My Dragon System

Chapter 5: Becoming A Swordsman

Chapter 5:Becoming A Swordsman

Four years had passed since then, and Ray, the reincarnation of the Great Dragon Sen had grown bigger in the past few years. He was now about 3-foot and 5-inches. His hair was red and spikey, though the combination was a bit strange for this day and age…

Ray had decided to change his hairstyle into this, for he missed his scales that would travel along his back. This was the closest thing that he could do so that he would still resemble a dragon.

Standing in front of Ray was a man wearing a full suit armour made out of leather. He held a sword in his hand and he had no headgear. This set was an optimal choice of equipment that enabled him to move at fast speeds while still being significantly protected.

The man in front of Ray... was his father.

Their stance made it obvious that they were about to go into battle.

Ray watched his father carefully with his eyes.

From an outsider's point of view, he looked incomparably relaxed. But Ray who was now familiar with his father knew that he was ready to attack at any moment. Since Ray turned four, every day at noon, he would battle against his father at lunch.

Not even once did he manage to beat him in the way of the sword.

But today…

Ray planned on changing that.

He made the first move. His father also moved in at the same time.

Before, Ray could barely follow his father's movements. But now he was able to follow his father's each and every action. Then, before his father could reach Ray's striking distance, he leapt into the air and decisively closed the gap between him and Ray.

Ray lifted a smile on his face.

Just how many times had he seen this scene?

Even he couldn't count just how many times his father used this move against him.

Now that he was prepared with what was about to happen.

He was ready.

Ray whispered to himself as he talked through the actions in his head.

'A strike from above, then a side step at the last second, a spin and attack him on his side!'



Ray's vision went black.

He passed out.

Moments later, he woke up and found himself back inside the house.

He could hear his mother scolding his father.

"Couldn't you have gone easy on him? He's only four-years-old!"

Ray could imagine his father sweating buckets as he tried to explain everything to his mother and the thought made him smile.

"It's only a year until the examination! I can't go easy on him… If he continues to be like this, then he won't be able to pass the entrance exam."

Ray was eavesdropping on his parents' conversation. They had no idea that he was already awake. But his mother's senses were far sharper than his expectations.

She saw him in the corner of her eyes.

She then rushed over and placed both of her hands on the side of his cheeks.

"Ray, are you alright? You really don't have to force yourself to do this. You don't have to follow our footsteps! There's a lot of noble jobs out there that you can do other than this!" Scarlett said in a worried tone of voice.

Ray could see as clear as day that Scarlett was indeed worried about him.

'She must've seen how depressed I was every time after our fights.'

Ray thought to himself.

But Ray wasn't upset because he lost against his father.

He was upset because he not only didn't have any talent as a Mage. He also has no talent for sword fighting. If he couldn't even beat an average Adventurer like his father, then how was he supposed to destroy the human race?

Ray's father came over and said with a smile on his face.

"We still have a year, Ray… Mind over matter. If you really want to, I know that you can do it."

'One year…'

'Was it enough time for me to improve?'

In a year's time, the Avrion Knight Academy Selection Process would begin.

It was the same school that his father had gone to.

At the age of five, any children were allowed to take the entrance exam and possibly receive the qualifications to enter the academy. Roland Academy was now out of the equation since Ray obviously didn't have any qualifications to become a Mage.

In short, his only choice right now at this moment was Avrion Academy.

Ray took a deep breath and stared at his parents.

"I'll do it…"

"I'll become the strongest that anyone has ever seen…"

Both Scarlett and Jack looked at each other with worried faces.

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