My Little Sweet Wife

Chapter 12 - The Deal IV

Chapter 12 - The Deal IV

How could Jiang Ruolan not know that this matter was not something that can be explained by simply being labeled as a misunderstanding?

"President Xian, you are indeed someone who will be responsible for your words and actions. I know about it, but these rumors are spreading so quickly, if we do not explain it now, we may not be able to avoid it in the future."

With that, Jiang Ruolan said thoughtfully, "Other than explaining the real thing, I really can't think of any other way to solve this situation. That's right! You are a dignified CEO of Xian Group. No one dares to spread rumors about you. How about this, I will say that I broke up with you. I will consider my words carefully and try my best so that everyone can accept-- "

"Miss Jiang, before you met me, what kind of person is Xian Zihao?" He suddenly said this.

Jiang Ruolan was startled. She looked at him hesitantly. "Huh?"

"Describe what you hear about me as completely as possible."

Seeing that he did not intend to joke, Jiang Ruolan felt her head was about to explode. How should she answer this question?

"President Xian, I will be honest with you. From the rumors I heard, when you were a teenager, you received many internationally recognized awards. Once you return from studying abroad, you set foot into the business world, and over the past five years, your sixth sense and sharpness have shaped who you are now. You are the light of the Xian Family. "

"I want to hear negative reviews, not flattery." Xian Zihao chuckled. Although his face was full of smiles, it still made her (Jiang Ruolan) feel intense oppression.

The man in front of her was the President of the Xian Group. To say negative things about him made her feel like a tiger was watching her.

Jiang Ruolan opened her mouth and stuttered. "T...The negative things I heard are not many. It's just that everyone thinks that you are too young to hold a position as CEO. They say you are not mature and competent enough. However, this is only a small part of it. Most people still trust you, President Xian."

"Right. I am too young, immature, and not strong enough. Many people think that I've achieved my position so easily because I am a legitimate heir of Xian Family. Then, Ms. Jiang, if I denied these rumors, do you know what the consequences are?"

Jiang Ruolan was speechless.

Han Xuegang was indeed vicious. He tried to frame Xian Zihao, but he never thought that Xian Zihao would easily reverse the situation.

However, the consequences of explaining these rumors were much worse than she expected.

Jiang Ruolan felt that she was in danger and stood on the edge of the ocean. She hesitated for a moment before asking, "Then, Mr. Xian, what do you think we should do now?"

He did not immediately answer but stood quietly. His tall, slender figure slowly moved around the pool, and after a while, he glanced at her.

"We're getting married."

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