My Little Sweet Wife

Chapter 21 - Xian Zihao Were Looking For Her

Chapter 21 - Xian Zihao Were Looking For Her

As long as they were not married, they were strangers.

Jiang Ruolan did not say anything. She looked at Xiong Ruogang's shimmering face and suddenly put the manuscript in her hand. "When you go back, organize these. You must report the details in half an hour."

"Oh ..." Xiong Ruogang raised her hand and scratched her head as she accepted her fate and read the newspaper clippings in her hand carefully.

At 3 p.m., while the two of them were busy writing a report on the incident, the phone on Jiang Ruolan's desk rang. She, on the other hand, was too busy to answer the call. Xiong Ruogang happened to pass by with a number of items in her hand, and when she saw Jiang Ruolan was busy and could not receive the call, she took the call for her. "Hello! Is this a Qin Magazine Company?"

When Xiong Ruogang heard a voice on the other end of the phone, she was momentarily stunned. Her mouth trembled as she looked towards Jiang Ruolan. "Sister Jiang, I think someone is looking for you."

Hearing the strangeness in Xiong Ruogang's voice, Jiang Ruolan looked at her indifferently. "What's up? Who's calling?"

Xiong Ruogang, on the other hand, held the phone in amazement. She blinked and whispered, "I really got a call from Xian Zihao."

Suddenly, some female colleagues looked towards them. Jiang Ruolan frowned, clearly not believing that Xian Zihao did not have her cell phone number. She grabbed the phone and put it on her ear. "Hello?"

"Jiang Ruolan, come to my company."

"Huh?" She thought she had misheard him.

Immediately go to Xian Group, I'll give you ten minutes."


The call ended.

Only then did Jiang Ruolan recover from her shock.

She looked at the phone in surprise. It was really Xian Zihao?

But why did he call her office number?

Astonished, Jiang Ruolan looked at the jealous women gathered around her. Inwardly, she rolled her eyes. She knew that Xian Zihao was not so different. She took out her cell phone and realizing that the battery was running out.

Jiang Ruolan quickly packed her things and news clippings before walking out of the office.

She did not know why Xian Zihao was looking for her.

"Maybe he had something urgent to discuss with me."

Jiang Ruolan did not think too much and went downstairs to find a taxi.

Although she left her office quickly, in the end, she faced traffic jams. It took her about half an hour to arrive at Xian Group. She quickly explained her situation to the receptionist. The receptionist called someone to inquire about the appointment while she politely smiled at her. "Miss Jiang, please wait for a moment. Secretary Du will come down to receive you soon."

"Secretary Du?" Jiang Ruolan was puzzled.

Moments later, a man in his thirties in black clothes came out of the elevator. He saw her standing in the lobby on the first floor and slowly approached her. "Miss Jiang, sorry for making you wait so long."

"It doesn't matter. President Xian told me to come here half an hour ago, but I was stuck in a traffic jam. I tried to call him but he did not answer. Where is his office?"

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