My Instant Marriage

Chapter 80 Longing to meet him

After the college commencement ceremony Eunbi went out for dinner with her best friends. There she said everything to her friends about how her life was going on after the divorce. Hee-jung advised her to be patience and believe that one day everything will change eventually.

Then they went to karaoke to enjoy their time together. However, often Eunbi was kept on wondering about Young-soo that, what he'll be doing now, and whether he'll be now at his office or at his house. She felt like she wanted to meet him and chat for a while. Therefore after enjoying the karaoke she decided to go meet Young-soo tonight in his house without informing her arrival to him.

She grabbed a taxi to go to Young-soo's house, while on the way she was so excited to meet him after a few months. To her bad luck the taxi which she was riding was broke-down in-between the ride due to some engine problems therefore, Eunbi paid the taxi fare, got down of it, and deciding to reach his house by a walk hence it was walking distance from that place. While she was walking on the sidewalk of the street alone under the bright streetlight, all of a sudden a man made his presence in front of her by sauntering behind one of the street light poles.

Eunbi was startled and glued on the spot for a second with that man's presence. She tried to walk pass him silently however he blocked her way purposely.

"Hey, young lady it's been a long since we last met, do you remember me?" that man asked her.

As she lifted her head up and looked at that man's face, her eyes are widened with fright, she never expected that she would meet him again in her life; he was one of those guys who tied to assault her a years back at the park.

"Your facial expression says that you remember me," he said with an awful smile.

Eunbi looked around the street to check was there anyone to help her out from that man, but to her dismay there were no one on the street.

"Is your house located in this neighborhood?" he asked her by grabbing her wrist. Eunbi trembled with fear, however she musters up her courage and shouted the word 'HELP' but soon he covered her mouth tight with his free hand before she shouts that word again, and he said in a low deep voice, "hey, that day you have escaped from me but today you can't escape from me because today is my day."

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She struggled to get free from his hold but his grip was too strong, therefore she stomped on his feet by using her full strength. He groaned in pain and loosens up his grip on her mouth she used this as a good chance and bite his palm hard enough which was covering her mouth. Then she pushed him down and ran towards the direction of Young-soo's house.

However, that guy chased her and pulled her by grabbing her hair at the back of her head. Eunbi shouted the word 'HELP' he quickly made her turn over to his side, gave her a tight slap across her face.

Eunbi yelped in pain even though she doesn't want to give up easily. She bravely put her hand over his hand which was grabbing her hair at the back of her head, and with her other hand she clutched his neck. She gave him a hard kick in-between his legs using her knee and then she pushed him down, and ran away from him once again.

While Young-soo was waiting inside his car in front of his house's garage for the automatic garage door to open fully. As she saw Young-soo's car in front of his house with blinking break lights, she shouted his name as loud as possible, "Young-soo, Young-soo" with anxiously by running towards the house. And that assaulter stopped chasing her and ran away from that place as he saw a man in the car.

Young-soo turned his head and looked over the direction from where his name was called. As he saw Eunbi was running towards the house and he wondered, 'what she was doing here.' By looking at the way she was running he could guess that something was wrong, he quickly got down from his car without second thoughts, and ran to her.

When Young-soo gets near to her she hugged him tightly and burst into tears, "Young-soo, please save me, save me please." He could feel that her body was trembling so badly, he did hug her in the middle of the streets and gently stroked her hair saying, "araso, araso, relax first." After a minute he broke the hug and asked her, "What has happened, what are you doing here up at this hour, and how did you get the blood strain at the corner of your mouth?"

Eunbi anxiously swallowed the lump of her throat, she turned around, and pointed out her index finger towards the direction from where she's escaped from that man, "while I was walking on the side walk of the street to meet you in your house, a…a…gu…guy tr-tried to…assault me."

Young-soo was heart-broken to hear that from her, his eyes were filled with tears, and it threatened to spill over from his eyes. But he controlled himself to not cry in front of her thinking that it will make her weak mentally if he cries along with her. It hurts him so much to see her in this state. He looked over the place where she pointed out to check whether that man was still there but there were no one. He cupped her face with his palms, made her look at him, "don't cry you are safe now please don't cry, Eunbi." he said and wiped the tears from her face with his fingers, and walked her to his house by wrapping his arm protectively around her shoulder.

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