My Little Sweet Wife

Chapter 4 - Scheming IV

Chapter 4 - Scheming IV

"This ..."

These reporters had just received an anonymous phone call from someone, telling them that there would be huge breaking news at the New World Hotel in downtown at 6 am.

The media was full of animals with sharp noses, and regardless whether this news would be true or false, they didn't want to miss even one percent of it.

Someone glanced at Han Xuegeng. Xian Zihao looked at him and smiled, "Looks like everyone is not sleeping, and willing to gather at the hotel early in the morning."

"However, I am worried I will disappoint everyone here."

"The truth is in front of us. No matter how capable you are, can you still stop this impulsive crowd?" Han Xuegang mocked him.

Faced with his arrogant and aggressive approach, Xian Zihao was not angry even though he knew that Han Xuegang had come to prepare.

Jiang Ruolan sat closest to him (Han Xuegang), and she could see a strange cold smile appearing in the corner of his mouth.

She gritted her teeth in silence, and with her sharp eyes, she saw a beautiful little recording pen in his pocket. She was stunned for a moment; apparently, Han Xuegang did not intend to give Xian Zihao a chance to threaten him.

How could she not know that the man she had loved for four years was very cunning? To achieve his goal, he will use all kinds of fraud methods and pay any price.

When Han Xuegang saw Jiang Ruolan's cold and hateful look, he tried to persuade her in a straightforward tone, "Miss, do not be afraid. As long as you say it in front of the media, we can help you find justice!"

The way Han Xuegang looked at her was cold, arrogant, convincing, and full of confidence.

When Jiang Ruolan felt the gaze of the person next to her, she did not look back. She merely looked at Han Xuegang's confidence as she held the blanket in her hand, got up, and slowly moved to the side of the bed.

She approached Han Xuegang, who was standing next to the bed. She grinned and raised her head to face the hypocritical man. "Vice President Han, you are dreaming!"

Han Xuegang's expression changed slightly as he frowned at her. The warning in his cold eyes grew stronger. "Miss, please note your words and actions! Every word you say now will be crucial evidence!"

Jiang Ruolan raised her eyes. Her pride would not allow her to look miserable in front of this bastard. She scolded him with a smile, "So, this is your real face? How disgusting!"

Han Xuegang stared at the frigid woman who refused to cooperate with him in disbelief. "You!"

Suddenly, Xian Zihao's voice interrupted an incomprehensible disagreement between the two of them. What he said next left everyone stunned in a place like a bomb in the deep sea.

"I forgot to introduce her to everyone. This is my fiancée."

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