My Little Sweet Wife

Chapter 28 - Unplanned Meetings I

Chapter 28 - Unplanned Meetings I

In recent months, because Jiang Ruolan had been paying attention to Xian Zihao and also with the help of the media and Han Xuegang, she had gained some gossip about himself.

Xian Zihao was not in the least affected, and only a few days ago the incident happened.

Jiang Ruolan knew what kind of person Han Xuegang was. He had ambitions, which means he had the ability, courage, and many tricks on his sleeve. If he dared to lay his hands on the invincible Xian Zihao, that means he must have planned everything thoroughly, both internally and externally.

She still remembered Xian Zihao's smile and calm attitude as he faced the media that day. She knew right away that even though he did not speak much that day, every word he said was well thought out. How could she not understand his conversation with Han Xuegang?

Indirectly, she had turned into a piece of chess in Xian Zihao's plan. A useful chess piece.

First, she had to face Han Xuegang's deception, and then she was caught in the net that Xian Zihao threw.

Jiang Ruolan knew that she had been played by both of them but at the moment, she had no other way out.

Regardless of whether it was Ling or Xian Family, dealing with her was as easy as crushing an ant. Now, Jiang Bingqing suddenly appeared and had vowed to make her life miserable.

Although she did not want to have anything to do with Xian Zihao's plan, she was already stuck in it. At the very least, the interference she and Jiang Yijun received would be reduced.

Instead of being used, she might as take the advantage.

They're using each other, aren't they?

Before Jiang Ruolan returned home that night, she received a call from the editor-in-chief, asking her to join them for dinner. She didn't want to go, but the editor-in-chief hung up the phone right after saying the address, clearly did not want to hear her rejection.

At 7:55 pm, she arrived at the hotel mentioned by the editor-in-chief. She saw the elevator door about to close, in a hurry, she shouted, "Wait!"

The elevator door slowly opened and she gratefully ran inside. When Jiang Ruolan was about to thank the people inside, she saw the man and woman in the elevator and immediately swallowed the words that reached her throat.

Jiang Ruolan pushed the sunglasses to cover most of her face. The moment she barged in, Xian Zihao's cold gaze met her.

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