My Future Wife Is Androphobic

Chapter 51 - What the hell

Chapter 51 - What the hell

Kira was damn confused. This girl was truly hard to figure out. One second she's happy, the next moment she's acting terrified. What was going on?

"Zeri," he bent until his lips were near her ear. "Tell me, are you scared?"

The girl still didn't reply. Kira let out a sigh and landed his hand on her hair. He caressed it just as she had done to him when he was sleeping on her lap.

The people were looking at them, but Kira didn't care. He continued caressing her hair, trying to soothe whatever it was that was making her like this. Was she like this because she was drunk?

Time passed, and Kira decided to try and speak with her again. "Zeri… can you hear me? Don't you want to go home?"

When Zeri still didn't respond, Kira bit his lips. He then forcefully removed her hands from his waist and lifted her up.

He carried her towards the car and when Kira put her down on her seat, Zeri suddenly climbed onto him. She straddled him, wrapping her hands around his neck as if she was too damn scared to let go. Kira was speechless. He was unable to keep up with all this sudden and strange behavior of hers. He didn't know what was going on with her. It wouldn't be a problem if she was trying to flirt or something, but she obviously seemed extremely scared, so much so that she wanted to just cling to him like a koala.

The car that came to fetch them was his grandfather's, so there were two bodyguards in the car with them. Aside from them, the man in front was their butler. Why were they even here? He had simply asked for the chauffeur to come to fetch them! He didn't ask for a butler and bodyguards! Kira looked at Rei and the guy simply shrugged. Was his old man plotting something again? And Zeri was actually acting like this while these people were here…

"Young Master, your grandfather asked us to bring you both to the mansion." The butler's voice rang inside the car and Kira immediately felt Zeri's grip on him tightened. She also started to tremble a little, causing Kira's heart to quiver in worry.

"No! I'm sending her back to her house," Kira firmly argued, trying his best to pacify the trembling puppy in his arms. "Zeri, I don't know why you're acting like this, but you don't have anything to fear. I'm not bringing you anywhere, I promise," he whispered as he caressed her back, and he felt her relaxed a little.

He found it unbelievable that Zeri was actually this scared just because of something like this. Wait, could it be that this is what she's really like when she's drunk? That was the only sensible explanation Kira could think of.

"But young master, your grandfather firmly insisted that we will bring you back to the mansion tonight," the butler insisted, and Kira felt her freeze again.

"I said no! Her family is waiting for her!"

"The old master said that if you refuse, you can't go back home."


"The old master already found out that you're dating her, so he wanted you to bring her home for him to meet her."

"I'll bring her there another day. Just not now! She's not feeling well. She wants to go home."

Kira was gritting his teeth. He could feel that Zeri was trembling every time the butler spoke, so he wanted the butler to shut up. He thought that Zeri was scared because of what the butler was saying. Unbeknownst to him, Zeri was actually not listening at all. Her body was simply reacting because of the butler's deep voice – a voice that sounded so horrifying to her.

"But young master, your grandfather sternly told us that you can't go back in the mansion if you won't bring her with yo –"

"I don't care! You hear me?! Just bring us to her house, now!"

Kira was angry. He didn't know what his old man was thinking, sending his men for something so outrageous like this! He even actually threatened him, saying that he can't go back without her?! Damn, was his grandfather losing his mind or something?! He's becoming more and more outrageous by the day!! Kira couldn't even understand him anymore!

"I understand," the butler finally gave in and nodded at the driver. The car finally turned around, and Kira's anger subsided.

The car soon came to a halt in front of Zeri's house. Kira tried to coax her to let go of his neck, but the girl didn't budge. Without a choice, he held her legs and lifted her up, cradling her like a baby as he climbed out of the car.

"Young master," the butler called out once Kira began to step away. "As per the master's instruction, we will not let you return to the house tonight until you bring her with you. He also said that you can't use your credit cards. In short, your money will be cut off."

Kira's mouth hung open as he looked at the butler. He knew that this butler would never, ever tell him a joke.

And before Kira could even say anything, the car left, leaving him dumbfounded. Damn! What the hell was going on?!! Calm down Kira…


Kira snapped back to reality upon hearing that familiar voice. He turned and saw Zeri's brother standing there. His eyes were wide as he watched Kira cradling his sister.

"W-who are you?" the boy asked, and Kira finally moved towards him.

"I'm your sister's boyfriend," he replied, and the boy blinked.

"Why are you cradling my sister?" The boy was like a young detective as he asked, surveying Kira's every expression.

"Because she's… let's get inside first."

The boy hesitated for a moment, but when he saw that his sister was fast asleep and clinging to him like she didn't want to let go, he finally opened the door and let him enter the house.

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