My Dungeons Are Popular

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: A Team That Scared People Off

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Qiu Ren stood next to the Nightmare Seed and monitored the entire battlefield with related equipment from the perspective of a spectator.

Tapir’s current “physical” condition was weak. It could be observed by looking at the Nightmare Seed with naked eyes.

The dark purple glitters on the Nightmare Seed before had started dimming. The original wail had also turned into tiny whimpers.

In just one battle royale game, the energy produced from a hundred people fighting in the nightmare was too little.

It was so little that Tapir could barely extend her life. She could only hang on to her last breath as long as possible while being plundered and swallowed by another strong Lord of Nightmare.

Tapir needed more people who were willing to sacrifice part of their lives as a price for participating in the vicious fight in this Nightmare Dungeon.

If this happened in the past, any staff member in Fengdu Prison or anywho who had experience in sealing nightmares would think this was impossible!

They might resort to some other extraordinary measures to deal with this invasion instead of hoping for a miracle.

But now, Qiu Ren’s Battle Royale gave them hope and the live streamer of Twitch, Willa, in North America extended this hope.

Qiu Ren observed the battle on Jedi Island. At the same time, he was watching Willa’s live broadcast with a laptop he had borrowed from a prison guard.

Of course, if he wanted to access the Internet in this world, he also had to use a scientific method.

Qiu Ren found it extremely exciting to use a VPN in front of a group of policemen and policewomen, especially prison guards.

However, even though it was exciting, Qiu Ren didn’t forget about real business.

Only ten people were willing to enter this Level S Nightmare Dungeon after they were matched to Battle Royale through the World’s Dream Dungeon Level Library this time.

Among these ten people, only three survived till the end. Willa was one of them.

Willa was the best channel for Qiu Ren to display the charm of Battle Royale to the public.

For this, Qiu Ren even applied for financial assistance from Fengdu Prison and personal financial subsidy from Dream Explorer Auntie Kan—no… Miss Kan.

Qiu Ren used all this money as cross-border rewards and to give Willa a bunch of reward missions, like killing an enemy with the four-time scope for 1000USD and searching for an airdrop supply for 500USD.

It wasn’t Qiu Ren’s money anyway, so he didn’t feel hurt when he used it.

Under Xiao Zhou’s lead, Willa completed most of the reward missions smoothly by mediating between teams everywhere and shooting people along the way.

Willa was also a streamer that cared about making a live broadcast more interesting. Ever since she landed on the ground, she had gradually shown the fun of the battle royale game in front of the viewers.

These viewers were originally attracted by the gimmick of a Level S Nightmare Dungeon and wanted to see some “paid” content in Willa’s live broadcast.

Unfortunately, they didn’t see any paid content at all. They were so enraged by Willa’s bad shooting skills and unprofessional operations that they kept sending real-time comments onto the bullet screen.

Willa slowly regained the feeling of shooting and followed Xiao Zhou to engage the teams around the map.

Once again, the viewing experience was enveloped by an atmosphere of tension, excitement, and extraordinary satisfaction and refreshment.

The number of people watching Willa’s live broadcast rose from the usual five thousand to thirty-four thousand. If it was shown on a live broadcast platform in the country, the number of views might even go towards a million.

However, it was still unknown how many of these thirty-four thousand people would be willing to join the next round.

Although the degree of danger of Level S was put on display, everyone could still enjoy watching Willa run around, loot people, gather supplies, and make her backpack bulge, as if she was a little squirrel preparing for the winter.

And yet, they had no idea that someone had already had eyes on this cheerful little squirrel.

The hunters were another two Dream Explorers who had entered through the World’s Dream Dungeon Level Library.

They were much fiercer than Willa, this harmless little squirrel. In fact, fierce wasn’t even the correct word to describe them. They were cruel, professional, and merciless.

The duo was apparently well-prepared. After they landed, they directly killed the teammates they were matched with and then found a place to meet up.

In the meantime, they were in an air-raid shelter. Qiu Ren could hear the screams of a death row prisoner from the equipment.

One of these two Dream Explorers was cutting the arms of a death row prisoner with a butcher’s knife.

“Don’t waste time on that guy, Herring… We have a new mission.”

The person talking was a middle-aged man sitting on an ammunition chest.

Qiu Ren remembered his name; it was Maine. Judging from his temperament and shooting skills, this guy was definitely a professional gunner. He was very likely to be a special forces member.

“Just wait.”

The person was a woman named Herring. She ignored the dissuasion from her teammate behind her and raised the butcher’s knife in her hand again to cut the fingers of that death row prisoner.

The wails of the death row prisoner resounded around the entire air-raid shelter. Maine seemed to be a bit impatient. He jumped off the ammunition chest, then raised the revolver in his left hand and ended the life of that poor death row prisoner.

“It seems that you’re getting addicted to this nightmare, Herring,” Maine frowned as he said to the woman, who was cleaning the blood on her body next to him.

“Aren’t you a bit addicted to this nightmare as well? I saw that you were very excited when you chased after those guys on the map.”

Herring wiped off the blood on the butcher’s knife in her hand. She pointed at the other three dead bodies they had killed in the air-raid shelter and the wooden boxes.

“People we’ve met in this Nightmare Dungeon are all amateurs who don’t even know how to use a gun. No matter how many of them I kill, I won’t have any sense of achievement!” said Maine.

“What about enemies of the same level?”

This question truly made Maine freeze for a while. After that, he imagined walking in a forest full of dangers. There was a sniper lying in ambush for a long time that might appear around him anytime.

And he was carrying a large pile of resources he had worked hard and risked his life to get. At this point, the only thought in his mind was that he could never let himself die here!

Thinking about this gave Maine goosebumps; he felt like his blood was boiling. This was a sense of passion he could only experience a couple times in reality. In this Nightmare Dungeon, however, he could experience it countless times!

And yet, this enthusiasm that filled Maine’s head was soon suppressed by his reason.

“Don’t forget about our mission! Our priority right now is to find the female live streamer called Willa,” said Maine.

“Then kill her?” Herring asked as she threw the butcher’s knife in her hand to Maine.

“No, we’ll capture her and torture her! In front of all her audience.” Maine touched the blade of the butcher’s knife, which was covered in dark red blood, and said, “This Nightmare Dungeon indeed doesn’t have monsters that eat humans or triggers that kill people. So… we’ll play that role and let those viewers understand that a Nightmare Dungeon should look like a Nightmare Dungeon! They must be prepared to become pieces of meat after stepping foot in here!”

Qiu Ren understood what they were doing. They were trying to scare people off!

Willa and Xiao Zhou had been too happy as they fought along the way. Their degree of thrill and excitement had reached the maximum. They accompanied each other to mediate between teams, kill people, loot the dead, and pick up airdrop supplies everywhere, without any restraints. They were so joyful that they didn’t seem to be in a Nightmare Dungeon, making the viewers in the live broadcast interested.

Hence, the duo’s mission was to remind the viewers in the live broadcast that Willa was in a terrifying Nightmare Dungeon! They would scare off those… people who wanted to enter this Nightmare Dungeon to try what the chicken tasted like with a bloody lesson.

“Aren’t we killing the other six remaining people first?”

Herring looked at the watch on her wrist. The number of remaining people was 10. They didn’t want any surprises in their mission.

“No. I told you people joining this nightmare are all amateurs who don’t know anything! We just have to capture our target. Leave the others alone.”

Maine was indeed qualified to say that, as he was the killing champion of this round. He alone had annihilated seven teams and became the champion of this game with fourteen kills.

The one who ranked second was Xiao Zhou, who had killed ten people in a single round.

Judging from Maine’s comprehensive strength, he was definitely a strong contender in this game.

Herring didn’t say anything. When she checked the gun in her hands and was ready to look for that cute little squirrel, giving her something good to eat… the sound of a car stopping outside the air-raid shelter came.

They exchanged glances before hiding in a corner of the air-raid shelter. Some shouting sounds soon came from above.

“Zhao Yanqing, you’re truly a living Buddha. You didn’t even kill one person after one around. I must have been damned for eight lives being teamed up with you right now! Fuck, the car is out of gas!”

The man with a scarred face shouted as he walked toward the air-raid shelter. Maine leaned against the wall and made a tactical gesture to Herring. He then put his hands on the M16, ready to shoot the dumbass who was about to step into the air-raid shelter.

The duo stared at the entrance of the air-raid shelter. Before they saw who was coming, a sound bomb suddenly rolled inside.

Maine responded at once. He wanted to cover his eyes and open his mouth, but it was too late. The sound bomb exploded, and he felt the world spinning around him.

After some vague ringing sounds, the shout from the man with a scarred face sounded in his ears.

“I know you’re in there! Get out!” the man with a scarred face yelled at the air-raid shelter.

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