My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Senior Sister Is Here

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Ao Longyu and the others arrived before the protective barrier.

Jiang Lan immediately stood up.

Then, he looked at them and felt that as a junior brother, he should do something.

But thinking about it, he couldn’t seem to do anything.

So he could only stand by the side.

They came in and saw Jiang Lan, but no one said anything.

After putting Ao Longyu down, Lin Siya turned to Jiang Lan and asked,

“Junior Brother, did anyone come here during this period?”

Jiang Lan shook his head.


He had checked the surroundings and found no obvious traces.

Therefore, he didn’t intend to say that someone had been here.

That would be hard to explain. He could just cut off the follow-up.

Lin Siya did not ask further as there was nothing else to ask.

Then, she said to everyone,

“The should have received news about this outside. Let’s just wait here for help.

If you want to have a breakthrough, you can also look for opportunities nearby.

I will guard the surroundings. Do not exceed my perimeter. Otherwise, you can only rely on yourselves.”

The others said nothing and only nodded their heads.

Then, they left the protective circle.

Jiang Lan was a bit surprised. These senior brothers and sisters seemed to have their own ideas.

They were not people who would sit back and do nothing.

After everyone left, Jiang Lan also turned around and left.

He went with the flow.

Ao Longyu was still severely injured. She didn’t say anything as she looked at the departing figures.

It was not easy to survive this time.

First, there was the help of the disciple from the Ninth Summit. Then, there was the powerful cultivator who suddenly appeared.

In the end, her junior sister came back to save her.

Perhaps she was not destined to die.

After everyone left, Lin Siya sat opposite Ao Longyu and asked, “Senior Sister, I didn’t hold you back, did I?”

Ao Longyu looked at Lin Siya and remained silent.

Jiang Lan left the protective circle, but he didn’t go too far.

He found a random place to sign in.

What he got was a medicinal pill, the Powerful Vajrapani Pill. Its effect was very simple. It could temporarily increase his strength by two times.

When combined with the Power of Nine Bulls, it would be astonishingly formidable.

But it would be easy to deplete his energy.

Jiang Lan paid no attention to this and arrived at a lake.

He looked at the lake water and felt that it was excessively clear. There were fish swimming in the lake without causing any ripples.

It was natural, like the lines of the Great Dao.

At this moment, Jiang Lan felt his mind clear up as his entire body fell into the charm of the Great Dao.

The doubts in his heart suddenly cleared up, and he gained a deeper understanding of what he had learned.

At this moment, Jiang Lan knew that he had encountered an opportunity in the mystic realm.

Without any hesitation, he took advantage of the situation.

The next day.

Jiang Lan opened his eyes. He felt that although his cultivation hadn’t changed much, it had become much sturdier.

And he had a better understanding of many things.

Just like when the Daoist Scripture was still around.

“Looks like I’ll be promoting to the Foundation Establishment realm right here.”

Jiang Lan thought.

However, he still sensed the others.

Everyone was nearby.

Ao Longyu and Zhang Xuan should still be there.

The others didn’t go too far either.

“Although I have my own thoughts, I know my limits.”

Jiang Lan nodded. However, he soon realized that there were people walking over.

It should be the others from before.

Jiang Lan didn’t mind.

Ao Longyu and the others should be the ones who were most concerned.

If they felt that it was dangerous, then he’ll see how it goes.

After that, Jiang Lan decided to close his eyes and cultivate. He had to show that he was breaking through to the Foundation Establishment realm on the surface.

However, just as he sat down and was about to cultivate, he suddenly realized that both Golden Core cultivators had moved.

One was heading toward him, while the other was heading toward the crowd that had suddenly appeared.

“Why is the cultivator coming towards me?”

Jiang Lan was puzzled. He was sure that he was the only one around.

This person was definitely coming for him.

What did he do to expose himself?

The moment of enlightenment?

That was impossible. He was protected by the mist of the Kunlun Heart Technique and his magical power, the One Leaf Vision.

Even if it was an epiphany, he couldn’t have revealed his cultivation level.

Jiang Lan closed his eyes, not showing any concern.

Perhaps it was just a coincidence.

If they were really looking for him, he would see what they were up to.

Soon, Jiang Lan heard the sound of someone landing.

He turned around and saw that it was the injured Ao Longyu.

“Senior Sister Ao.” Jiang Lan stood up respectfully.

At this moment, Ao Longyu’s feet were bare. It seemed like she was injured, but it didn’t seem like a big problem.

Her hand had recovered its fairness and was completely different from before.

“What a strong recovery ability.” Jiang Lan was surprised.

However, he did not observe anything else. It was not a polite thing to do so.

Of course, he also knew one thing. The Dragon race’s corporeal body was very powerful. Such heavy injuries mostly recover after a night.

This was many times stronger than them.

Just as Jiang Lan was feeling astonished by the Dragon race’s physique, he heard a crisp and pleasant voice. However, it didn’t carry any emotions.

“Is Junior Brother intending to advance to the Foundation Establishment realm?”

It was Ao Longyu.

Jiang Lan naturally agreed.

“Yes, I felt something in my heart last night and felt that I’ll probably succeed.”

He had indeed entered a state of enlightenment. Presumably, his two senior sisters also knew.

Therefore, it was reasonable for him to advance.

It was just that the other party’s arrival confused Jiang Lan.

Ao Longyu threw a bottle of pills at Jiang Lan. Then, a calm voice was heard.

“These are Foundation Building Pills. Junior Brother’s repelling array formation is far more valuable than the Spirit Language Spell.

With these Foundation Building Pills, I should have make it even between us.”

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