My Ex Next Door

130 Chapter 130: Bargain

After Ken and Alexa ate their ice cream, they strolled around the zoo. When Ken decided to call Novie, Alexa's took his hand and dragged him somewhere.

Souvenir store.

They both entered the store full of animals figures, toys, and shirt with animal design. The girl roamed her eyes around and found the shirt with animal prints.

"Uncle Ken. Can you reach that one please?" she asked while pointing at the shirt above. When he was about to take it, Alexa stopped him.

"not that. The other one," Alexa complained and pointed at the shirt next to the white shirt.

Ken shook his head and about to grab it when Alexa stopped him once again.

"wait! I change my mind. Get the yellow one," Ken groaned in irritation but, he still took the shirt she wanted and handed it to her before she changes her mind again.

The girl took it from him and separated it from the hanger. Her round eyes checked each side of the shirt and ran her little finger on the print as if she's checking it's quality.

After a long time, Alex looked at him and smile.

"do you think this will fit mommy?" she innocently asked.

Ken rose an eyebrow and felt touch but, the shirt she's holding was four times bigger than Daniella's size.

"I think this is too big. Your mom is size 2," he replied.

The girl twitched her little lips as if she's thinking so deep.

"She'll get bigger right? I saw her picture while she was pregnant and, she was really big" the girl exaggerated every word she spoke.

Ken wanted to burst he remembered how often Matthew got his finger broke by calling Daniella fat and, now he wondered how Daniella is going to react if she heard it from her kids.

A sneaky thought ran in his mind, "I think this size will look good on her," he playfully replied and pushed her body towards the cashier.

Alexa placed the shirt on the counter and, stared at the cashier in front. It was a man with short hair and brown skin.

"that would be 800," the cashier stated.

Alexa let out a loud gasped and took the shirt from him. She waved it in the air while her round eyes widened in hysteria.

"This shirt cost 800? Why is this so expensive?" the cashier laughed by how she represented herself and took the shirt from her.

"Ok. I will give you a discount. Let say 700," saying that he put the shirt in a bag and handed it to her but, Alexa didn't take it.

"500," she offered. The man in front parted his lips in confusion.

"699," the cashier answered, amusement was on his face.

Alexa shook her head and, amusement painted in her face. "501," the other customers around started watching and laughed by the scene.

"750. It's the last price." the man stated.

Alexa narrowed her eyes.

"600, come on mister, meet me half way" Alexa insisted while making a cute face.

Ken could see the amusement in the cashier's face. Who wouldn't, the small girl with missing teeth keeps on bargaining the price of the shirt as if he life depends on it.

"wait let me get the owner," the cashier said and left.

After the figure disappeared, Ken looked at Alexa who was busy staring at the elephant statuette. His lips parted in shock when the girl took one and put it in the cashier.

"Lexi, you don't need to bargain the price. I will pay for it. I can buy the store if you want," he whispered.

The girl looked at him and shook her head.

"Uncle. I am paying with my money and, I only have 1200 here. If I give it to him then, I will not have enough money to buy a shirt for my dad," Alexa explained.

Ken's lips curved a smile without him noticing it. Inside, he wished that Alexa was his kid but, the bargaining she's doing has been going on for a long time that he started to get tired.

When his phone buzzed he took it out and saw Novie's number. He immediately answered it and explained to her what was happening.

Inside the store, the cashier came back with a middle age woman.

Alexa's lips stretched in a smile and, ready her face to make the cutest face she had ever made.

"Hi pretty girl," the woman spoke in a sweet tone.

"Hi, Miss. Can I have this shirt for 500 please?" she blinked repeatedly.

"Oh my! look at your eyes. They were brown and, now they are blue." The woman giggled.

"But no, the last price is 800" the smile the owner had in her face vanished.

Alexa rose an eyebrow and, asked her uncle to get one more shirt.

"what about I buy two for 1000?" she asked

The woman narrowed her eyes, "I am a businesswoman sweetie, not a fool."

Alexa emitted a long sighed and looked at her uncle.

"fine, 1200 for two shirts and a kiss from my handsome uncle. Deal?"

Without a word the woman took the other shirt from Alexa's hand and jammed it in the bag.

"Deal" she stated and switched her eyes between Alexa and Ken.

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