My Master Disconnected Yet Again

Chapter 15 - Supremacy Fights Over Disciple

Chapter 15: Supremacy Fights Over Disciple

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Flying at record speed, Lonemoon soon reached Yingyuan Peak. It was only then that he realized that he had not asked Xi Qiu which cave it was. He had to scan the whole mountain peak using his Divine Perception before finding an unfamiliar figure in a small yard below the mountain peak.

After taking a moment to settle his mind, he made a beeline for his target. He heard the beating of his heart which he had not heard in a long time. It had been three hundred years, a full three hundred years! The person he had been waiting so long for had finally appeared.

Flexing his hands, Lonemoon took a deep breath in an effort to restore his usual placid expression before entering the small courtyard. Finally, he was going to see the person who was going to become the greatest fighter of the Three Azure Realms, the Sword Immortal Yi Qing. Raising his head, his eyes followed the trail of the Sword Qi. He had no idea what Yi Qing actually looked like and what he was doing at this moment. Perhaps he was practicing his swordsmanship, or perhaps he was trying to fathom Sword Intent, or perhaps… he was cooking?!


What? He’s cooking! And this is the greatest fighter of the Three Azure Realms, the Sword Immortal?! Isn’t this taking humbleness a little too far?


Lonemoon felt as if something was blocking his throat, and a stream of blood suddenly spewed out from his mouth. He was blind. He must be blind!

“Hey ‘Qin’. Are you finished ‘Qin 1 ‘?”

“Master, wait a moment. It will be ready in a moment.” The spatula in Yi Qing’s hand moved at an even greater speed.

“Remember to add more meat.”

“Yes Master, no problem Master!”

Lonemoon: “…” One could almost hear a faint shattering sound of disillusionment.

He stood in front of the yard for a whole quarter of an hour until the figure in the kitchen walked into the house at a brisk pace with his vegetables. It was then that he remembered his purpose in coming here. At present, Yi Qing was still a Golden Core cultivator and not the future immortal of the Three Azure Realms. So if Yi Qing was not quite what he had imagined him to be, it was reasonable. Totally reasonable.

He closed his gaping mouth and walked in.

“May I have the honor of knowing the Supremacy who has just arrived?” The person inside the house turned around to look at him. He had discovered Lonemoon’s presence even before he had stepped in.

Lonemoon felt a little more settled, and a hint of appreciation crossed his eyes. Yi Qing was only a Golden Core cultivator yet he could tell Lonemoon’s cultivation level with a look, indicating that his Spirit Qi was highly developed. All at once, he felt the pang of his disappointment lessen a little.

“Lonemoon.” He replied curtly with his hands behind his back, still wearing that cold expression.

“So you are Supremacy Lonemoon.” A flash of surprise showed in Yi Qing’s eyes, and he immediately got up to give a salute. Everyone in the Immortal Cultivator world knew the name of Lonemoon—he was an Immortal Cultivator prodigy. It was said that he took only three hundred years before reaching level of Soul Formation. He was one of the three Soul Formation Supremacies in Blackheaven Sect. Although his cultivation level was not as high as the other Supremacies, he was the only Sword Cultivator among them. No one could defeat him in actual battle. Yi Qing, being a Sword Cultivator, had naturally paid attention to this man.

As if accustomed to the surprise of others, Lonemoon asked coolly, “You are the one they call the Golden Core Sword Cultivator?”

“I am indeed a Sword Cultivator.” Although he didn’t know the other party’s intentions, Yi Qing still nodded without any reservations.

Lonemoon swept his eyes at him. “You are an Innate Sword Embodiment. You are indeed most suitable to be a Sword Cultivator.”

Yi Qing brows tightened, somewhat surprised. This was the first time someone had been able to tell that he was an Innate Sword Embodiment at one glance.

“You don’t have to worry about it.” As if he could tell what Yi Qing was worried about, Lonemoon said, “Innate Sword Embodiments are rare no doubt, but to me they are nothing special.” An Innate Sword Embodiment represented the perfect quality to being a Sword Cultivator; it was something coveted by many people. Looking at Yi Qing’s expression, Lonemoon guessed he had encountered such situations before.

“May I know what matter that Supremacy has come for?”

Lonemoon took a step forward before answering, “Since you have entered my Blackheaven Sect, I will of course not reveal your Innate Sword Embodiment to others. Sword cultivation is no easy task. From today onwards, I would like you to join our sect to become my personal disciple.”

“That’s not necessary.”

“You don’t have to thank me, I just… What did you say?!” Lonemoon paused, and swallowed back the words that had come to his mouth. Did he hear it wrongly? A Soul Formation cultivator wanted to take him as a disciple. Yet he… he actually declined! His trademark cool expression stiffened, and he blurted out questioningly, “Why?”

Before Yi Qing could answer, a female voice suddenly cut in. “Because—” This was followed by the sound of food being swallowed. “—I am his teacher.”Seems like this is another case of chef snatching.

“What?” It was then that he saw a woman sitting at the wooden table in the room, her clothes unkempt and hair dishevelled, clutching a pair of chopsticks. Suddenly, he remembered a certain long-lost term—foodie!

Who was this person? He made a quick search through the names in his memory, but found that none of them matched.

When Lonemoon first came here, he had been so shocked by the sight of Yi Qing stir-frying food that he had missed what they were saying. He would never have thought that this woman without any Spirit Qi was actually Yi Qing’s teacher. The Sword Immortal has a master? This wasn’t in the script!

“You are…”

“She is my master, Shen Ying,” Yi Qing answered with a respectful look on his face, not forgetting to give her another bowl of rice.

Lonemoon’s mouth twitched a little. He really had not expected that Yi Qing would already have a master and that their relationship would be so strong. He looked up and down at the girl who was still eating like crazy, but he was still unable to assess the depth of her skills. He decided to probe subtly.

“Little sister… Miss, pardon my ignorance, but may I know what your cultivation level is at?”

“I don’t know.” By the way, what the hell is cultivation?

She doesn’t know, so it seems that she really hasn’t practiced immortal cultivation!

“Then are you good at sword techniques?”

“No!” Shen Ying replied honestly.

“Weapon refinement?”



“Never heard of it.”

“Beast riding?”


“…” Yet you have the cheek to take in a disciple!


Lonemoon’s thoughts took a turn and he came to the same conclusion as Xi Qiu had: this girl had to be Yi Qing’s master from before he started immortal cultivation. So she really was a mortal. With that thought in mind, he felt reassured.

“You are indeed an empathetic and righteous person.” He nodded at Yi Qing in appreciation. “Since that’s the case, I’ll permit you to continue taking care of her even after you join my sect.” As the saying went: ‘Once your teacher, forever your teacher’. He could understand Yi Qing’s feelings for his teacher.

“Supremacy, you misunderstand. I have no plans to look for another master.”

“You…” Lonemoon was a little angry now. He was, after all, a Soul Formation cultivator. He had taken the initiative to take him on as a disciple, yet Yi Qing had the gall to reject him again and again. Even if he was the future Sword Immortal, he did not have to put on such high airs. “Although the saying ‘Once your teacher, forever your teacher’ is not wrong, it does not apply to those who practice immortal cultivation as they are different from mortals. For the sake of your immortal future, you should forgo traditional proprieties.”

“Supremacy, please leave!” Yi Qing frowned, showing a hint of anger. “I, Yi Qing, though only a Golden Core cultivator, will never do anything to betray my master.” And so saying, he turned solemnly to Shen Ying and said, “Master, please be assured. I will remain your disciple for the rest of my life.”

The subject of his pledge merely mumbled, “Oh oh oh…” and continued guzzling her food.

“You… why can’t I knock sense into your stubborn head?” Lonemoon was so angry that he started pacing back and forth. He really wanted to say, ‘Do what you like,’ and turn and leave. But for the sake of his future, he had to latch onto Yi Qing’s coattails. Taking a deep breath, he continued, “I say, Brother, I’m doing this for your own good. I am a Soul Formation cultivator of a sect, and as my disciple you would automatically become a rich second generation. You could have anything you desire. Aren’t you almost at the point of attaining Sword Intent? I can help you!”

“That’s not necessary. My master’s knowledge is enough to last me an entire lifetime.” Yi Qing was completely unmoved. With a look of pride, he said, “I don’t need to look for another master.”

“You…” Seeing that Yi Qing did not take the bait, he resorted to psychological warfare. “If your master knows what’s good for you, she will also want you to become an apprentice under me. She is only a mortal after all. What the heck does she know about immortal cultivation. In the future, if you…”

“Supremacy, please choose your words with care.” Yi Qing thumped the table fiercely. He seemed provoked. “My master knows a lot, and not just anybody can impose judgement on her.” You can criticize me, but not my master!

Lonemoon was dumbfounded. Sensing that Yi Qing would turn against him if he said another word, he quickly changed his tune. “My apologies, I spoke out of turn.” Turning around, he saw Shen Ying still calmly eating her food. Another idea came to him. He would have to throw a curveball to save the situation. “Sister… Yi Qing is indeed a rare talent. If he accepts me as his master, his future will know no bounds. I know his reluctance is due to his loyalty to you. Maybe you can help me to persuade him.”

At last, Shen Ying stopped eating and looked up at him, blinking her eyes. I say… I know you people in the immortal circle like to headhunt, but do you really expect me, his boss, to help you as well?

“Don’t worry, I have only the best intentions for him. Feel free to air any doubts you have,” Lonemoon added hurriedly.

“All right!” Shen Ying sighed, holding up her chopsticks. “I only have one question.”

“Ask away!”

“How long has it been since you transmigrated?”

“Not long, only about three hundred years.”

“… Oh.”

A while later…

Lonemoon: “Oh no!”


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