My Gu Can Cultivate on Their Own

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Long Time No See

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Hearing this, the burly men looked at Song Yuanhong as if they were asking for help.

There was no choice. Song Yuanhong coughed lightly. He braced himself and said: “Second Young Master’s strength is shocking, you are is indeed a disciple of the Gu Immortal Sect. I am impressed.”

“Stop flattering me.”

Fang Yuan did not give him any face: “Why, are we still fighting?”

Song Yuanhong laughed bitterly, “With Second Young Master’s strength, ordinary sixth layer Foundation Establishment Stage Gu masters cannot compete, so there is no need to fight.”

“And what about that matter?”

“Of course they will stay in the Fang residence. Second Young Master has the ability to escort the goods.”

“Alright, then I will not argue with you.”

Fang Yuan waved his hand.

Song Yuanhong saw this and quickly gave his subordinates a look. They immediately understood and quickly lifted the half-dead man in the corner, preparing to leave.

“Wait, did I ask you to leave?”

Fang Yuan’s voice suddenly sounded.

Song Yuanhong was stunned. “Second young master, is there anything else?”

Fang Yuan put on a fake smile. “I just asked you to apologize to my father and brother, and now you’ve forgotten?”

Song Yuanhong frowned slightly.

If he opened his mouth, the Song clan would lose a lot of face.

“What, you don’t want to?” Fang Yuan did not relent and continued to pressure them.

In the end, Fang Wen Heng was still an experienced veteran who had been in the business world for decades. He immediately came out to smooth things over.

“Alright, Yuan’er, you should sit down and rest for a while.”

Fang Yuan didn’t have any intention of disobeying his father’s words this time. He indifferently glanced at Song Yuanhong, turned around, and returned to the hall to sit down. He crossed his legs and drank tea.

Fang Wen Heng turned to Song Yuanhong and said, “Young Master Song, our Fang residence will definitely do our best to escort the goods to the capital. We have offended you this time, so please forgive us.”

Song Yuanhong cupped his hands. “Old Master Fang, you must be joking. If there’s nothing else, we will return to report to you.”

“Please go ahead.”


Seeing the members of the Song clan disappear outside the courtyard gate, Fang Wen Heng sighed lightly. He turned his head to look at Fang Yuan, who did not seem to care at all. He felt somewhat helpless.

“Yuan’er, you acted a little too rashly this time.”

Fang Yuan picked up a grape and put it into his mouth. “Father, what reason do you have to talk to such people? They’ll be scared after a beating.”

“They’re still members of the Song clan after all. The Song clan has quite a bit of power in the capital. We’ve formed a feud with them today. If they suppress us because of this, I’m afraid that business will be difficult in the future.”

“Don’t worry, father. The flowing river is never the same, every year veterans quit and new recruits join. As long as there’s money to be made, they won’t take it to heart.”

Fang Yuan saw through everything and comforted his father, “Aren’t our two families working together now? If they cause trouble for us, they’ll definitely be the ones who lose.”

His words were reasonable, but Fang Wen Heng didn’t agree with them. However, he couldn’t find a point to refute for a while.

In the end, he sighed heavily.

“I’m old. It’s your young people’s world now.”

Fang Yuan rolled his eyes and asked about another matter, “Oh right, father, has uncle Shi Hao’s injury recovered?”

When they talked about this, Fang Wen Heng was a little worried, “No, I’m afraid it will take a long time for him to recover.”

“I have something here that should be of some help to his recovery.”

“What is it?”

“Gu wine.”

The Gu wine created by the Drunken Gu could improve one’s physique. This was an effect that even most medicinal pills did not have.

Moreover, as the Drunken Gu advanced to level two, the Gu wine also had an additional effect of recovering spirit essence.

The combination of the two would presumably allow Shi Hao to recover faster.

Although Fang Yuan had accepted this task from the capital’s Song clan, the Fang clan could not rely on him all the time.

In the end, it was still Shi Hao who had to take the lead.

However, when he mentioned that the Gu wine produced by his Drunken Gu had such an effect, Fang Wen Heng did not believe it.

“I have already asked the best doctor in Yunding City to take a look at your uncle Shi Hao’s injuries. He is a sixth layer Foundation Establishment Gu master and has three healing type Gu worms under him, but he is still helpless.”

Fang Yuan could not be bothered to explain and poured a cup for him to taste.


Fang Wen Heng had just taken a sip when he felt something strange, “It seems… there is an indescribable feeling. Could it be that this wine can really increase strength? No, how can there be such a miraculous thing, I have never heard of it before.”

His unworldly appearance made Fang Yuan stifle his laughter.

“Father, why would I lie to you?”

Fang Wen Heng thought about it and agreed. His son wouldn’t lie to him, so he said, “In that case, you can send it to him later. Tell him about the delivery and talk to him.”

“Yes, Father.”

Fang Yuan agreed.

Shi Hao had been able to safely transport then Fang clan’s goods for so many years. He definitely had his own unique points.

If he could get his guidance, he would have more confidence on this trip to the capital.

Following that, Fang Yuan filled two large bottles of Gu wine.

Roughly estimated, it was more than a thousand milliliters.

With so much Gu wine, if he drank it himself, he would be able to improve his physique.

However, Fang Yuan did not do so and planned to bring all of it to Shi Hao.

After all, the Drunken Gu stayed in his acupoints and produced wine every day, so he could drink it whenever he wanted to.

Moreover, ever since its level had increased, the production had doubled.

The production of this thousand milliliters of wine took only about ten days.

Fang Yuan still hoped that Shi Hao would recover as soon as possible.

After all, he could not always help his family deliver goods, so he would still have to rely on him when the time came.

Fang Yuan packed his things and turned to say goodbye to his family. “Father, Big Brother, I’ll go first.”

“Second brother, I’ll go with you.”

Fang Cheng jogged over and put his arm around Fang Yuan’s shoulder. “You haven’t been home for so many years. I’m afraid you don’t even know where to go.”

Fang Yuan nodded. He hadn’t been back to Yunding City for ten years. The changes were too great, and the streets were completely different from what he remembered.

His eldest brother, Fang Cheng, walked in front and helped him carry the wine bottles.

Shi Hao lived two streets away from the Fang clan.

The distance was not very far.

The Shi family knew Fang Cheng, so they did not inform them and directly walked in.

When they came to the master bedroom in the backyard, Shi Hao was sitting on the bed. His face was pale, and several parts of his body were bandaged with white cloth, but it was useless. There were still traces of blood seeping out.

Seeing Fang Cheng bring in a very familiar-looking young man, Shi Hao was obviously a little surprised.

Fang Cheng put the Gu wine on the table at the side, then said, “Uncle Shi Hao, don’t tell me you don’t recognize us brothers?”

“This is…”

Hearing Fang Cheng’s words, Shi Hao had a guess in his heart. His expression gradually became excited and he tried to get up shakily, but was stopped by Fang Yuan. His voice trembled slightly as he asked, “Are you the second young master?”

“Uncle Shi Hao, long time no see..” Fang Yuan smiled and cupped his fists.

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