My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Master, You’re Disturbing My Mind

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Today, Jiang Lan became the Ninth Summit’s eldest personal disciple.

Although it didn’t seem to be of much use.

However, the title sounded better now.

After all, he was the only disciple of the Ninth Summit

Ordinary or personal disciples were no different.

They would all be nurtured with all their Masters’ might.

There was no difference in resources.

This was the disparity from the other peaks.

“Master, you can tell me about this in advance next time,” Jiang Lan said after getting up.

He could do something like paying respects to his Master himself.

However, he did not know that his Master wanted to take him in as a personal disciple.

As long as he had given a slight reminder, he would also buy something to show respect to his Master.

Even though he didn’t have any Spirit Stones.

Mo Zhengdong smiled and said,

“There will be a next time?”

Jiang Lan was silent.

It seemed like there wouldn’t.

Jiang Lan then returned to the Netherworld Cave.

Now, he had built a house in the cave and was completely living there.

The entrance to the Netherworld had become a well not far from his residence.

Of course, this matter had been approved by his Master.

It was because of this that the frequency of his mind being examined increased.

However, the house outside was still there. He could go back and stay there anytime.

After becoming a personal disciple, Jiang Lan didn’t have much to do outside.

Perhaps he would have to go out again when he had reached Major Perfection in the Foundation Establishment realm.

As for now, he naturally needed to enter seclusion to quickly advance to the Essence Soul realm.


[Signed in successfully. Congratulations to the host for obtaining the gift of the Great Dao. You have obtained the Dharma treasure, the Godly Training Mirror.]

[Godly Training Mirror: Reflect the weak points of your spiritual consciousness and activate your training. If you succeed on training them, you will be able to obtain sufficient refinement.]

This was what Jiang Lan received when he had signed in during his seclusion.

It had no other use but to prepare him for the Soul Formation realm.

If he saw the formation of his Essence Soul as the final destination, then the Godly Training Mirror was a paved path.

It allowed him to approach the Essence Soul with the fastest speed.

Jiang Lan stayed in the Ninth Summit and no longer paid attention to what was happening outside.

This stay lasted for thirty years.


On this day, Jiang Lan woke up from his cultivation.

It was also on this day that cracks appeared on the Godly Training Mirror.


As Jiang Lan completely woke up, the Godly Training Mirror had completely shattered.

“I’ve achieved Major Perfection for my Golded Core.”

Jiang Lan didn’t pay much attention to the Godly Training Mirror.

He already knew this would happen.

He was already surprised that it could last so long.

However, he still didn’t step into the Essence Soul realm.

This disappointed him.

“Indeed, it has something to do with talent. I feel that it will be soon, but I still need some time.”

Although Jiang Lan was troubled, he didn’t really mind.

He had only cultivated for forty years.

And he was about to reach the Essence Soul realm in forty years.

Even the geniuses of Kunlun were at most attempting to break through to the Golden Core realm.

It would take them at least 150 years or even 200 years to reach the Essence Soul realm.

As for those with average talent, it was possible for them to take three to four hundred years.

Any worse than that and they wouldn’t be able to enter Kunlun.

This is because they had limited lifespans at the Golden Core cultivation realm.

Jiang Lan originally had average talent, but as he had all the resources of the Ninth Summit, his speed could keep up with some geniuses.

For example, after forty years of cultivation, his cultivation level on the surface remained at the perfected Foundation Establishment stage.

It would not take long for him to reach the Golden Core realm.

However, he wasn’t in a hurry regarding this. What he cared about was how to break through to the Essence Soul realm.

He had a Creation Pill. If he ate it now, he could advance to the Essence Soul realm tomorrow.

But by the time he reached the threshold to Immortal Ascension, it would be a little difficult for him.

He was hesitant.

“I’ve already learned the sixth step of the Nine Steps of Heavenly Travel, so there’s no problem in protecting myself against someone of a similar level. Even someone in the Essence Soul realm shouldn’t be able to catch me.”

“The Power of Nine Bulls is still stuck at the power of five bulls. If I don’t advance, it will be very difficult for me to continue improving. I feel like I can now fight with someone in the Essence Soul realm. I don’t know if this is just an illusion.”

“The Kunlun Heart Sutra has an additional effect on spells. Recently, I’ve learned quite a lot of spells from signing in. There are all kinds of spells with great destructive power. I’ve never fought against someone of the same level before, so I’m not sure how powerful they are.”

“The Gravitational Spell, Imperial Sword Technique, Seven Stars Sword Technique, Ninth Heaven’s Flowing Fire, Heavenly Thunder Descent. All these techniques have already been cultivated to the extreme. The stronger my cultivation is, the greater their attack power.”

“The Crape Myrtle Sword, Immortal Binding Rope (Pseudo),Demon Suppression Hammer, and other Dharma treasures can all be used without any problems.”

“In addition, with some runes, I can theoretically fight against Essence Soul cultivators.”

“However, my cultivation level is still only in the Golden Core realm.”

Jiang Lan took out the Creation Pill.

After some hesitation, he grabbed the pill.

“I’ll eat it.”

It took him thirty years to advance to perfect the Golden Core realm.

It might take a hundred years for his Essence Soul to reach the Void Refinement realm.

This hundred years was enough for him to find the opportunity to break through.

How strong he was now was the real strength he possessed.

Moreover, there were many places on Kunlun Mountain that he had never been to.

His Master also wanted him to go out for a stroll. As a personal disciple, there were very few places he could not go.

Then, Jiang Lan prepared himself to swallow the pill and directly advance to the Essence Soul realm.

He was just about to swallow the pill when he felt a message coming his way.

It must have been a message from his Master.

“Is he asking me to go to the Third Summit’s mystic realm after seeing that I’ve perfected the Foundation Establishment realm?”

Jiang Lan was curious. His Master rarely disturbed him.

If he looked for him, it meant that there was an issue.

Looking for him now probably meant that his Master wanted him to look for a chance to advance in the mystic realm.

“Master, you’re really disturbing my mind.” Jiang Lan looked at the Creation Pill before putting it away.

He would see what his Master was up to before eating it.

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