My Dragon System

Chapter 2: A Mothers love

Chapter 2:A Mothers love

The Great Dragon Sen was bestowed upon the name "Ray". It was all because his father said that the name reminded him of the sunshine. But the Great Dragon Sen hated it. The name was just far too ordinary and average. He felt weak every time he heard his own name.

Ray—no, the Great Dragon Sen knew that he annoyed everyone with his cries and tantrums, but he didn't seem to put much thought to it. Every time his parents called him by his name, he would start to cry as a protest.

'What were they thinking, calling me Ray.'

He hated the name, for he found it unbefitting of his true self.

A few months had now passed since Sen entered his human body. His understanding of humans had significantly improved over time. In fact, he now even knew of his parents' name! Something he thought he would have never bothered to do. He soon realised how difficult it was to just call them long haired human and short haired human. As in the town, there were many long haired and short haired humans.

His mother was named Scarlett Talen while his father had the name Jack Talen.

Although he didn't quite understand their profession in the town; people seemed to deeply respect the couple. Every time they would have visitors, they would often come presenting them with gifts.

With the steady stream of visitors, Sen came to understand that his parents seemed to be better looking than the average human.

In the face department, his mother was the definition of beauty with long straight black hair, and a symmetrical face which always made her seem amiable and virtuous. Of course, his father wasn't lacking, his body was quite muscular and athletic compared to the other townsfolk.

The residence of Sen's humble family never lacked visitors, until something peculiar happened.

Sen's hair was coloured jet-black like his mother, but after a few months… His hair started changing its colour into a reddish hue. A few weeks after the initial discovery was all it took until his hair turned completely red, only a few black strands remained attached on his scalp.

Its survival served as evidence that he wasn't born this way.

This strange occurrence birthed rumours such as the Talen family being cursed. Hearing all of these, Sen realised that the colour red must be an unlucky colour in this world. But what could he do?

He was a red dragon.

He reckoned that some of his dragon powers were still living inside of him and it became the reason as to why his hair had changed into such an extent.

Sen was indignant, but in the end, he was just a child.

He took a mental note of everyone's face and kept his revenge plans on hold for there was a new enemy that he had to conquer first.

It was…

"Ray, are you ready for dinner?" Sen's mother, Scarlett asked with a smile.

Dinner time.

Sen sat in front of the table and he was strapped on his chair, unable to move. As for the reason why he was being restrained? Well, it was because Sen was being educated by his parents. In front of him, lying atop the table was a pair of spoon and fork.

The Great Dragon Sen who could only barely control the limbs of his newfound body struggled.

But oftentimes, he was left wondering…

Just how did humanity reach such precision when it comes to controlling a complicated machine such as their human body?

Sen found it incomprehensible that humans could make such minute movements to the extent that they could pick up something so tiny like this pair of spoon and fork.

Sen's interest was piqued, but dragons were innately prideful.

Being forced to do something such as using these tools in front of him made him a rebel.

He refused to believe that humans were far superior to dragons.

He proceeded to stick his head into the bowl of soup and then ate it as a true alpha dragon would do. Although his tongue was somewhat hurting, he was happy for he managed to show these humans how a true dragon ate its meal…

Sen lifted his head out of pride and smiled, thinking that he had bested the two by eating the food on his own terms than theirs.

Scarlett and Jack stared at each other for a moment before they chuckled.

"Ray, you're so silly… Look at the mess that you did!"

A smile was plastered across her face.

Sen was left dumbstruck.


Why was it that every time Sen tried to upset her mother, his actions would always end up with her smiling at him?

Sen hated to admit it but for the first time ever.

He came to know about the existence of a human whom he would never want to disappear.

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