My Little Sweet Wife

Chapter 7 - Rumors I

Chapter 7 - Rumors I

Jiang Ruolan had been working in the media since she graduated from university. She worked as an editor at a newspaper in F City for the last two years and only stayed at H City for a week before being invited by a famous media magazine company to be an editor in the Department of Commerce.

"Sister Jiang, why do you have such an ugly expression? Aiya, what's wrong?"

Entering the office, Xiong Ruogang, the art editor, brought a cup of warm milk to Jiang Ruolan's desk, as usual, only to see her sitting there in a state of dizziness with half of her face slightly red and swollen.

She couldn't help but look down at her with concern. "Are you all right? Why didn't you ask for a leave from the director? Did something happen?"

"I'm fine." Jiang Ruolan came back to her senses and accepted a cup of warm milk. She raised her head only to see Xiong Ruogang, who was paying full attention to her and grinning. "Get back to work. I'm fine."

"Oh, okay. I just received a call from the director, saying that the newspaper company has sold sensational pictures to our company at high prices. They have sent the picture to my email and instructed me to fix the film so they can post this news this afternoon."

While she was talking, Jiang Ruolan was still sitting at her desk in confusion. The warm heat from the cup of milk in her hand brought warmth to her entire body.

She was thinking about her job and the scene that took place at the hotel this morning. Luckily, there was no journalist from her company; otherwise, she will lose her face in front of her colleague!

She took a deep breath and decided to let go of all that messy thoughts. No matter what, she could not afford to lose this job, and there was no point in letting those people mess up her life!

Jiang Ruolan drank a few sips of milk before placing the cup of milk on the table. As she picked up the reports and documents on the table, she saw a new magazine published two days ago.

Han Xuegang was on the cover.

She came to the Business Reporting Department to help him improve his reputation, yet in the end, it turned out to be a joke!

At this moment, Jiang Ruolan expressed her stupidity with an ugly expression, causing her expression to become cold as she threw the magazine into the trash.


Just as she was about to concentrate on her work, a sharp scream suddenly came from Xiong Ruogang, provoking other colleagues who had just been in the office to look in that direction with a strange look on their faces.

Jiang Ruolan also turned towards the stunned Xiong Rougang. "What happened? Why are you making a fuss?"

"Sister Jiang.." Xiong Rougang trembled as she looked at her (Jiang Ruolan) with an expression of worship. She pointed to the computer and then pointed to her, "You...Are you going to be Xian Zihao's wife?"

Before Jiang Ruolan could respond, some women in the office had run to Xiong Rougang's computer. Some of them screamed and stared at her with envy.

Originally, since she had just entered work, they did not recognize her, but in the blink of an eye, a group of women surrounded her table.

"Aiya, Editor-in-Chief Jiang, from the moment you arrived at our company, I can tell from your attitude that you are not an ordinary person!"

"Ruolan, you are really secretive. You're the future fiancee of Xian Group's President?! Say, you do not have to worry about food and clothing, so why did you come to work in our company to be a small editor?"

"The person in that photo is really you? I saw your appearance last night, so it turned out you're going on a date with your fiancé! What a romantic couple! Although we're always interviewing people from the Ministry of Commerce and have interviewed numerous business elites, but I've never seen Xian Zihao. I did not think he would be your soon-to-be husband! Chief Jiang, you must help us from now on! You must share the news regarding your husband with us."

Jiang Ruolan pushed through the crowd and rushed to Xiong Ruogang's computer with a pale face. She was shocked to see the photos taken by reporters at the hotel that morning being displayed on this computer screen to the maximum.

She was in the center of the pictures; her hair was in disarray, with a blanket wrapped around her body.

'Xian Group's President spent time with his fiancée in a romantic hotel room last night.'

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