My Little Sweet Wife

Chapter 9 - The Deal I

Chapter 9 - The Deal I

Jiang Ruolan thought there would be an end to these rumors, and everyone will gradually forget about it. After all, it was just rumored!

However, in the end, she still had to admit that she considered it too light.

Throughout the day, every editorial office in the company was shrouded in joy.

There was still half an hour for her work to end. Jiang Ruolan tidied up her desk while thinking about how she should spend the next few days in the spotlight when suddenly the phone on her desk rang.

She picked it up, tilted her head while holding the receiver with her chin and shoulders. After that, she continued to pack the documents on the table.

Jiang Ruolan was stunned when she heard the details of the conversation. She finally put down the documents she had compiled. "Chen Jun? I don't know him. Editor-in-Chief, are you sure?"

"Aiya, Jiang Ruolan, don't forget your current identity. Even if you like to be humble and continued to deny it, everyone already knows about your relationship with President Xian. There will be many people who will take the initiative to invite you to eat in the foreseeable future. You have to adjust yourself first! After all, the Xian Family is no ordinary figure in H City. "

Jiang Ruolan did not say anything, just put down the phone. After she ended the call with the editor-in-chief, her cell phone suddenly vibrated. She took her phone from her bag. The caller ID showed Han Xuegang's name.

She tried her best to get involved in work today, but with just one call from him could cause her heart, which had been numb all day, to throb in pain again.

She saw his name on her phone, thought for a moment, then immediately rejected the call. The phone was silent for about ten seconds, then rang again. That's still Han Xuegang.

At this moment, Jiang Ruolan was in no mood to pay attention to her colleagues' gazes, who were sneaking glances at her from time to time.

She glanced at her watch and waited for the moment when she could go out to work. She picked up her cell phone and was about to put it in her bag, but as she picked it up, it vibrated again.

Jiang Ruolan gritted her teeth angrily and walked out of the office. She stopped in a remote area and answered the call quickly without looking at the caller.

She cursed in a low voice, "You bastard, are you not done yet? You want me to scold you again?!"

Her throat had been sore since noon due to the fight that day. Now, her voice was hoarse like sand filling down her throat. At the same time, the tone of her voice sounded slightly harsh and angry.

After a moment of silence, a clear and melodious voice came from the other side. "Miss Jiang?"

Jiang Ruolan's eyes were widening. She looked at the call list, and it was an unknown number. Her expression changed as she quickly put the phone to her ear and apologized. "I'm sorry, may I know who this is?"

"It's me, Xian Zihao."

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