My Little Sweet Wife

Chapter 2 - Scheming II

Chapter 2 - Scheming II

The first thing she felt after she woke up was a headache. Then, she heard the sound of someone flipping through a newspaper.

Jiang Ruolan opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was a group of crystal chandeliers. She was unaware of the fact that someone was lying next to her. The man stood up, and she instinctively reached for the fallen blanket. What surprised her the most was that the person lying next to her was a handsome man that she did not know!

"You …" Surprised, she quickly pulled the blanket with a pale face and just noticed the presence of a man who was foreign to her.

The man suddenly stood up and lazily folded the newspaper, placing it on the table by the side of the bed.

What … what happened?!

Before she could regain her composure, the man with the temperament sat down next to her.

His cold black eyes seemed to be filled with winter mist as he looked into her panicked eyes. A faint smile appeared on his lips. "Are you awake?"

Jiang Ruolan's train of thoughts was pulled back by his clear voice. She tried her best to hold back the screams that nearly came out of her mouth. She was about to ask what was going on when someone knocked on the door.

Then, some men in staff uniforms rushed into the room, Jiang Ruolan instinctively pulled the blanket to her body and when she saw her boyfriend, Han Xuegang, walking into the room, she immediately felt her whole body fall into the ice cave.

All eyes fell on the couple who were in bed together. Her body stiffened when she saw Han Xuegang walking to bed, step by step. She felt cold in her back and was just about to explain it when he made the first step, saying something she could not understand.

"President Xian is so young, and when I thought back to the fact that you've only been here for a year, it made me want to laugh. Who would have thought you could trigger so much gossip. It seems like you are very comfortable with your position?" Han Xuegang didn't even look at Jiang Ruolan. His cold eyes seemed to pass through her body and stared at the man behind her like an eagle.

Jiang Ruolan immediately turned her head and looked at the calm and serene man behind her with a stunned expression.

President Xian?

Was he Xian Zihao?

The twenty-eight-year-old CEO of H City's largest financial firm, Xian's Group, a year ago. The grandson that Old Man Xian was most proud of, Xian Zihao?

However, she no longer had the mood to keep an eye on this mysterious man. She just looked back, as if she had finally understood the meaning behind Han Xuegang's words.

"A scandal?" Jiang Ruolan was stunned and her eyes wide open, her voice hoarse and disbelieving as she stared at Han Xuegang who was being arrogant.

He did not seem to see her panicked expression, his cold face full of ridicule.

Jiang Ruolan's face turned deathly pale at the instant when she suddenly came to her senses. She looked at Han Xuegang who was ignoring her and then saw the media camera repeatedly blinking as her lips trembled, "You're using me?"

Her ex-boyfriend didn't even look at her as he pulled out a pile of photos and threw them onto the bed without expression. "Xian Zihao, according to reports from people in your company, your personal life has been in turmoil recently. Can I bother President Xian to accompany us to meet the chairman?"

"Han Xuegang! What are you doing?!" Jiang Ruolan's eyes reddened as she realized the reason behind all this. She gritted her teeth and shivered a little.

"Miss, please calm down. We know that the matter of you being invaded by Mr. Xian was a huge blow to you."

"You don't have to use these f***king words to defend your fake appearance! You bastard! You used me!" Jiang Ruolan was about to get up with a blanket covering her body, but she suddenly felt the warmth on her shoulders and her body was pushed back gently.

She turned her head and stared at Xian Zihao whose eyes burned with anger. He pressed her down and pulled the blanket slowly over her shoulder, which was exposed to the crowd.

The indifferent gaze of the reporters in the room did not affect him at all. Jiang Ruolan frowned when she saw him acting like that. Xian Zihao smiled in a very natural way and said softly to her, "Honey, be careful. You're going to catch a cold."

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