My Master Disconnected Yet Again

Chapter 16 - No Need to Expose

Chapter 16: No Need to Expose

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“Master. Supremacy Lonemoon is here again,” Yi Qing said hesitantly as he put away the cutlery.

“Oh,” lazily responded the person laying on the table, having eaten her fill.

“It has already been the fifth day.” Yi Qing continued, “He stood by the door everyday, but for some reason does not come in.” If he wanted to stand, let him be. The plant at the entrance was already balding because of him plucking its leaves.

“Perhaps exposing him in front of everyone was a little too much!” Shen Ying could not be bothered. She turned away and continued to lay there. “Just get used to it and it will be fine.”

“Expose?” Taken aback, he suddenly recalled that five days ago, Master had indeed asked a question which resulted in Supremacy Lonemoon dashing out in a hurry. Ever since then, he had begun to wear an expression that suggested constipation, and stood by their door daily. “Oh right, Master mentioned transmigration that day… What does that mean?” Could it be some kind of high level Dharmic Dao?

“This… explaining might be a little troublesome.” Shen Ying furrowed her brows before continuing, “You can understand it as… that he came from the same hometown as me.”

Shocked, Yi Qing said, “So he and Master actually has such an affinity!” No wonder Supremacy Lonemoon came over here everyday but did not come in—it was all because of the affection and sentiment towards his hometown that made him want to look for Master to reminisce it.

Wait a moment!

If he were from the same hometown as Master, Lonemoon must have heard of how formidable Master was. Previously, he wanted to get him as his disciple so perhaps he did not recognize her but, now that it was out in the open, could it be that… recalling the past events gave rise to his admiration and worship of Master, and made him want to… also become Master’s disciple?!


Yi Qing’s heart wrenched at the thought and felt stuffiness in his chest. The figure by the door immediately became an eyesore; he had only just managed to become Master’s disciple yet people were already being envious.

With this thought in mind, he quickly finished washing the dishes, summoned out his spiritual sword and plunged down onto his knees before the table.

“What are you doing?” Shen Ying was shocked.

Yi Qing raised his head with anticipation. “Master, please impart me the ways of cultivation.”

Shen Ying stiffened up and she shed a drop of sweat. It’s here. The chef wants to start learning skills. Cultivation… what exactly was cultivation? Now what? It was time to get what she deserved for all those times she acted cool!


“That… isn’t so urgent right?”

“It cannot be considered a matter of urgency,” he said with a face of conviction. “But thanks to Master’s sympathy and understanding from before, I have completely recovered, and my Spirit Qi is also back to normal. I am ready to practice cultivation.”

“You… are sure that you can?” Please don’t. I can still be more sympathizing.

“Yes!” He nodded hard. But looking at Shen Ying’s awkwardness, he suddenly thought of something. “Master, is your body not alright?”

“Uh… No…” Is feeling sleepy after eating till full considered not alright?

He breathed a sigh of relief then said, “Master, please give me your guidance.”


“Master, are you worried about my current level of swordsmanship?” guessed Yi Qing, seeing that she did not reply for a while. “It’s my negligence. How about we change location and I can demonstrate for Master to see. Perhaps you can then guide me from the side?”

“Uh… Oh.” Could she even refuse?

Yi Qing stood up immediately, his face lit with excitement as he formed a hand seal before habitually bringing Shen Ying along on his sword and flew out of the peak.

The Blackheaven Sect was located on the Black Sea. The entire sect floated above the waters and below it were thousands of islands of different sizes. Yi Qing landed directly on the largest one. Compared to the other islands, it had a flatter terrain and there was a large area with rocks stretching for 5 kilometers; it was indeed a great location for practicing the sword.

It seemed that Yi Qing had done his fair share of research on the land the past few days. He was indeed a diligent and eager chef… disciple.


“Why did you follow us?” Shen Ying turned to glance back. Right behind them was Lonemoon, dressed in blue and white with his show-off attitude.

“Who are you to care!” Lonemoon rolled his eyes. He couldn’t even be bothered to act well-learned and totally just let himself loose. “Aren’t you going to teach your student? The whole Blackheaven Sect is my territory. Are you going to charge me for watching?”

“…” Shen Ying’s mouth twitched. Did this fellow eat an explosive? He had an entirely different attitude from before.

Lonemoon was truly angry. He had lived in this world for a few hundred years and the journey had been rather smooth sailing. He was also extremely lucky as his cultivation of immortality easily led him to the Soul Formation stage. He even thought that his whole life would continue to be as smooth. In his heart, he almost thought of himself as the main lead of a transmigration story. Although he later found out the truth of this world, that wasn’t much of a concern to him.

On the day that his identity was exposed, in all honesty, he was truly shocked. He had wanted to verify her identity but at the same time was afraid. Such an unexpected revelation that he was not all-powerful took away the only bit of sweet joy in him. Who could understand that?! Who could understand that?!


He had fallen into contemplation for five full days before reluctantly accepting this fact. Finally recovering from the shock, it was obvious that the individual named Shen Ying was just like him and also knew about the storyline. Moreover, she had been one step ahead in making the same decision as him. This also meant that his plan was freaking intercepted.


The more he brooded over it, the angrier he felt. He took several deep breaths before holding back the resentment and said, “Hey, I was looking for you to discuss a matter. Follow me and let’s talk about it.”

Shen Ying was caught by surprise. But before she could answer, Yi Qing stepped forward and seemingly blocked the path between the two of them. “Master is going to teach me cultivation, so I am afraid now is not a good time. If Supremacy has some matters to discuss, perhaps you can come back another day.” Hmph, don’t think I don’t know that you are here to become her disciple.

Lonemoon was taken aback by his interference. Was this an illusion? Why did it feel like the future Sword Immortal had murderous intent towards him? This was all Shen Ying to blame. She must have said something to cause this misunderstanding between the Sword Immortal and him, this scheming bitch!

“It will only take a while.”

“Master is not free.”

“You can train later.”

“Matters such as cultivation cannot be carried out sloppily.”

“I have serious matters.”

“Supremacy, please forgive me!”

Lonemoon: “…” That scheming Shen!

Yi Qing: “…” I am the rightful disciple of Master!

Shen Ying: “…” Oh, if the both of you continue a while more, it will be time to go back for dinner.

“Alright, alright, alright, you teach. I’ll just remain silent okay?” Finally, Lonemoon stepped back and glared at Shen Ying. “Aren’t you going to teach your disciple? You teach, you teach!” He wanted to see what she could actually teach. Don’t think that he did not know. She was just a mortal, so how could she know the Immortality Sword Dharma. She must have uttered some nonsense to get the Sword Immortal to come under her wing. Now was the perfect time to expose her. Wait till Yi Qing saw her true colors, then he could still get him to become his disciple.

Yi Qing then turned around and took hold of his spiritual sword and said, “Master, the sword technique that I am cultivating now is called the Dang Tian tactic. It is a Sword Dharma that I invented. Master, please provide me with your guidance!”

As he said this, he took a couple of steps forward and started to showcase his swordsmanship. Every movement of his sword was very sharp, the brilliant gleams given off by the sword enveloping the whole island and causing the large patches of sand and stones on the ground to be blasted away. His figure disappeared amid the flashing strokes of his blade as if he had merged with the Sword Dharma.

Lonemoon became more intrigued as he watched. This was the Sword Dharma that the Sword Immortal Yi Qing was famed for. These simple strokes by themselves contained so much power, so the addition of Spirit Qi had to be able to make them at least ten times more powerful. There already existed a shadow of Sword Intent within every sword move—it was no wonder he was able to defeat Rui Mi despite the difference in their levels.

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