My Instant Marriage

Chapter 81 Eunbi, meet Ms Gong-joo

As soon as they get into their house he made her sit down on the corner sofa of the living room, rushed to the kitchen, filled a glass of warm water from the electric kettle, and returned back to the living room. He sat down adjacent to her on the sofa, placed the tip of the water glass next to her mouth, "drink some it'll help you to relax yourself."

She did drink some water.

Young-soo could see that her body was still trembling with fear. He soothes her, "Relax, relax, you are safe now."

Eunbi burst into tears, "I couldn't relax myself, I'm so scared Young-soo because he was the one of those guys which I've already mentioned to you that he tried to harass me two years back at the park, I'm so scared, Young-soo."

Young-soo was shocked to hear that from her. He made her look at him, wiped off the tears from her face, and cupped her face, "do you know how brave you are? You saved yourself of your own from that harasser, you should be proud of yourself. You are such a brave woman to walk on the empty street at the night. Always try to be strong and face the obstacles in your life bravely. Let's file a complaint against those harassers and get them punishment according to the laws and orders."

Eunbi nodded her head, "hmm."

"Fine, now go wash your face; I'll go find the first-aid box to treat your wounds." Young-soo said and went to the kitchen.

While she gets down from the couch walked into the bathroom and washed her face with some plain water. When she walks back to the living room she looked around the room, noticed that their beautiful wedding picture was not there at the wall of the living room. 'I think he's trying to move-out from the past relationship with me,' she thought and sat down on the sofa.

Young-soo came out of the kitchen with a first-aid box to treat her wound. He sat down beside her at the edge of the sofa, took out the antibiotic ointment from the first-aid box and carefully applied it on the wound at the corner of her lips with the help of the cotton bud, and asked her, "Are you injured anywhere else?"

She shook her head from one side to the other slowly.

"I'm sorry for not coming to your college commencement ceremony, today I was pretty busy with my work, hope you'll understand about my work schedule."

"I can understand that," Eunbi replied. "But I was eagerly awaited for your arrival because you are the only person who encouraged me a lot to study well, and that's reason I was able to graduate my masters in distinction level." She said and took out her degree certificate from her handbag, and showed it to him.

He looked at her certificate, and he was as happy as she said that she was able to achieve it because of his encouragement. However, at the same time he was sad, because if he was in relationship with her he would have lifted her up in his arms, and made a few happy spins. He just apologized for not attending her college commencement ceremony, and asked her how her father was doing now.

"He's doing well. Thank you so much for taking care of us, your help means a lot to us, and my family members are so grateful to you. We'll never forget this in our life."

"Are you working on your ambition?" Young-soo asked.

"I have open-up about my ambition to my parents but I didn't receive any positive response from them. After the divorce, everything in my life doesn't go according to my wish, and my parents didn't talk to me properly. Appa said that I have to take care of our families business and he was very strict with his decision, because he was very angry with me for not listening to his words and advises on my divorce. Even Min-suk doesn't want me to follow my ambitions paths. Therefore, now I'm only concentrating on my family's business, and waiting until my family situations get back to normal. I don't want to lose my hope and I believe that one day I'll achieve in my ambition for sure."

"That's good, don't lose your hope," Young-soo advised her.

She nodded her head, and she was startled as the door bell of the house rang all of a sudden. "Who's visiting you at this hour?" she asked him.

"You wait here let me check who's that?" He said and went near to the door.

As soon as he opened the door he welcomed a young woman with a hug. Eunbi couldn't digest to see him hug another woman though it was one kind of greetings, and she doesn't know why she was feeling this way.

Young-soo grabbed that woman's hand, and walked her in the house. "Gong-joo, meet Ms. Eunbi, hope you'll understand who she's by hearing her name."

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Gong-joo nodded her head with a smile.

Eunbi couldn't understand that what is going on, she gets down from the sofa and faked a smile by looking at her.

"And Eunbi this is my girlfriend Gong-joo and she's working as a front desk employee at my Jeju branch hotel." Young-soo introduced the ladies to one another.

Eunbi felt like she's missed something in her life but she doesn't know what it is. She outstretched her hands to Gong-Joo to shake her hands with her by saying, "nice to meet you."

Gong-joo did shake her hands with her.

Young-soo and Gong-Joo sat down together on the sofa adjacent to each-other. He grabbed her hands, intertwines his fingers with hers, and put it on his thigh, "we have been dating from last month."

Eunbi couldn't believe that he was dating her, anyways she congratulated the couple. She finds it was too tough to say it, though she doesn't wanted to ruin the happiness of Young-soo. Therefore she faked a smile on her face and said, "I'm so happy to come to know that you're dating her, hope you'll lead a happy life, and all the best to your future."

Both Young-soo and Gong-joo thanked her with a smile.

The reason why Young-soo asked Gong-Joo to come to his house at this hour was to end his relationship with Eunbi completely. And that's the reason he lied to Eunbi that he and Gong-Joo are dating.

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