what made his nine disciples and the orthodox cultivators in the world afraid of him.

Unfortunately, the only trump cards Lu Zhou had at the moment were two peak-form experience cards and nothing else.

‘I have to think of a way to solve this before it gets worse…’

In the afternoon…

Little Yuan’er returned to Golden Court Mountain and came to the gazebo to report.


Lu Zhou nodded and gestured her to sit opposite him. Little Yuan’er sat down as she cupped her fist and said, “Master, I spent half a day at Tangzi’s station and did get some information.”

“Tell me.”

“After Master repelled the top ten experts, the top ten sects are all adjusting themselves, and it is said that they dare not take in any new disciples. Also, after Luo Changfeng died, the Heavenly Sword Sect plunged into internal strife, and their eldest disciple, Zhou Jifeng, left the sect!”

This was all expected by Lu Zhou.

“Anything else?”

“The other sects are well-behaved. It’s just that…that…Eldest Senior Brother and Second Senior Brother…Bah, the sect leader of the Nether Sect kept sending people to find out news about Golden Court Mountain.” Little Yuan’er stuck out her tongue. “The sect leader of the Nether Sect seems to be extremely wary of Master.”

Lu Zhou snorted and said with a smile, “I taught him many things, which made him into the fearful sect leader of the Nether Sect and gave him a peak-level, perfected cultivation base of the Nascent Divinity Tribulation realm. Even so, he cannot touch me.”

“Master is invincible!” Little Yuan’er bobbed her head repeatedly, still having a lingering fear at the thought of the scene when her master defeated the enemies.

When Lu Zhou said those words, he deliberately raised his voice so that Duanmu Sheng and Mingshi Yin could hear it as well. After all, these two disciples were most likely to grow suspicious of him. He needed to discipline them when necessary.

“Stop currying favor like your senior brothers,” said Lu Zhou.


“What else have you heard?”

Little Yuan’er began to give a detailed account of the news she heard. For example, whose house was burned down, whose dog was missing, and so on.

Lu Zhou kept frowning as he listened.


“Yes, Master?”

“You just need to tell me events that are important or related to the cultivation world.”


Little Yuan’er thought for a moment, and then she began talking again. This time, they were all major events that happened recently, such as a sect in the cultivation world wiped out, a country annexed by other countries because it was too weak, and some experts robbed and killed.

It took her about twenty minutes to report everything.

Lu Zhou could not help but be amazed by her memory. Although she was young, she had an incredible memory and great potential. Fortunately, she had not turned evil completely. Otherwise, Lu Zhou would have no one he could trust to help him.

After listening to her report, Lu Zhou said, “Go get your senior brothers here.”

“Yes, Master!”

Little Yuan’er walked down the steps.

“Ding! A side quest is completed: Discipline Mingshi Yin. You are rewarded with 200 merit points.”

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