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Chapter 414: Becoming A Wife To Someone

Chapter 414: Becoming A Wife To Someone

At the front of the square, Jiang Lan and Ao Longyu stood quietly.

Ao Longyu's red dress was stretched very long.

The immortal clouds slowly drifted around him.

A faint glow appeared on their bodies. It was quite a spectacular sight.

At this moment.

In front of them was a veiled female cultivator, the Fifth Summit's Miao Yue.

There were no dragons accompanying them this time.

Miao Yue looked at these two and stretched out her hand.

A faint light appeared in her hand.

The light was like a ball, containing endless mysteries, making the surrounding people a bit absent-minded.

The ball of light slowly descended before Jiang Lan and Ao Longyu.

The moment they saw the ball of light, Jiang Lan and Ao Longyu looked at each other and slowly raised their hands.

The two hands separated and caught the light.

When the sphere of light came into contact with Jiang Lan,


The ball of light shattered and light blossomed.

The entire hall was covered in light.

At the same time, countless rune symbols began to fuse into their hands.

It was as if the previous engagement had been strengthened.

One could not marry another female, and the other could not be married to another male.

Jiang Lan didn't care about these things. For him, he had always planned to be alone.

Xiao Yu's appearance was an accident, but it would not happen again.

At this moment, Ao Longyu's head appeared to be covered by a headscarf, but one could still see the excitement in her eyes.

The two hands that were originally separated once again held each other.

"The ceremony is completed."

An ethereal voice echoed throughout the Kunlun Main Hall.

"Congratulations to both the bride and the groom for having a perfect wedding."

There was a response from all sides.

The bridge appeared once again, this time connecting to the interior of the Kunlun Main Hall.

Jiang Lan and Ao Longyu thanked everyone before entering the Kunlun Main Hall.

After entering the Kunlun Main Hall, he vaguely heard something outside.

There seemed to be a lot to do at the wedding.

But it had nothing to do with them.

His master had said that the two of them only needed to complete the ceremony.

They did not need to show their face for the follow-up activities.

This way, he would not leave too deep an impression on the others, and no one would know too much about him.

It was not a good thing for the Goddess to be understood.

Kunlun Main Hall.

Jiang Lan and Ao Longyu walked in. There were some people inside.

They were the summit leaders of Kunlun, as well as the Dragon Race's Ran Jing.

These were all seniors, so Jiang Lan and Ao Longyu naturally didn't dare to show any hint of disrespect.

They bowed their heads in greeting.

"Seems like there's no problem. I'll go out and drink with them." Jiu Zhongtian drank his wine and left.

"There is indeed no problem. Don't waste their time." Liu Jing naturally followed.

Soon, only Mo Zhengdong, Zhu Qing, and Ran Jing were left.

"It's over here. There's a bridge that leads to the Ninth Summit by the side.

You two can go back using it.

You don't have to worry about the outside world anymore," Mo Zhengdong said and followed them out.

Zhu Qing looked at Jiang Lan and said.

"Your master said that you know your limits. In the future, you have to consider Xiao Yu too.

Do you understand?"

"Martial Aunt, please be rest assured." Jiang Lan lowered his head respectfully.

He did understand.

Many things would change because of Xiao Yu. This was inevitable.

He would not shirk his responsibilities or avoid them.

He was willing to take on the responsibility of the Ninth Summit, and it was the same for Xiao Yu.

"In the future, you have to be mindful that you are already married." Zhu Qing said this to Ao Longyu.

"I understand." Ao Longyu lowered her head and said seriously.

Although her voice was still calm, it was different from before.

Zhu Qing could tell.

She did not say anything else.

She had no experience when it came to getting married.

She also did not have any Senior Brothers or Sisters whom she could take for reference.

None of them really understood.

In this aspect, she was somewhat inferior to her own disciple.

After Zhu Qing left, there was only Ran Jing in front.

Jiang Lan didn't say anything. This was Xiao Yu's mother, so he naturally couldn't be rude.

"You can come visit the Dragon Race when you're free. Of course, this kind of thing requires Kunlun's approval.

I just hope that after Kunlun agrees, you will not decline, "said Ran Jing to Jiang Lan.

"I wouldn't dare to decline." Jiang Lan lowered his head respectfully.

Ran Jing nodded with a smile before glancing at Ao Longyu. She did not say anything else as she walked out.

Ao Longyu's expression darkened.

It was disappointing.

She originally wanted to become smaller and let her Junior Brother comfort her, but looking at her clothes, she couldn't become smaller.

She suddenly realized that she had already become the wife of her Junior Brother.

She suddenly felt a little nervous.

"I don't think we have anything else to do here." Jiang Lan looked at the empty hall with a calm expression.

Since there were no more instructions, they could leave on their own.

His master had just told him the way out.

"Then am I going back to the Ninth Summit with Junior Brother?" Ao Longyu asked softly.

After getting married, she would stay in the Ninth Summit with her Junior Brother.

That was what Master and Junior Sister said.

Glancing at Ao Longyu, Jiang Lan noticed that his Senior Sister was no longer lively.

However, she wasn't that cold either and seemed a little nervous.

This was also the normal Senior Sister, just that she was in her normal form.

Without a word, he held Ao Longyu's hand and left the Kunlun Hall on the bridge.

Their destination was naturally Jiang Lan's courtyard.

The summit leaders outside knew that Jiang Lan and the others had left, but no one cared.

What happened after that had nothing to do with them.

As they drank along the way, they realized that the wine was excellent. It was a pity that Kunlun only had one wedding.

"Speaking of which, if a summit leader were to get married, would it be as grand?" Lu Jian asked Bei Fang and the others.

"I don't think so. It's possible if it's the Sect Master," Lin An replied.

"Actually, that's not necessarily the case. If a summit leader married another summit leader, it would be quite grand," said Hong Luan.

Bei Fang didn't speak.

It was better for them not to discuss such matters.

Not that there was a problem, but these people had been drinking. The discussion was just the beginning.

Later on, people might even start giving the summit leaders some love notes.

That was the problem.

He did not drink because he wanted to prevent such accidents from happening.

"Which summit leader do you think is more suitable?" Lu Jian asked while drinking.

North looked indifferent.

It had indeed begun.

It was better to knock these people out.

"I haven't seen such a grand ceremony in all my years at the foot of Kunlun. I'll go get Hong Ya. This might not even happen once in a thousand years." The youth ran out excitedly.

The Eighth Prince did not mind.

He realized that these people did not seem to have enough wine and food.

Why not go hunt some wild animals and sell them at a high price?

But it would damage the reputation of the Dragon Race.

Then the Eighth Prince thought of the youngster. The youth didn't care about his reputation.

Moreover, he could pull the Pixiu along. The Pixiu also liked money.

"Young lad, come back. Don't bother about your girl. We will make a lot of money." The Eighth Prince immediately chased after him.

Jing Ting looked around and said.

"Looks like Junior Brother Jiang and the others won't come out again."

"Yes, I heard from my master that it is not suitable for the Goddess to keep showing her face," Lin Siya said.

"Their wedding is actually so grand. I wonder if I'll be able to see it a second time." Mu Xiu sighed with emotion.

There were many people who came this time and the wedding process was not something ordinary people could compare to.

Thinking back to their first meeting with Junior Brother Jiang, it was really… a little sad.

At that time, Senior Sister Ao thought highly of Junior Brother Jiang.

Perhaps this was fate.

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