My Disciples Are All Villains

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: The Disciple Who Fled

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Disciplining disciples was a long-term, arduous task.

Lu Zhou got up and clasped his hands behind his back as he looked at the scenery outside the gazebo. He did not know whether this dimension travel was a blessing or a curse.

If there were a tournament between dimension travelers to see who was more miserable, he believed that he should be the champion without a rival.

Before very long, Little Yuan’er led Mingshi Yin and Duanmu Sheng into the gazebo.



Lu Zhou turned around and rested his eyes on the two disciples. He saw that Mingshi Yin’s loyalty was still at 59%. It was plain that although the discipline just now had subdued him temporarily, he still had doubts about his master. Duanmu Sheng was slightly better; his loyalty was maintained at 65% and was rather stable.

Only Little Yuan’er’s loyalty had always been high, and Lu Zhou also trusted her more.

“The reason I called you here is that I need you to do a few things for me.”

“Master, please tell us what you need, and we will devote ourselves entirely to complete the tasks,” Duanmu Sheng bowed and said.

“Zhou Jifeng has defected from the Heavenly Sword Sect. You are responsible for tracking and investigating him. With his current status and position, he should have no trouble joining a new sect. When you have any news, report it to me at once.”

“Old Fourth.”

“Yes, Master?”

“I’m giving you a rather special mission…In my life, I’ve committed many evils and taught nine villainous disciples who shook the world. Because of that, I was reviled by the world. I want you to get rid of the scourge in our sect.”

“Get rid of the scourge!” That gave Mingshi Yin a fright. Hurriedly, he dropped to his knees and said, “Master, although my cultivation base is in the Divine Court realm, I’m far weaker than Eldest Senior Brother…Yu Zhenghai and Second Senior Brother Yu Shangrong… In fact, I’m no match for even Junior Sister Tianxin. She owns the Amorous Hoop, which is a heaven-grade treasure, and she has killed countless people. I’m afraid that she has already broken into the Nascent Divinity Tribulation realm!”

He was speaking the truth.

It was with the weapons they possessed and combined with their fearsome cultivation base that these disciples, who had defected from their master, were able to hold sway over the world, occupy a place for themselves, and become the evil villains whose names were heard all over the world. And the reason that Duanmu Sheng, Mingshi Yin, and Zhao Yue did not leave was that Ji Tiandao did not give them weapons and complete cultivation techniques.

The eldest disciple, Yu Zhenghai, possessed the Jasper Saber, which was a heaven-grade treasure. At its maximum power, the saber could even break apart the avatar of the same realm as him, that was, the Nascent Divinity Tribulation realm!

The second disciple, Yu Shangrong, possessed the Longevity Sword, which was also a heaven-grade treasure. It was said that with every person the sword slew, it gained a wisp of energy, making it stronger and stronger. And when he merged with it one day, he could even decipher the secret of immortality.

The sixth disciple, Ye Tianxin, possessed the Amorous Hoop, which was also a heaven-grade treasure. She was Ji Tiandao’s favorite disciple before Little Yuan’er joined the sect. When the third and fourth disciple had not been given any treasures, Ji Tiandao showed partiality to her and gave her the hoop. Today, Ye Tianxin was already the palace master of the Derived Moon Palace.

Mingshi Yin was indeed too weak when compared with these three villainous disciples.

“Old Eighth’s cultivation base is only at the Dao-controlling stage of the Divine Court realm, while you are at the Dao-transforming stage. You will start with him,” Lu Zhou said faintly.


The Divine Court realm was divided into three stages: Dao-shaping, Dao-controlling, and Dao-transforming, the last being the highest stage.

His eighth disciple, Zhu Honggong, was only in the Dao-controlling stage of the Divine Court realm, and he did not possess any heaven-grade treasure.

“You have met with Old Eighth not long ago, haven’t you?” Lu Zhou asked.

“Yes, I did go to Tiger Ridge…But, Old Eighth is so stupid that I suspect he was coaxed into defecting from the sect by Seventh Junior Brother. He doesn’t deserve to die!”

Silence descended onto the gazebo. Lu Zhou did not say anything immediately but turned his back to Mingshi Yin. After a moment of silence, he slowly turned around and stared at the latter as he said in a voice devoid of emotion, “Come here!”

“Mas-master…” Mingshi Yin shuddered. He had no choice but to stand up and walk toward Lu Zhou. As he walked, he grew nervous and he felt strength leaving his legs, until finally he came before Lu Zhou.

“Look me in the eye…”


Mingshi Yin’s heart beat faster and his face turned red.

“Your eyes are flickering, which shows that you are very nervous…Also, I can sense a faint energy fluctuation from you. Are you afraid I will attack you?”


Mingshi Yin fell to his knees.

“Please forgive me, Master! Master’s cultivation base is unfathomable, and I know I am no match for you. The defensive gesture is just an instinctive, unintentional act!”

His forehead broke out in a cold sweat. He was really frightened.

When he saw Mingshi Yin’s behavior, Lu Zhou could not help but sigh with emotions in his heart. He knew that Ji Tiandao only used one method to teach his disciples in the past, that was, through brutal beating!

As someone who came from the modern era, Lu Zhou knew very well what kind of consequences it would cause in the long term. The disciples’ hearts would be filled with fear and hatred, until one day, when they had the strength to compete with their master, they would likely kill him.

It was inevitable that things would come to this point today.

Therefore, Lu Zhou was not too angry about the disciples’ defection.

“I know what you are thinking…So, I’m giving you a chance now.”

He pointed at a piece of paper placed on the tea table and said, “On that paper is the final script of the Bluewood Technique. I’m giving it to you now. With it, your cultivation base will go one step further, and maybe you can even advance into the Nascent Divinity Tribulation realm.”

Mingshi Yin’s eyes widened as he stared incredulously at the piece of paper, wondering whether he should take it or not.

‘According to Master’s old way, if I take it, I will at least have my hand broken…’

‘However, since Master repelled the top ten experts, his temperament has changed greatly, and even his routine has changed…’

‘In other words…I can take it?’

Mingshi Yin swallowed. He was about to stand up when Lu Zhou picked up the piece of paper and waved, causing it to fall gently in front of him. Although his strength had not yet recovered, it was still very easy for him to control a piece of paper.

Mingshi Yin was overjoyed when he saw the final script of the Bluewood Technique, and he hurriedly kowtowed and said, “Thank you, Master! I will definitely spare no effort to rid the scourge in our sect!”

His loyalty immediately increased by 10% to 69%.

Lu Zhou nodded with satisfaction.

“Ding! You’ve disciplined Mingshi Yin and are rewarded with 200 reward points.”

Lu Zhou knew that with Mingshi Yin’s current strength and cultivation base, it was indeed very difficult for him to complete the task of ridding the scourge in the sect. So, he did not force the latter.

“You may leave now.”

Mingshi Yin took his leave obediently.

Meanwhile, Duanmu Sheng and Little Yuan’er looked at Lu Zhou with an envious look on their faces.

Both of them wished to have a weapon. But, Ji Tiandao’s items were all gone, making it impossible for Lu Zhou to fulfill their wishes now. So, he said, “I hope you do your job well and don’t let me down.”

“I understand, Master!” Duanmu Sheng cupped his fist and bowed before leaving the gazebo.

It was not until their figures disappeared that Little Yuan’er pursed her lips and murmured, “Master, I want to go out on a mission too!”

“You’re still young and lack experience. You will stay with me.” Lu Zhou still needed her to protect him.

“Master, isn’t the task of spying on Zhou Jifeng assigned to Senior Sister Zhao Yue?”

“Zhao Yue’s way of doing things is too erratic, not stable enough… She has finished her task for two days and has not returned so far, nor can she do it.”

“Ah?” Little Yuan’er was shocked, and she said incredulously, “Is it possible that…Senior Sister doesn’t want to come back anymore?”

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