My Dragon System

Chapter 19: Im Sorry

Chapter 19: Im Sorry

Chapter 19:I'm Sorry

The knights had stopped to make camp. They chose a spot that was next to a cornfield. The workers in the back of the carriage quickly came out of their seats and went to work. Dug a fire pit, set up the tents and settled in for the night.

Two camps had been set up, one for the workers at the back of the carrige, the other was for the knights which included me and Gary.

The knights formed a group around one of the for camps. I was now with Gary sitting next to him on a wooden log, still finding it hard to talk.

The three knights were bickering and joking with each other. The problem was with Knight Delbert, he would often shoot glances at me and Gary I could tell his intent was not a good one.

I started to get sick of it until I spoke my mind.

"Are you in love with me knight Delbert? I have to remind you I'm only a boy who has still not come of age," I said sarcastically.

Knight Delbert face became red with anger.

"A cocky brat like you needs to learn his place!" He shouted as he came towards me.

As I was getting ready to block his attack, suddenly I found my self on the floor underneath his foot. I didn't even see how or what happened.

"Get off the young lad," Barnardo said.

"Did you not hear what the peasant said to me?"

"Yes, but don't think we missed your lingering eye either"

Delbert lifted his foot off my chest and back to sit with the other two knights.

My heart was pounding at with the adrenaline that had entered my body. He simply had moved too quick for me to see his actions, he got off his seat and the next moment he had kicked me on to the ground.

"Why the need for a fire?" Gary asked?

"Won't it attract beast to us?"

"A knowledgeable boy" Winfred replied.

"Although that may be true for the regular beast, shadow beast are different."

"Shadow beast?" I replied I was curious about the subject because in my time there was no such thing.

"The kids don't even know about shadow beast, what sought of upbringing and education did they have," Delbert complained.

Wilfred drew his sword and started to draw a map on the ground.

"The shadow plague started from the north of the continent, It quickly spread and took over the kingdoms surrounding it. Luckily Alure kingdom resides in the east and managed to stay safe for many years. Avrion academy is on the border between us and the shadow plague. Although there hasn't been any activity in a number of years, from time to time a stray shadow beast will wander in."

"When did this all start?" I asked.

"You will know more when we reach Renny town."

Gary suddenly stood up from the log.

"Renny town, are we not heading for Avrion City?"

Delbert began to laugh.

"Don't be a fool, look at yourselves, you two are only kids. What use would it be to send you to the front lines? If a war was to break out you would be useless even as meat shields,"

Wilfred went to clear his thought, it seemed like a sign for Delbert to stop speaking.

"Renny town is where we send all our new recruits, you will be under education there for Ten years until you reach 15. The aim is to focus on your education and basic fitness skills. Only then will you be able to attend Avrion Academy and focus on swordsmanship."

With this, I was a little saddned, but what they had said made sense. I decided that I would take this opportunity to learn about the world. Afterall knowledge was key for me. There were many things I needed to find out and perhaps this would give me my answers.

After that, the conversation had settled down a little and then Bernado told us to get some sleep. I was sharing a tent with Gary. We were both lying on the ground and just as I was about to shut my eyes I heard Gary say something.

"I'm sorry," Gary said.

"What for?"

"For everything that I did to you at the village, the name-calling, the throwing, everything. I was an idot,"

"Although I don't disagree, don't blame yourself too much," I said with a smile on my face.

"Amy told me you were a nice guy, but I didn't believe her. Then when you saved us that day, you could have just left us but you didn't, so thank you." Gary said while bowing down his head.

"Don't forget you saved me as well from that wench. Nobody stood up to her but you, a mere five-year-old was fearless and stood in front of her."

"Arent you the same age?" Gary said confused.

"Ha, ha, ha Yes," I said laughing nervously.

"If someone is troubling you, you can rely on me," Gary said with a big grin on his face.

"Don't worry too much, the curse of the Red dragon Sen will do that job for me."

Gary's facial expression changed, he was trying to keep a smile but I could see he was a little frightened by my words.

I gave a thumbs up to him as a response and quickly went to sleep.

I was surprised at what Gary had said. I wasn't expecting someone so stubborn to come and apologise.

In return Gary, you will not be on my list, but I'm afraid we cannot be friends for my goal is different from yours. We have lived in two different worlds and I can't forgive your kind easily for what they have done to mine.

What I have learnt in my short time as a human, is that not all humans are the same, but something needs to change.

Once I have learnt the way the current world works and have become powerful enough. That will be the turning point for the human race. I will use the power I have been granted by the system to get strong. To protect those that I care about and slay those that oppose me.

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