My Ex Next Door

131 Chapter 131: The plan

Alexa took the money in her wallet. She gave it a woman when the woman was about to get it, Alexa held the money, refusing to let it go.

"not 1000? My uncle is going to give you a kiss. That is priceless," she tried to bargain.

Ken shut his eyes, his legs numbed by standing in one place.

"no honey" the woman stated and, looked at Ken.

Ken eyebrows creased in confusion, he thought it was only a joke but, the way she stared at him tells him she took it seriously.

"Lexi, wait for me outside," he told Alexa, the girl left the store without a sound.

When the door of the store closed, Ken took his wallet out and, gave the 600 to her, which was the price difference of the shirt but, she refused it.

"Deal is a deal mister" the woman spoke in a keen-edged tone.

Ken rose an eyebrow when he saw the bump on the woman's neck. He gazed at her and, later realized she was gay.

Anger rushed to his body. He put the money back in his wallet and, took a step closer.

"I was trying to be nice but, because you touch me, I will not give even one cent," he turned to leave, but the owner pulled his arm back.

Ken pulled his hand and glared at him, by just getting touched by a man made his skin crawled.

"You want to die?" he yelled.

Seeing the fire in his grey eyes, the owner shook his head and handed him the elephant figurine Alexa was holding earlier.

"no sir but, you can give this to your niece as a gift," Ken took a deep sighed to calm his never.

If his niece was around and insist for him to kiss the man, Ken might burn the man's body and, scatter his ashes to a black pit.

He snubbed him and left the store. When he came out, he found Novie and Alexa together while Ethan and Leo were busy checking on Alexa's teeth.

As he walked closer, he could hear the concern in Ethan's voice as he scolded his sister.

"I told you not to eat chocolates, now you look funny without teeth"

"Novie," he called out her name. The woman lifted her face and saw her boyfriend standing in front. She plastered a smile and reached for his hand.

"Alexa told me about the deal, what happened?" she teasingly said. She didn't mind it at all as she knows Ken will never kiss a woman.

Ken sighed and sat down next to her.

"Well, it turns out she's a he so," hearing the disappointment in his tone, Novie narrowed her eyes and stared at him with suspicion.

"so, if she's a woman," before she could finish her sentence, Ken sealed off their lips.

It was a short yet sweet kiss which made the triplets cover their eyes.

"there's no if," Ken whispered while their faces were only an inch away.

Novie rolled her eyes on him and stared back at the triplets. She tried to avoid his eyes because of her cheeks burning in embarrassment.

After some time, they decided to visit the monkey's cages and go home.

As they walked their way to the direction of the monkeys, Alexa requested Ken to carry her which he did without complaint.

They walked in a slow pace while Ethan and Leo were holding on Novie's hand, they looked more of a family but, the facial features of the triplets don't match up Ken or Novie.

When they finally reached the place, the triplets went closer to the glass wall and behind it were monkies hanging on the branches of trees

Novie watched the triplets as they stared at the animals, unlike the mini zoo they have in their villa, these monkeys are living behind the glass wall.

Ethan and Leo squatted on the floor and searched inside of Ethan's bag while Alexa laid her palms on the glass wall and stared at the monkey.

Alexa pitied the monkeys even though the animals were squealing as if they were having a party.

"Poor animals, do not be afraid Caesar will come here and take you out of this horrible place."

From a distance, Novie could hear Alexa's word. She and Ken are sitting on a wood long chair, opposite to the monkey cage.

"who's Caesar?" she asked in confusion, Ken looked at her and shrugged a shoulder.

"From the planet of apes, have you seen it?" he asked.

Novie shook her head as a response and, grabbed the water from her bag. After drinking the water, she heard Ken's heavy breathing.

She looked at him with confusion in her face, wondering why his soft expression turned heavy.

"Is something wrong?" she asked.

Ken shook his head but, his eyes were staring at Ethan, who handed a pen covered with red laces to Leo.

"I want to come back here again," Ken spoke in a warm tone.

Novie crease her brows in confusion, wondering why his face became downhearted.

"Sure, we can come back here again, for sure the triplets will be thrilled," she responded.

Ken became silent she could hear him breathing repeatedly.

"no," he spoke after a long silence.

Novie wondered why Ken doesn't want to be with the triplets?

She was about to ask when Ken suddenly wrapped his hand around her waist and pulled her body closer to him, his chin rested on her head, and with their position, she could hear every beat of his heart.

She gulped repeatedly, somehow Ken's aura was making her skin to shiver.

"I want to come back here" he started and, on each word he uttered, she could feel the wave of his throat.

"with you." Ken continued.

When she felt his soft lips kissing her hair Novie gulped and felt a warm hand caressing her heart.

"And our kids" those three words were enough to make her heart melt. Her whole body frost while his deep voice played in her head like a broken radio.

Ken called her name but, Novie was astonished by his words. One of the things she loves about Ken is this, his surprise sweet words that always shaken her senses.

When Ken moved away, he placed both hands on Novie's shoulder and stared at her.

His grey eyes were burning in emotion, conveying a message she could not understand but, she knows that every stare he gave was full of love.

Her tongue paralyzed, she wanted to respond but, her tongue didn't cooperate.

As they stared at each other, Novie watched Ken while his lips parted to speak.

"Can we start talking about our wedding?" and once again, Novie was stunned. Her lips parted to speak but, no words came out. She was utterly speechless.

She felt emotion rushed throughout her body, reaching her mind, destroying every cell she had.

Fireworks exploded in her mind making her eyes formed a crystal-like tear.

She gulped repeatedly while their eyes stared at each other. When she felt Ken's hand on her cheeks, caressing it slowly and gently, her eyes shut by itself while her tears dropped.

Ken chuckled and wiped her tears but, another tear ran down.

"Novie, you are creeping me out but, I will assume that your silence means yes?" Ken asked in an uncertain tone.

Since her tongue doesn't want to cooperate, Novie nodded and smiled.

Ken emitted a sighed and covered her cheeks with his palms while his grey eyes were staring at her.

"This is great tomorrow I will have my secretary to get us everything we need. Do you want to hire someone to do it, or you prefer to stress out yourself?" he jokingly asked.

Novie pressed her lips and giggled.

"I think the stress will be worth it." She nibbled on her lower lips. Looking at her Ken's eyes shining with amusement was making her heart to pound like crazy.

With all the sweet words coming out from his lip, Novie wanted to pull his body and rip his clothes but, since they are in public place, she held herself.

"you're so pretty" Ken spoke out of nowhere.

Instead of responding, Novie got up from her chair and decided to leave. She knows that if Ken will say one more word, she will drag his body to the parking lot and, throw him at the backseat with shirtless.

As she was about to scruffy off, she felt her arm being pulled back.

As soon as her body sat back on the hard wooden bench, she felt

Ken's slender finger on her chin raising her face and, before she realized what is happening, Ken's lips sealed hers.

As soon as she felt his soft thin lips, her senses flew away. She didn't mind that they are in a public place. The people around running and screaming or even the monkeys busy escaping from the hole that Ethan and Leo made, all she knows was she wanted to shut his lips with hers.

Her hand moved and wrapped around Ken's neck while she continuously kisses him. A small gasped let out from her throat when she felt Ken's hand underneath her shirt, his firmed hand snaked around her waist underneath her shirt and slowly caressing her skin and every movement he made every hair on her skin to lift.

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