My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Blood Mist Everywhere


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The black-robed man was surprised by the sudden appearance of this man.

He did not notice the other party’s presence at all.

And the footsteps just now should have belonged to him.

Ao Longyu looked at the person who had suddenly appeared in disbelief. She could not see him at all.

But she seemed to have seen the way the other party punched before.

And that calm look.

But she couldn’t be sure. Even if she was, she didn’t know what his motive was.

Whatever the case was, he was definitely not here to save her.

She had a feeling that no matter who it was, as long as they provoked the other party, the other party would be able to kill them.


She was still grateful for his sudden appearance. At least she had a chance to catch her breath.

This meant that she was a step closer to her master realizing that there was a problem here.

“Who are you?” The black-robed man looked at Jiang Lan with a frown.

He did not expect such a person to suddenly appear at this time.

And he didn’t seem like someone simple at all.

He killed a cultivator who had perfected the Foundation Establishment with just one punch.

This was a Golden Core cultivator.

One more Golden Core cultivator meant more pressure for him.

“I was just passing by this mystic realm, and…” Jiang Lan looked down at the dead man and said,

“They found me an eyesore.”

“It was indeed their fault that they did not like you, and now they have paid the price.

Are you going to leave?” The black-robed man asked calmly.

He did not want to make enemies for no reason.

Success was right in front of him. There was no need to create more trouble.

Jiang Lan turned to look at Ao Longyu and then at the black-robed man.

He naturally knew that the other party wanted to kill Ao Longyu.

And these people were the ones who had attracted the beast horde.

They were the beginning of trouble.

“I feel like you guys are affecting my tour here.” Jiang Lan calmly said.

If he left now, it would be equivalent to coming here for nothing.

He was here to solve the problem at once.

Also, these people probably knew that those people from before had went to look for him, so he should just deal with all of them.

He couldn’t wait for the other party to come looking for trouble with him. It would be too passive for him to resist again.

Was he counting on the other party’s conscience?

“Then you’re just courting death.” The black-robed man said to the person behind him,

“Stop him, I’m going to deal with Ao Longyu.”

At this moment, the black-robed man gave up on Jiang Lan and was prepared to attack Ao Longyu.

The demonic beasts began to move as well.

They all headed in Jiang Lan’s direction.

The black-robed man didn’t pay much attention to Jiang Lan. After dealing with Ao Longyu, he would then kill this mysterious person.

As for the people from before.

As long as they knew of their existence, none of them could survive.

As for whether the beasts could stop Jiang Lan, the black-robed man didn’t care.

Wasn’t Ao Longyu also exhausted from being surrounded by the beasts?

Humans were indeed inferior to the dragons.

Looking at the demonic beasts surrounding him, Jiang Lan frowned. There were too many of them.

But it wouldn’t take much time.

In the next moment, Jiang Lan made his move.

The moment Jiang Lan moved, the entire beast tide felt as if a hurricane had blown past.



Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions rang out continuously like ear-splitting thunder from a clear sky.

The massive momentum crashed into the black-robed man who was about to attack Ao Longyu.

Surprised, he turned around to have a look.

The black-robed figure’s heart trembled at what he saw.

His pupils constricted.

In his eyes, he saw a person standing in a bloody mist.

He stood there like a god of death in a mundane world.

Below his feet was an endless sea of blood.

As for the demonic beasts that belonged to them, they had all disappeared without a trace. Not only the beasts, but his companions had disappeared as well.

“How… how is this possible?”

After finishing off all his enemies, Jiang Lan walked towards the black-robed man.

He had just used the strength of three bulls earlier.

And he had also used the Nine Steps of Heavenly Travel.

Otherwise, it would have taken quite some time.

“Fellow disciple, there must have been a misunderstanding,” the black-robed man immediately said.

The combat power displayed by the other party exceeded beyond his imagination.

Could a Golden Core cultivator really kill so many beasts so easily?

Was he in the late-stage of the Golden Core Realm?

There shouldn’t be such a strong person here.

Ao Longyu was also staring blankly at the figure in the blood mist.

He was powerful, calm, and decisive.

This was definitely that person from before.

He was also just passing by.

She could not believe that the other party was so strong.

Furthermore, based on the personality of the other party, if she were to affect him, she would definitely be killed as well.

“Is it a misunderstanding?” Jiang Lan looked at the black-robed man and said coldly, “I wouldn’t mind if this was the first time you’re seeking trouble with me.

But then it happened again.

Now you’re telling me it’s a misunderstanding. Are you planning for a third time? ”

“No, definitely not,” the black-robed man said anxiously.

“This is definitely a misunderstanding. They must have acted on their own accord. Why will we trouble a fellow disciple?”

“A misunderstanding?” Jiang Lan appeared before the black-robed man in an instant. He raised his fist.

“If my cultivation is not high enough, would it still be a misunderstanding?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Jiang Lan punched him.


The moment his fist landed, Jiang Lan frowned. Just as his fist was about to hit the black-robed man, a beam of light blocked his path.

A powerful force erupted from the light.

In order to not be struck by this power, he could only retreat a bit.


The power let out a roar.

Ao Longyu was sent flying.

While the black-robed man was taken away by the light.

“There is an even stronger existence?”

Jiang Lan immediately made a guess.

However, he was not slow at all. He immediately circulated his strongest power.

The power of an early-stage Golden Core on top of his strength of four bulls.

“Trying to leave?”

With a low shout, a powerful force began to gather in Jiang Lan’s fist.

The surrounding trees rustled as if a storm was about to blow them apart.


With a punch, the power surged towards the black-robed man who was about to escape like a storm.

At this moment, the black-robed man’s face was filled with fear as he looked at this horrifying power.

He shouted at the sky,

“Senior Brother, save me!”

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