My Little Sweet Wife

Chapter 18 - How Can It Be Compared To Other Hard Work?

Chapter 18 - How Can It Be Compared To Other Hard Work?

As soon as Jiang Ruolan opened the door, only six candles on the cake on the coffee table radiated a warm glow on a gloomy night.

She was stunned for a moment, then quickly turned on the light in the living room. "Jiang Yijun! Are you skipping class again? Who told you to come here?"

Sure enough, the calm and romantic atmosphere in the living room was suddenly cracked by the sound of the door opening.

Jiang Yijun, who was about 1.8 meters tall wearing a small bear pajamas and furious slippers, was leaning against her bedroom door. His hands were crossed over his chest and he looked at Jiang Ruolan with an indifferent look. "Jiang Ruolan, in these two years, I often wonder if you are a loli or not. Only after seeing your pajamas, I suddenly realized that you are indeed a loli. Who would have thought, huh!"


Jiang Ruolan's face turned pale, she muttered an incantation and rushed over, tugging at the dead guy's sleeves. "Quickly take off my pajamas! I bought it after I got here. If you tore it off, would you buy me a new one?! Take it off! Also! I am your sister! How dare you call me by my full name!"

Jiang Yijun lowered his head to look at the woman whose height reached to his shoulders. He unconsciously curled his lips and said, "You're only a year older than me. If it wasn't for you forcing me to graduate, I would already have been able to support you by getting a job."

Jiang Ruolan sighed and lowered her hand that was pulling on her pajamas. "Seven years ago, I was the one who pulled you along with me as we walked out from Jiang Family. I swear that even if we were alone outside, I would do my best to let you study in college or study abroad!"

"But Jiang Ruolan, I am a man! I can't bear to see you work so hard!"

Jiang Ruolan walked back to the living room. Looking at six candles on the cake, with two shades of blue and four pinks, representing her 24-year-old age, she felt like crying. Last night was her birthday.

She sat down on the sofa and blew out the candles. Then, she took it out one by one.

Jiang Ruolan secretly looked at the fruit cake in front of her. A thick layer of cream was topped with her favorite strawberries and cherries. She held the few thin candles in her hand and laughed. "All the hard work is already in the past."

Compared to the torture of life and death that she experienced in the Jiang Family at the age of seventeen, how can it be compared to other hard work?

Jiang Yijun was silent and looked at her for a moment before walking closer. He sat down next to her and tried to hug her. When Jiang Ruolan was about to turn around, he hugged her shoulder tightly and did not let her push him away.

"What are you doing? You are not a child anymore! Even though we are siblings, we cannot be this intimate, right? Let go!"

"I returned to G City last month under the school arrangement."

Jiang Ruolan's hands, which had originally been resisting his, suddenly froze. She looked up in astonishment at Jiang Yijun's face which seemed to be filled with anxiety. "G City?"

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