My Little Sweet Wife

Chapter 22 - A Busy Man

Chapter 22 - A Busy Man

"It's like this. President Xian waited for you half an hour ago, but he should be at the airport now. He had an important meeting in Beijing tonight, so Miss Jiang, you can come back when President Xian returned." Secretary Du said with a smile.

"I was only 20 minutes late and he already left?" Jiang Ruolan finds it hard to believe.

"You never know, President Xian is usually very busy, so he has a very precise time concept. Since you are late and he still has other things to do, of course, he will not wait for you. Miss Jiang, please wait for him to return first. "

"When will he be back?"

Secretary Du paused for a moment. "Although the meeting in Beijing tonight is very important, it will not be long. He will come back in the evening on the plane, but by the time he gets back to his office, it should be past 2 AM."

"Then I will wait for him in his office."

"Miss Jiang?"

"After all, I was the one who was late, so it was right for me to wait for him."

Secretary Du looked at her. After pondering for a moment, he nodded and said, "All right, President Xian told me what he needed Miss Jiang to do before he left. It would be nice if you stayed here and did the press release he asked for."

Secretary Du led Jiang Ruolan to Xian Zihao's office.

While items on tables, chairs, and even sofas and bookshelves were all expensive, not much can be found in such a large office. It was a modest office with simple furniture, but looked very comfortable, especially the wide, bright French windows on the left.

One can look out the window when he was tired, and he will actually see a building with the city center logo, as well as a view of the congested streets.

Jiang Ruolan inevitably wonders what it felt like every time Xian Zihao stood here and looked at the endless flow of cars and traffic in the city, covering more than 60% of the city's real estate and business.

"This is information that President Xian ordered you to include in the press release." Secretary Du handed over the documents.

Jiang Ruolan took it and flipped through it. "I know what to do now."

"Do you need help?"

"No need, I will do it myself. I came in a hurry and did not bring my laptop, but since I have a lot of time now, I can help rearrange everything before tomorrow's news update."

"Thank you."

As Secretary Du left, Jiang Ruolan glanced at the computer on the table, doubting how many secrets were in it and whether she should touch it or not. Suddenly, Secretary Du brought a laptop for her to use. Jiang Ruolan smiled gratefully at him.

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