My Gu Can Cultivate on Their Own

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Home

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A few days passed in the blink of an eye.

After ten years, Fang Yuan finally saw his hometown where he grew up.

After knocking on the familiar door, a middle-aged servant was stunned for a moment when he saw him. He then reacted.

“Second… Second Young Master?”

“Uncle Fu, it’s me. I’m back.”

Fang Yuan smiled. “How are Father and Mother?”

“Both of them are well.”

Uncle Fu wiped away the tears from the corner of his eyes. Suddenly, he slapped his forehead and quickly moved aside. “Second Young Master, come in quickly and sit in the inner hall. I’ll go and report to master and the others.”

“No need. I’ll go by myself. Where are Father and Mother?”

“They should be resting in the backyard at this time. Second Young Master, this old servant will take you there.”


Fang Yuan said goodbye to Uncle Fu and went to the backyard.

After so many years, he finally saw his biological parents in this world again.

His father looked a little fat, but he was still in good spirits.

His mother was dressed like a noblewoman. She held his hand and accompanied him by the side, admiring the beautiful scenery in the yard.

“Father, mother!”

Fang Yuan shouted excitedly.

“Cheng’er? Why are you back so early? Have you settled the matters in the shop?”

Father Fang did not turn around.

Mother Fang seemed to have sensed the slight difference in his voice and turned around abruptly.


Tears immediately filled her eyes.

Father Fang was stunned for a moment before he turned around. The moment he saw Fang Yuan, surprise and joy surged into his heart.

Fang Yuan took a few steps forward and knelt on the ground. “This child is unfilial. Greetings, father and mother.”

As if returning to the world after death, his heart was filled with gratitude and respect for his parents in this lifetime.

Mother Fang left Father Fang behind and took a few steps forward. She extended her trembling hands and gently caressed Fang Yuan’s face.

“Good… good… It’s good that you’re back. It’s good that you’re back…”

Mother Fang’s voice was choked with sobs as she looked at Fang Yuan’s resolute face. Her tears turned into a smile. “You child, after being away for so many years, you’ve really learned some manners.”

Fang Yuan laughed, but did not say anything.

He was not a person who followed rules.

However, in Gu Immortal Sect, he had to know how to endure.

If he acted like when he was a young master at home, doing whatever he wanted, he would not even know how he died.

“Father, how is the family business?”

“Everything is fine.”

Father Fang stroked his beard and gave Uncle Fu a look.

Uncle Fu immediately understood and quickly walked to the inner hall, taking out a box.

Seeing Fang Yuan’s confusion, father Fang explained, “I originally planned to send someone up the mountain to give these to you this month. Since you’re back, it saves them the trouble of going all the way there.”

Fang Yuan opened it and took a look. It was filled with high-grade beast blood and all sorts of top-grade medicinal herbs, all materials needed for the two Gu worms.

This was a lot of money.

Without a hundred fingernail-sized primeval stones, it was impossible to buy them.

In the past, the family only gave him ten primeval stones a month, why were they so generous this time?

“Father, how much did you earn? You’re so generous.” Fang Yuan was a little embarrassed.

Father Fang waved his hand. “We’re all family, don’t stand on ceremony.”

Fang Yuan could only accept it with a smile.

They were family anyway, so there was no need to be pretentious.

Then, Mother Fang pulled Fang Yuan to the backyard to admire the flowers and talk about the trivial matters of the family over the years. Father Fang occasionally interjected and asked about Fang Yuan’s situation in the sect.

The efficiency of his family was very high.

During dinner that night, Fang Yuan’s big brother, Fang Cheng, rushed back with the things that Fang Yuan needed. He packed a whole cart full of them.

“Second brother, you’re finally back.”

Fang Cheng was a mature and refined person. He sat down beside Fang Yuan and asked jokingly, “How is it? Did you get married in the sect? Or do you have any seniors or juniors that you fancy?”

Fang Yuan shook his head and laughed: “Who would be so blind to take a fancy to me?”

“Sigh, what do you mean? My younger brother is handsome and his family background is not bad. Before he went to cultivate, those who came to ask for marriage had already broken through the door. Would there be a lack of female cultivators who admire you in the Gu Immortal Sect?”

Fang Cheng whispered beside him: “Quickly find someone of equal status to get married with and have children. In the future, father and mother won’t need to urge me to carry on the lineage every day.”

“…” Fang Yuan was speechless.

Mother Fang served the two children some dishes and smiled gently. “Don’t just focus on chatting. Eat more.”

“I’m happy today. Why don’t we have a few drinks?”

Father Fang gestured for the servant girl to pour wine for the two young masters. At the same time, he glanced at the two children. “Don’t get drunk.”

“Don’t worry, Father.”

Fang Cheng’s interest was piqued. “Fang Yuan, I have been dealing with the merchants outside for so many years. I’ve long practiced the technique of not getting drunk after a thousand cups. Let’s have a match?”


“Let’s go!”

However, when Fang Cheng drank the eighth cup, he was already in a daze. He could not even speak clearly.

Fang Yuan’s body had been repeatedly tempered by his spirit essence. His resistance to alcohol was not something that an ordinary person could compare to. He did not even feel a hint of drunkenness as he drank Fang Cheng, who was his elder brother, to the ground.

In the end, he had to feed Fang Cheng with the sobering medicine produced by the sect to help his elder brother regain consciousness.

“Eh?” Fang Cheng was still a little confused. He looked at Fang Yuan and asked, “Continue?”

Father Fang’s voice suddenly rang out, “Eat.”

Fang Cheng quivered. He immediately put down his wine glass and ate obediently.

The meal lasted until very late. The family members returned to their rooms one after another to rest. Fang Yuan was still full of energy. He pulled on the worldly treasures that Fang Cheng had brought and began to cultivate.

The ingredients were a little complicated, so Fang Yuan decided to boil them all in hot water to make a medicinal bath. He took off his clothes and soaked in it.

The Moonlight Gu and the Bloodthirsty Gu also crawled out of his acupoints one after another, absorbing the nutrients in the bath.

Before long, a series of notifications rang in Fang Yuan’s mind.

[Your Moonlight Gu is soaked in precious herbs, cultivation efficiency increased by 97%!]

[Your Bloodthirsty Gu has been replenished with high-grade beast blood, cultivation efficiency increased by 94%!]

Fang Yuan revealed a satisfied expression.

Although the efficiency was not perfect, it was enough for cultivation.

However, at this moment, Fang Yuan seemed to hear his father’s sigh in the neighboring courtyard in the quiet environment.

He could not help but look sideways and concentrate, listening carefully.

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