My Dungeons Are Popular

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Mediating

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She was finally safe!

Willa sat in the passenger seat of the jeep Xiao Zhou was driving. After downing the energy drink Xiao Zhou gave her, she temporarily restored her body strength.

At this moment, Willa was really glad that the “knight” who protected her was strong.

She felt a great sense of security just by staying next to Xiao Zhou right now. She just had to let him find her a place to hide and wait for this terrifying nightmare to end.

While Willa was pondering, she kept hearing gunshots from afar.

This made her sit straight and look around like a startled little rabbit. Upon paying close attention, Willa discovered that the series of gunshots was very close to her.

Willa was in a speeding car right now. Those shooters wouldn’t be able to keep up even if they wanted to.

Thinking of this, she was relieved again, but she soon realized something was wrong.

Xiao Zhou didn’t drive away from the place where the gunshots came from. Instead… he pressed the accelerator down to the bottom and sped towards the location.

“Hey… There are gunshots in that direction!”

Willa thought Xiao Zhou’s hearing wasn’t good. He might not have heard the gunshots coming from far away.

“Hm.” Xiao Zhou nodded to prove her suspicions wrong.

“The gunshots mean that… there seems to be two… or three teams who are fully armed.”

Willa listened to the gunshots that sounded closer and closer. It didn’t seem like two teams were fighting at all, but an entire army instead! There were even grenade explosions mixed in the gunfire.

There was no need to doubt! If Xiao Zhou continued driving, they would definitely go into the center of the battlefield and would be hit by bullets and grenades from everywhere, turning into scrap metal.

Willa didn’t want to become scrap metal! So, she looked at Xiao Zhou again.

Xiao Zhou hummed calmly.

“Then, why are you driving in that direction?” Willa’s pitch rose an octave as she listened to the gunfire that got near.

“I’m going to mediate between them,” Xiao Zhou said expressionlessly.

Mediating between them? This wasn’t mediating… He was digging his own grave!

She was over… The person who came to rescue her on a horse wasn’t a knight but a complete psycho!

Was there anyone on Jedi Island who was normal? Wasn’t it the best choice to hide somewhere?

“So… Can you let me get off first?”

Willa was afraid of death. She already wanted to open the door and run away even as she spoke.

However, the car door was already locked.

You still want to leave after drinking my energy drink? Don’t worry, just be a cute level-four backpack here!

Xiao Zhou stepped on the accelerator again. Under Willa’s wails, the jeep drove into the side of the battlefield, where gunfire sounded constantly.

When the jeep stopped, Willa held her head tight and tried to dodge the bullets flying over to the car. She soon noticed something, though. No bullets were shot in her direction, even though the gunshots never stopped.

“Get off. We’ll be discovered soon.”

Xiao Zhou got out of the jeep with the Karabiner 98k in his hands. Willa quickly followed him with her HK 416.

After she saw the environment around her, she found that Xiao Zhou wasn’t a completely mad mustang. He was still rational.

The place where Willa was located was an excellent vantage point. She could see what was happening down on the battlefield clearly.

Xiao Zhou had already run to the edge of the vantage point with his Karabiner 98k in his hands, aiming at those people in a gunfight below.

“What’s the benefit of shooting them?”

Willa slowly crawled next to Xiao Zhou. She then took a glance at the melee battlefield below.

She found that the situation was much worse than she had imagined. There were four teams down there, or even more. Willa could already see seven people with her bare eyes.

People down there still hadn’t discovered them right now. They still had the chance to run. Willa really couldn’t think of a reason for them to take the initiative to make trouble with this group of people.

“You’ll know when you kill them all,” Xiao Zhou gave her a four-time scope and said.

Kill them all? It’s easier said than done… Willa murmured in her mind.

However, being urged by the bullet screen and watching the killing bounty pool in the live broadcast rise constantly, Willa had no choice but to attach the four-time scope on the HK 416. She pointed the muzzle at the battlefield below.

Using the four-time scope and single-shot mode, she held her breath, aimed, then… pulled the trigger.

Willa pointed right at a death row prisoner down on the battlefield with the HK 416 in her hands.

That death row prisoner hadn’t discovered Willa and Xiao Zhou yet. He was putting a bandage on his wound in a place he believed to be safe.

Willa directly aimed at him with the scope in a dark spot. This gave Willa the pleasure of hunting prey. This time, it seemed like she wouldn’t miss anymore.

The HK 416 shot four times at once. However, one-shot missed, alerting that death row prisoner. While he was trying to look for cover and a place to hide, Willa made three shots again.

Two shots hit the body of that death row prisoner and the last one hit his head. Blood splashed everywhere as the death row prisoner fell on the ground, turning into a box.

Hm? I… killed someone?

Willa couldn’t believe it, but the notices that flashed in front of her eyes told her that… she had welcomed the first kill of her life.

“You killed your enemy Xiao Feng with the HK 416.”

“First blood”

“Killed the enemy

Team annihilated


192.04 meters away”

Ah… Willa looked at the notices telling her that she had killed someone successfully. Then, a series of ratings for this kill appeared in front of her eyes.

When Willa confirmed it was true, an emotion called excitement surged in her heart.

“I killed him. Did you see that? He hid behind that window, and I killed him with four shots. He didn’t even have anywhere to run.”

“There are still other people!” Xiao Zhou reminded Willa it wasn’t time for celebration yet.

Willa’s four shots had caught the attention of everyone down there. A few bullets shot towards them in a blink.

One hit Xiao Zhou’s shoulder, but he endured the pain and raised the Karabiner 98k in his hand to counter-attack!

Willa didn’t just stand there anymore. She regained the feeling of playing shooting-type Dream Dungeons before. She aimed at another death row prisoner down there with the four-time scope.

“You killed your enemy Lin Yan with the HK 416”

“Double kill”

The alerted death row prisoners found somewhere to hide from Xiao Zhou and Willa’s muzzle. However, these vicious death row prisoners still wanted to start a gunfight with Xiao Zhou and Willa. Putting the gunfight aside, there were also enemies around them.

Willa felt like she was a hunter with a gun, facing a group of wild boars, bears, and deers. Even though they might resist and were dangerous to her, the advantage of the vantage point gave her a sense of… superiority and dominance. She could shoot those death row prisoners, but the death row prisoners couldn’t hit her. They might even be attacked by the other enemies around.

“You killed your enemy Shen Qingwen with the HK 416”

“Triple kill”

Finally, Willa used a 5.56mm bullet to end the life of the last death row prisoner. The warehouse below became quiet. There were only a bunch of boxes left, testament to the fight here…

Looking at the number of kills, a slight sense of achievement and satisfaction filled Willa’s heart.

This satisfaction made her want to find someone to cheer and celebrate with her.

“Nice job.” Xiao Zhou complimented her a bit.

Meanwhile, Willa’s live broadcast was also like they were celebrating the New Year. Real-time comments like “OHHHHHHHHH!” almost flooded the entire screen.

“I’ve decided to call this day, Willa’s First Kill Day!”

“That was not easy at all!”

The viewers in the live broadcast were like an old father finally seeing his daughter walk.

They watched Willa along the way. She either couldn’t locate her enemies or did weird things like pointing the gun at the ground or the sky.

If it wasn’t that the Nightmare Dungeon, Battle Royale, was already closed right now, a bunch of grumpy men would probably have rushed in to teach her how to use a gun.

And now, Willa finally succeeded in killing three people in a row. How should they put it… They were a bit touched.

“Go take your spoils. The circle is about to shrink.”

“My spoils?”

“Since you killed those people, all the supplies they found with great pains in this battle are yours now.”

“I see!”

This was Willa’s first time looting someone. She had wondered why those death row prisoners were picking and choosing things in front of a wooden box before. It turned out they were collecting their spoils.

When Willa took the supplies Xiao Zhou gave her, she was a bit irresolute.

But she had won the spoils by herself this time! Not only did she have peace of mind when she took them, but she was also excited!

Willa joyfully ran into the room where the dead body of that death row prisoner was.

She saw the wooden box lying on the ground quietly at first sight. This wooden box wasn’t purely a wooden box anymore in Willa’s eyes, but a treasure chest!

Treasures she got from deep in the sea with a lot of effort.

When Willa opened the box, she felt an unprecedented sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Even though the bullets, medical resources, and a firearm accessory for the HK416 were the only things in the wooden box that were useful to her, her current mood was as thrilled as when she got five SSRs in ten consecutive draws.

“What’s this?” Willa took out five dog tags in the wooden boxes and asked.

“They’re coins. If you survive till the end, bring them with you. You can use them to exchange for things. The best you can get is a Level C Dream Seed. However, that’s under the premise that you survive.”

“The reward for surviving till the end is so impressive?”

Willa couldn’t believe it. Even in foreign countries, a Level C Dream Seed was worth a high price. With the property she had right now, she would have to get a loan to buy one.


Xiao Zhou wasn’t sure if the final reward would still be a Level C Dream Seed or not.

While Willa was busy looking at the spoils in the other wooden boxes, gunshots came from afar again. She looked up like a scared rabbit when she heard the noise.

“Should we… check it out?” Willa eagerly asked after she reloaded the HK 416 in her hand.

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