My Little Sweet Wife

Chapter 5 - Scheming V

Chapter 5 - Scheming V

"This young woman is President Xian's fiancée?"

The sound of people sucking cold air brought Jiang Ruolan back from her shock.

Although she had an extreme personality, her broken heart was once again brutally raised before it could drip blood.

She looked towards the man with an extraordinary temperament in astonishment.

Jiang Ruolan thought she was hallucinating due to a psychological shock, but Xian Zihao gently put his arm around her shoulder and leaned her into his arms.

She stiffened when she heard him say, "I don't like to make my personal affairs public, and I don't want my private life to be disturbed. Since today's misunderstanding has occurred, I can understand everyone's worries and thoughts, but ..."

He paused for a moment and looked at Han Xuegang meaningfully, whose face had significantly changed.

A hint of a smile appeared in his eyes, but it seemed to be a warning, "I do not wish for this misunderstanding to happen for a second time."

"So, this woman is President Xian's fiancée."

"Aiya! President Xian has reached the right age to get married. I regret bothering President Xian and his fiancée. All of this was just a misunderstanding. I wished both of you a hundred years of marriage and early birth."

Some media reporters awkwardly took two steps back, fearing Xian Zihao would remember them for this. They may not be able to survive for offending the Xian Family!

In less than two minutes, more than a dozen media reporters had gone quietly with only two or three left.

Han Xuegang suddenly asked coldly, as he doubted whether he should go too. "Fiancée? I'm afraid he's lying! Why don't we hear what this young woman has to say?"

As if he knew the inside story, his sentence made two or three media reporters hesitate to leave. Everyone's eyes immediately focused on Jiang Ruolan.

Jiang Ruolan did not dare to move. Xian Zihao's gentle hug and the unpleasant smell of tobacco smoke with the aroma of fresh shower gel made her felt lost for a moment.

Han Xuegang's voice, which seemed to carry an oppressive warning, was heard again. She raised her head and looked at Xian Zihao calmly.

She admired his calm demeanor. She had long heard that Old Man Xian's grandson was a prodigy, but she hadn't thought that this person, whom she could only occasionally hear about, would one day meet her in such a manner.

Of course, she knew how serious the current situation was. Even if she didn't say anything, her actions were sufficient to send Xian Zihao to heaven or hell!

Xian Group was a company that could not have the slightest scandal!

Jiang Ruolan paused for a moment and looked at Xian Zihao firmly. The latter just smiled at her, a warm but not a forced smile, as if he believed that her answer would not disappoint him.

Yet, at the moment, no matter whether it was for passion or logic, she will not let that despicable and shameless bastard succeed!

Jiang Ruolan suddenly turned to face Han Xuegang. The warning in his eye became much more profound. She scowled at him. "He's right."

Seeing Han Xuegang's expression almost cracked, Jiang Ruolan arrogantly raised her head and stared into his eyes without fear. "I, Jiang Ruolan, am Xian Zihao's fiancée. Vice President Han, do you want me to repeat that statement again?"

The instant their gazes met, Xian Zihao's eyebrows rose slightly. Pulling his arm around her shoulder, he said with a non-smiling smile, "Everyone, it's about time for the farce to end. Goodbye."

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