My Little Sweet Wife

Chapter 10 - The Deal II

Chapter 10 - The Deal II

The club was one of the most famous luxury clubs in H City. Jiang Ruolan had just gotten out of a taxi when a young man came to greet her. He politely nodded at her. "Are you, Miss Jiang?"

She paused for a moment while staring at the man in a suit with suspicion.

Seeing the vigilance in her eyes, the man smiled understandingly and said in a low voice. "President Xian is here. He is waiting for you in the pool on the fourth floor."

Jiang Ruolan nodded and walked to the clubhouse. By this time, the clubhouse was starting to get lively. They both took the elevator to the fourth floor. The clubhouse was somewhat secluded, with more elegant rental rooms. Passing the wide corridor, she saw a blue pool behind the glass door in front of him.

Two people were guarding outside the glass door. When they saw her, they exchanged glances with the man before respectfully opening the door for her.

Jiang Ruolan initially thought that it was because of the incident that allowed her to be so close to the rumored Xian Zihao. Now that she had come here to find him, she may have to undergo a security check or something to make sure that there were no dangerous items in her body before he was allowed to enter.

Unfortunately, all of that was just in her imagination.

She saw Xian Zihao swimming in the clear water like an experienced swimmer. He was wearing a black bathing trunk, and she could see his body clearly. Although his body was not entangled with muscles, he was not weak at all. His charming and beautiful figure wandered freely in the water, making her stunned.

When she finally regained her sense, Xian Zihao had come out of the pool and was wearing a bathrobe. He walked towards her. "How long have you been here?"

"I've just arrived."

"Sit down." He sat in a chair by the pool. He took a pack of cigarettes, and the sound of the lighter rang out clearly. The man's fingers covered with smoke as he glanced at her. "Come and sit down."

Jiang Ruolan cautiously stole a glance at him, and she also saw that he was also sizing her up. She couldn't help but smile awkwardly.

"President Xian, I think I can give a reasonable explanation for what happened this morning. As long as you listen to it, I can--"

"Why are you so nervous?" Xian Zihao looked at the woman in front of him. "I won't bite. Come here and sit down. "

Jiang Ruolan opened her eyes wide and stared in confusion at the man in front of her. A faint smile appeared on her face as she thought of something, but she still did as she was told.

"Miss Jiang, are you really afraid of me?" His unfathomable gaze swept over her cautious face.

Jiang Ruolan frowned and decided to be honest. "You are the President of the Xian Group. A legend. A prodigy. Who will not be afraid of you?"

Xian Zihao laughed when he heard her words. He took out his cigarette, then said in a soft voice. "Miss Jiang, I am also human."

His tone was seductive. In the end, his relaxed tone and humor made Jiang Ruolan felt as if a heavy burden had been lifted from her shoulders. She no longer sat upright and shyly tucked her hair behind her ear.

She could not deny that the man in front of her had attractiveness, whether his family background, current achievements, character, or appearance, really could influence a woman's conception of beauty.

Facing such an extraordinary and wealthy man made her not dare to speak so carelessly. But with a little joke from him, it not only made her feel relaxed but also comfortable for her to see that under this person's hidden smile was a keen insight that was easy to grasp.

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