My Little Sweet Wife

Chapter 19 - I Cursed You Will Never Get Married

Chapter 19 - I Cursed You Will Never Get Married

Jiang Yijun only said one sentence and stopped talking. He just hugged Jiang Ruolan tightly.

"Yijun? Have you gone back to the Jiang Family?" Jiang Ruolan frowned.

He looked at her in silence, not speaking. Jiang Ruolan panicked and grabbed his arm, "Did you go back to our old house? Yes or no?"

Jiang Yijun did not respond, and quietly hid the light that surrounded his eyes, hiding his feelings. Suddenly, he covered his stomach and bit his lip. "I'm hungry ~"

Jiang Ruolan's mouth twitched. Although she was worried but when she looked at him behaving like that, her heart softened. She got up and entered the kitchen hesitantly.

Five minutes later, while waiting for the water to boil, Jiang Ruolan walked out of the kitchen while wiping her hand and saw Jiang Yijun still sitting on the sofa. No one knew what he was thinking.

She turned and headed straight for the bedroom and found a two-page book.

This account book was the book she asked her classmates made for her when she left the Jiang Family with Yijun seven years ago. The first page was information about herself, and the second page was Jiang Yijun.

Seven years ago, she left that house resolutely. She still remembered him (Jiang Yijun) waiting for her at an intersection on a winter night with a temperature of twenty degrees below zero by wearing only a thin jacket and saying that he wanted to go with her.

At that time, their bodies were covered with wounds, and in their adolescence, they had experienced the coldness and warmth of the human world.

Jiang Ruolan quickly put the household book in her bag. After a while, she walked out of the bedroom and headed straight for the kitchen. Seeing that the water was boiling, she took out two bags of noodles from the refrigerator.

Jiang Ruolan carefully stirred the noodles with her chopsticks when she suddenly felt the warmth in the back of her waist. She was stunned when she looked to the side and saw that Jiang Yijun had entered the kitchen and suddenly hugged her waist.

He didn't say anything, he just hugged her from behind tightly. His hands covered her stomach and his chin was on the side of her neck. He seriously watched her cook noodles like they were a newlywed couple.

Suddenly, he laughed in a dark, hoarse voice. "Jiang Ruolan, a woman like you, who has a strong, soft heart on the surface, wouldn't it be too wasteful if you are not married?"

Jiang Ruolan couldn't be bothered with him. She put down her chopsticks and suddenly twisted Jiang Yijun's arm and immediately hit his chest.

Sure enough, Jiang Yijun immediately groaned in pain and let her go. "Stinking brat, you dare to say that to your sister? The next time you do that again, I will immediately paralyze you!"

"Jiang Ruolan, you despicable woman! I curse you that you will never get married!" The wails came howling through the living room.

"Tsk, I'm afraid your curse had already failed." Jiang Ruolan whispered. Seeing that the noodles were cooked, she put out the fire and stirred the noodles. She turned and looked at Jiang Yijun who was sitting on the couch with strawberries in his mouth.

After looking at his face carefully, Jiang Ruolan's eyes immediately widened. Why did she feel that his face was similar to Xian Zihao?

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