My Gu Can Cultivate on Their Own

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Changes In The Family, Liquid Spirit Essence

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“Wen Heng, did something happen?”

Mother Fang’s voice was the first to ring out.

Father Fang, also known as Fang Wen Heng, sighed again, saying: “It is still the problem with the goods that were transported to the capital earlier. The latest news is that the caravan was attacked by a powerful mutated beast and all the goods were lost.”

Mother Fang was shocked: “Didn’t we send Shi Hao to lead the caravan? He is a tenth layer Foundation Establishment Gu master…”

“Shi Hao is heavily injured. His cultivation is less than ten percent, and he has only one or two layers of repairing left.”

Fang Yuan could not help but frown when he heard this.

Something big had happened at home.

Just as his mother said.

Shi Hao was a peak Gu master at the tenth layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm, and he was an old friend of the family.

Even if he fought with a first layer Enlightenment Realm Gu master, he could still protect himself.

With this strength, he could already be considered a first-rate expert in the secular world.

Even in the Gu Immortal Sect, he could hold the position of an elder in the outer sect.

However, even he was heavily injured, so most likely all the other people in the delivery convoy had died.

Even though the world was in chaos now, there were losses every time they went out to deliver goods, although it was still within acceptable losses of the Fang clan.

However, this time was different.

Big Brother Fang Cheng was a weak scholar who hadn’t even opened his acupoints. He only knew how to take care of business matters.

Fang Wen Heng was only around the third layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm. Moreover, he hadn’t made a move for many years, so he basically didn’t have any actual combat ability.

Without the protection of an expert, the goods might not even be able to be sent out for ten miles.

Shi Hao could be said to be the Fang clan’s insurance to send the goods to various places.

Once he fell, the Fang clan would have no one to count on.

If Shi Hao’s injury couldn’t be recovered for a long time, then the Fang clan could only give up on business outside the city.

In this way, the Fang clan’s property would be greatly reduced.

If the business opponents took the opportunity to strike while they were down and attacked them together, the outcome would probably be even worse.

However, even in such a critical moment, his family still provided him with so many rich resources.

If the Fang clan declined because of this, Fang Yuan would definitely blame himself.

Fang Wen Heng, who was next door, pondered for a moment and said, “I’m worried about another problem now. If something happens and the goods are not delivered to the buyer, the buyer will definitely demand compensation.”

“Aren’t they our own goods?” Mother Fang was a little puzzled.

Fang Wen Heng explained, “Ours only take up half of the goods, and the other half was entrusted by them to be transported. Therefore, we have to think of a way to make up for this portion.”

“Then how many primeval stones will we have to pay…”

“Sigh, primeval stones are secondary. If we grit our teeth, we can still survive. The main point is that Shi Hao is now seriously injured. I’m afraid that he won’t be able to transport goods outside for a short period of time. Once the income is cut off, our shop will probably…”

“Then what should we do?”

“We can only give up. Sigh, even if our fate is like this, there’s nothing we can do. It’s just that we have let down the foundation left behind by our ancestors…”

Fang Wen Heng sighed again and said, “I’ve already made up my mind. Didn’t we leave so much of the Cheng family’s belongings for Cheng’er previously? Let’s give it all to Yuan’er. Our family will depend on him in the future.”

“Should we discuss this matter with the two of them?”

“Just tell Cheng’er. As for Yuan’er… Let’s hide it for now, let him cultivate properly.”

“Wen Heng, I am worried about something.”


“Didn’t Yuan’er leave the mountain today? I heard there is a rule in Gu Immortal Sect where disciples who do not break through to the next realm within ten years will be expelled. I just checked, and today is the ten year period. Do you think Yuan’er was…”

“Regardless of whether Yuan’er was expelled from the sect or not, I will not change my decision. I will find an opportunity to ask tomorrow.”

“Then… Alright.”

The conversation came to an abrupt end.

Fang Yuan felt a little uncomfortable.

He did not expect that even when his family was facing such a grave crisis, his parents were still thinking of him.

They even wanted to give him his eldest brother’s assets that he would use to marry his wife in the future, and let him use them for cultivation.

“No, I can’t just watch the clan decline!”

Fang Yuan clenched his fists and activated the spirit essence in his acupoints to assist the Gu worms in their cultivation.

[Ding! All your Gu worms have obtained a better cultivation environment, efficiency increased by 50%!]

It turned out that feeding his spirit essence to these Gu worms that could cultivate automatically could increase efficiency.

Fang Yuan seemed to have discovered something new. He took out the few remaining primeval stones from his clothes and threw them into the medicinal bath barrel to maintain his consumption.

A few days passed.

The materials in the medicinal bath barrel had basically been completely absorbed by him.

After that, Fang Yuan checked his own strength.

[Host: Fang Yuan]

Realm: Foundation Establishment Stage Layer 2

[Drunken Gu] (level 1) : Black Iron grade, cultivation efficiency 150% , cultivation progress 37%!

[Iron Skin Gu] (level 2) : White Stone grade, cultivation efficiency 150% , cultivation progress 21%!

[Bloodthirsty Gu] (level 1) : Black Iron grade, cultivation efficiency 144% , cultivation progress 73%!

[Moonlight Gu] (level 1) : Black Iron grade, cultivation efficiency 147% , cultivation progress 84%!

After soaking in the medicinal barrel for only three days, his realm had already risen by a small layer.

This was related to his highest level Gu worm.

If the Iron Skin Gu increased its progress by another 9% , he would be able to reach the third layer.

According to this progress, in a few more months, he would almost be able to reach the Enlightenment Realm.

But Fang Yuan was only thinking about it.

Such a medicinal bath would cost no less than a hundred primeval stones.

It was too extravagant.

Unless his family was really rich and had too many resources to use up, he would not use this method to cultivate.

Fang Yuan was not so arrogant at the moment and could not be a rich warrior, but as long as he had enough time to develop, he would not be much weaker than those rich warriors.

After all, his advantage was that his Gu worms could cultivate anytime and anywhere.

At the moment, the speed of the Gu worms’ cultivation was very fast.

The Bloodthirsty Gu and Moonlight Gu had been feeding in the medicinal bath for the past few days, so they had absorbed a lot of nutrients, and their cultivation speed had already far exceeded the Drunken Gu. They would probably be able to break through in the next two days.

As long as Fang Yuan had three level two Gu worms, leaving aside the effects of his battle experience and Gu worms’ skill strength, just from the strength of his spirit essence, he would not be weaker than any other Gu master of the same realm.

“The feeling of having strength is great.”

Fang Yuan sighed.

But it was still not enough.

A mere second layer Foundation Establishment Stage could not withstand the pressure for his family.

[Ding! Your Moonlight Gu can feel that it is a full moon night. Absorbing the essence of the moon and entering a super cultivation state, lasts for fifteen minutes… ]

Fang Yuan’s body suddenly stiffened.

At this moment, a pure energy burst out from his acupoints.

He knew that this was the energy that the Moonlight Gu had given him after absorbing the essence of the moon.

Fang Yuan could clearly feel that his spirit essence was being refined by this energy. The spirit essence that was originally in a gaseous state was slowly turning into a liquid state, accumulating at the bottom of his acupoints.

“There is such a form of spirit essence?”

Fang Yuan’s heart shook.

Good heavens.

As expected of one of the Gu Immortal Sect’s unique Three Talented Gu.

It actually had such a monstrous ability.

This liquid spirit essence was at least five times denser than the same volume of gaseous spirit essence.

In other words, if Fang Yuan’s acupoints was filled with this liquid spirit essence, when he fought with others in the future, the lethality of his Gu worms’ skills would also be five times stronger than when the spirit essence was in a gaseous state!

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