My Future Wife Is Androphobic

Chapter 29 - Pretty boy

Chapter 29 - Pretty boy

Speechless with what the girl just told him, Kira held her chin and made her look up to him.

"You… why are you so You really think you could beat me?" he asked in a serious tone but Zeri remained unfazed and answered him right away.

"I'm not sure. I only said that thinking that you wouldn't fight back."

"Sigh… damn! What are you even… never mind! Okay fine, but let me drop you to your work."


"No buts! You're going to be late if you still have to look for a ride."

And thus, just like that, Zeri ended up inside Kira's flashy car on their way to her part time job. Zeri was very reluctant but because she knew she was going to be late, she gave in and entered Kira's car.

However, for some reason, Zeri became quiet the moment she saw Rei and Ken in the two front seats. She never once looked at them again, instead, she slowly moved closer to Kira as if she was suddenly scared of something.

Noticing this, deep lines formed on Kira's forehead.

"Hey, what's wrong? Are you feeling unwell?" Kira asked but the girl just shook her head.

"N-no, I'm fine." She replied but Kira was not convinced at all. He was about to ask again but the car had already reached her workplace as it was just a few minutes from school.

"T-thanks for the ride. I'm going now." Zeri then said and without waiting for Kira's answer, she hastily climbed out of the car, almost as if someone was chasing her.

After Kira saw her enter the café, he turned towards the two in front.

"You two, did you do something to her behind my back?" he asked in a serious tone and Ken immediately protested.

"Huh?! Why are you asking such a question? How could I do something to her when I can't even go near her? This was just the second time I've seen her, you know?!" Ken complained and Rei just casually shrugged.

"Not me. I never talked to her either despite being in the same class." Rei said and Kira sighed as he rested his head on the backrest.

Kira understood where they were coming from. It was because even he was having a hard time speaking with her or even approach her since she was always disappearing like a ninja. But… why did he feel like she was scared of something? Was it just his imagination?

"Anyway, are we not going inside? That looks like a decent café. Why don't we go and take a look at your girlfriend's part time job?" Ken then changed the topic and Rei also nodded.

After staring at the café for a while, Kira finally agreed.

"Okay, let's go."

As soon as the three entered the café, every girl inside turned to look at them and as usual, they started squealing at the sight of them.

Gladly, there were only a few girls inside since it looked like most of the costumers were boys.

This was obviously because this café seemed to be a cosplay café and the girl waitresses were dressed as different anime characters.

When Kira saw this, his brows knotted in extreme displeasure. Well, it wasn't like the ladies were dressed inappropriately, but thinking about Zeri, his personal squirrel, wearing those maid outfits and other cute dresses to entertain these male costumers made his face darken to the extreme.

"I wonder what your girlfriend is wearing." Ken was excited while Kira's expression remained dark. Rei, on the other hand, was busy looking around, trying to spot her.

But time passed by and no Zeri Kim appeared.

"Wait, where is she? We've been here for an hour now. Could it be that she isn't a waitress?"

"Probably. Maybe she's one of the chefs inside?"

"No way! She's still just a high schooler like us. How could she be a chef no-" Rei couldn't continue speaking and his mouth just hung open the moment he looked at the person the girls kept squealing out for quite a while now.

When Kira and Ken looked at the direction where he was looking, they saw a young man cosplaying a famous character, Kenshin. The young man was dressed in red and had an X scar on his face and he was pretty darn attractive.

"Wow! What a pretty boy. If that guy grew even taller, I bet he could compete with you and your powers of attraction, Kira. You better prepare to be overthrown once that boy grow up." Ken said mischievously.

When he saw that Kira and Rei's eyes were still on the pretty boy, Ken creased his forehead. OMG! Why are they still staring at him? Could these two have just been turned gay by that boy?

Flabbergasted, Ken was about to speak when Rei beat him.

"Kira… i-isn't that boy Z-zeri Kim?"

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