My Little Sweet Wife

Chapter 1 - Scheming I

Chapter 1 - Scheming I

Inside the luxurious and comfortable hotel suites, a click can be heard and the door was opened by someone from outside

The drunk woman was brought into the room by a slightly cunning figure. When he realized that the owner of the room was not present, he sent the alcoholic-smelling woman to a large, soft bed without hesitation.

"Ugh... So uncomfortable …" The woman shivered suddenly, not realizing the danger around her. She rolled over and hugged the soft pillow by her side, biting her lip in a drunken state. "I have a headache."

After a few seconds, the door opened and closed. The person who sent her to the room left without looking back.

The state of the room was quiet. A few minutes later, the curtains on the side of the balcony slowly opened. A tall, elegant figure walked from the balcony to the dark room. His cold eyes swept the woman on the bed and he turned on the wall lamp above the bed.

Under the dim light, he lifted the woman's lower jaw with one hand and saw a small, clean and beloved face. Unfortunately, she was now completely drunk, so the man let her go with a sneer.

It looks like tonight's big party was indeed planned by someone using a pseudonym. They thought he was in this room and took the opportunity to throw this woman into there. That's really kind of a plot.

Within these few days, his affairs had been unceasing, and women were the most sensitive topic for him to avoid. If he were involved in this matter, it would cause endless problems in the future.

"Ugh ..." The woman on the bed suddenly rolled over again, shivering in a drunken state. Her hands tried to feel something and she managed to hold the blanket, wrapping it around her body in a hurry. Then, her body curled up, she closed her eyes and sighed in a low voice, reeking of alcohol. "Xuegang, I'm thirsty. I want to drink water."

The man stopped in his tracks, his cold gaze sweeping the woman whose body was covered with a blanket like a caterpillar.


Was she sent by Han Xuegang?

The man no longer looked at her and turned around. He did not plan to stay longer in this room, and when he was about to touch the doorknob, he heard a commotion coming from outside.

The man narrowed his cold eyes and laid his hand that was on the doorknob.

If the mastermind behind all this was Han Xuegang, then everything must have been prepared outside the door to block his path. At this time, however, the woman was so drunk that she could not tell north, south, east, or west.

The man suddenly returned to bed with an indifferent expression. He looked at the sleeping woman. The woman muttered uncomfortably in her mouth as she hugged the pillow and rubbed her face. Then she muttered in a drunken state, "Xuegang, we will get married soon. When will you take me to see your parents?"

The faint murmur caused a sudden awareness to entered the man's mind. He stared at the woman's beautiful face and grinned coldly as his graceful eyebrows rose slightly.

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