My Little Sweet Wife

Chapter 27 - Untitled

Chapter 27 - Untitled

In the next two days, Jiang Ruolan welcomed all kinds of looks from her colleague. There was the usual admiration, and there was also a mixture of disdain and suspicion.

Still, she couldn't lose her job.

She had decided to leave F City and go to H City and now that she had established herself here, it was not easy to find a job that she can easily take care of. Furthermore, the salary here was not low and also very good. So, she calmly smiled at everyone, as if she did not care what everyone thought or what they were discussing privately.

Gossip was a topic that women took as an opportunity to entertain themselves. Since the people in this topic was too calm, it was not appropriate for them to discuss what Jiang Bingqing said that day. Only after two or three days did everything finally calm down.

After work, Jiang Ruolan packed her things. However, her mind was busy thinking about her marriage with Xian Zihao. The closer the day, the harder it was for her to maintained her composure.

She did not know much about Xian Zihao. It can be said that everyone only knew about his family background.

The night before, Jiang Ruolan spent the whole night in front of the computer looking for all the information related to him.

In addition to the Xian Family background, she learned that Xian Zihao was accepted by Harvard University when he was 15 years old because of his high intelligence. At the time, he was the youngest student to entered and his results were very surprising.

A year later, he earned venture capital of nearly ten million by his own efforts and was successfully listed in the United States. In the years that followed, he quickly grew into the top five hundred, however, when Xian Group abroad developed, he suddenly returned and handed over his company abroad to his sister, Xian Guiying, to be managed.

For the next five years, Xian Zihao really followed his grandfather's wishes and took over all the important business in Xian Group. A year ago, when he officially took over as CEO of Xian Group, he was just twenty-seven years old.

Although he had a pretty good reputation in the business world, Xian Zihao was a humble person. It seemed that in a short period of twenty years, his amazing achievements and past were nothing more than a dream to the eyes.

Although there was a lot of news about him and many media personnel considered him a legend, but there was little about his personal life.


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