My Little Sweet Wife

Chapter 13 - Enemy I

Chapter 13 - Enemy I


Jiang Ruolan stood with 'whoosh' and looked at Xian Zihao with a pair of cold eyes. She said with astonishment. "You can stop joking with me at a time like this!"

"Do I look like I'm joking?" His beautiful eyebrows were slightly raised as he slowly walked towards her until he was half a meter away. "Miss Jiang, I don't like solving problems with violence. You must know what is going on right now. You surely understood the implications."

They both stood so close that it made Jiang Ruolan panic and did not dare to move recklessly. However, she still looked at him with disbelief. In his eyes, there was no trace of humor.

"I ... I think there are other methods we can consider."

"I'll give you two days to think about it." Xian Zihao's faint voice interrupted her. His gaze shifted to the phone in the left pocket of her jacket. Suddenly, he reached out for her phone and pressed a few numbers on it.

Jiang Ruolan watched his movements in confusion. She wanted to ask, but as she opened her mouth, he cut her. "This is my number. If you have a problem within these two days, you can come and see me at any time."

With that, he returned the phone to her while smiling elegantly. "We are on the same side, and our fate has been decided by coincidence. Miss Jiang, you are a smart person. You should know what I meant, right?"

Of course she understood the meaning. No matter what happened in the future, she will not be able to escape unscathed.

She paused and did not reject his proposal. She held her phone tightly while nodding. "I understand. Although it was a bit sudden, I will think about it carefully."

Xian Zihao tilted his head and looked up at the sky outside the window. "It's late. Should I take you home?"

"No need! I'll take a taxi!" She quickly took a step back and nodded at him.

Under the supervision of staff members, Jiang Ruolan ran to the elevator and covered her chest with her hands. She stared at the elevator mirror with her eyes wide open and pale face.

She still could not believe what had just happened.

When the elevator stopped on the first floor, she quickly walked outside with her head lowered. Because she was in a hurry, she did not notice two people were heading towards her and crashed into them.

"Are you blind or what?! How can you bumped into us!"

Jiang Ruolan immediately stepped back and wanted to apologize before she saw who it was. She looked at the man and woman who were leaning against each other in front of her. The woman glanced at her with an arrogant expression, her hand holding the man's arm, and the man was Han Xuegang!

"Jiang Ruolan." Han Xuegang was also surprised to see her here. He looked up and down a few times and sneered. "This is really a narrow path to meet the enemy. What? Do you think you can get into this club just because you have the title of 'fiancee' to Xian Zihao? How can you think that you deserve to come here?"

"Xue, who is this woman?" The woman next to Han Xuegang, whose half body pressed against his arm, looked at her (Jiang Ruolan) in annoyance, and asked suspiciously.

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