My Little Sweet Wife

Chapter 8 - Rumors II

Chapter 8 - Rumors II

A close-up of her face was shown. The angle of the photo was precise. Anyone who knows Jiang Ruolan will recognize her after seeing the photo.

With such clarity, even if she denied it and says that the woman in the photo was not her, no one will believe it!

"Sister Jiang! Sister Jiang!"

She stared at the pictures on the computer screen with shock.

Jiang Ruolan took a deep breath, turned around, and sat back down at her desk under the envious gaze of her colleague with a pale face. Just by listening to the chatter, Jiang Ruolan could not help but shivered a little, while raising her hand to cover her forehead and close her eyes to calm her mind.

"Sister Jiang, are you unwell? You're trembling!"

Xiong Ruogang's concerned voice sounded again, but Jiang Ruolan could only shake her head. Without a word, she switched on the computer on her desk, and in the next few minutes, whether Baidu, Google, or any other search engine, the latest and hottest keywords were all the same.

'City H, Xian Group's President, Xian Zihao, with his fiancée at night.'

They mostly took the photos from the corner of the room where Xian Zihao was hugging her tightly. The media dared to offend Xian Zihao and had ignored his previous warnings.

F*ck! Even flattering was not such an exaggeration! Before today, she had never met Xian Zihao, who was very popular with the title 'legend.'

These reporters really could f*cking make things up. Were these rumors known to Xian Family?

Jiang Ruolan immediately threw the mouse and stood up suddenly.

As she turned around, some of her colleagues were already standing in front of the office door, watching her.

The corner of her mouth twitched. "Regarding this matter, since we are all members of the media, we should be able to understand how a journalist works. In fact, some current affairs and hot news are not necessarily true. There is no need for you to take it too seriously."

Without waiting for her to finish, Xiong Ruogang opened another video that had just been posted on the internet. Xian Zihao's deep voice was suddenly heard through the speakers. "I forgot to introduce my fiancée to everyone."

"I, Jiang Roulan, am Xian Zihao's fiancée. Vice-President Han, do you want me to repeat that statement again?"

Jiang Ruolan: "..."

Everyone's gaze was once again focused on her. Their gazes this time were very different, but most of them were fawning over her.

Jiang Ruolan was on the verge of going crazy. While she was anxiously looking for a way to overcome this problem, Sister Feng, one of the editors at her company walked into the room and suddenly said, "Little Jiang, the Editor-in-Chief is waiting for you in his office."

She said that the editor-in-chief was waiting for her, not ordered her. Judging from the politeness, it seemed that everyone believed in this gossip.

Jiang Ruolan scratched her aching head. At that moment, she felt like she was going crazy.

If she knew that this situation would change like this, she would be more willing to pretend to die. Why did she have to follow up on another lie?

President Xian had the ability to remain calm in the face of danger, but did she, Jiang Ruolan, have it? Did she have the right to do so?

The heck!

Her gut turned green with regret!

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