My Master Disconnected Yet Again

Chapter 564 - Preparing to Set Off

Chapter 564: Preparing to Set Off

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Shen Ying faltered, he was rarely so disobedient, she asked subconsciously, “Why?”

His eyes dimmed, opening his mouth, seeming like he wanted to explain something, he still shook his head and said after a moment. “No reason? I just… just wanted to look at Master.”

What kind of reason was this? Shen Ying’s mouth twitched, her eyes circled around as a thought flashed in her mind, she looked up at the person up high and said solemnly, “Chef, you standing looks rather scary, I can’t sleep, why don’t you change a spot?”

Yi Qing faltered as a hint of guilt flashed through his eyes. “Then where should I stand.”

“Get down first, I’ll tell you.” Supper sent right to her door, there was no reason to not eat it.

He hesitated for a moment before nodding obediently. “Alright.” Then jumped down from the beam.

“Come here first.” Shen Ying beckoned to him. “Here, here, yes, a little closer!”

He walked all the way to her bedside, as a trace of doubt shot through his eyes. “Master, isn’t it…”

Before he could finish, Shen Ying suddenly reached out and pulled, Yi Qing only felt himself lowering down, with a flip, he was held down on the bed. In the next moment, he felt a warmth near his lips and a softness was on his, alongside an aura that he yearned so deeply. His eyes widened abruptly as he felt a bang go off in his mind and he went blank instantly.

Until he felt a coolness on his chest, alongside the sound of ripping, did it seemed like he finally found his voice. “Mas… Master…”

“Shut up!” Shen Ying started to kiss him again, effectively silencing him while her hands worked faster on ripping his clothes. In any case, she must have her meat tonight.

Yi Qing only felt his mind become even hazier, as if he was in an illusion, but it was the most beautiful one, making him want to revel in it even more, never wanting to wake up. The hand he had just lifted paused for a moment, then unconsciously wrapped around the person before him.

The night that was slightly cooling, suddenly started to turn scorching hot, the entire room a wonderful sight.

Shen Ying felt that Chef was great in all aspects, just a little too talkative. Throughout the entire night, with the exception of being completely stunned at the start, subsequently the self-taught man was already controlling the rhythm, a genius learner indeed, he could learn just by analogy. The action did not stop throughout the night, neither did his mouth, as if he was trying to confirm something, he repeatedly called her while asking all sorts of questions.

“Master… Master, Master…”


“Master… Master do you like this?”


“Master, would you say that you like me? Just this one sentence.”

“You like me.”

“… Not like this, it’s Master likes me!”

“Master likes me.”


A while later…

“I like Master… a lot, a lot, I only like Master, only Master! So… would you only like me too?”

“… Alright.”

“Say that again.”



“Shut up! Focus.”



When Lonemoon woke up, he miraculously found that Chef was already in the kitchen. Not only so, there was already a table full of a steaming hot breakfast. It seemed like he had woken up very early to bustle about.

He experimentally picked up a bun and took a small bite.

Huh? It’s not sour anymore! Soft, sweet, fragrant and delicious, it seemed even tastier than before. Had Chef come round? Or had he gone crazy from being overly agitated?

He poked his head out and peeked into the kitchen with a suspicious look but found that Chef was placing dishes of cooked food into the storage bag, and the kitchen table was covered with levels of dishes, each was meticulously kept fresh using an array formation.

“Chef, you’re…” He could not help but spoke up.

“Isn’t Master going out?” Chef turned back and glanced at him before saying. “We have not gone to that place before, I’m preparing some food in advance, in case we can’t find any then.” He replied with an expression like it was only natural and right.

Lonemoon’s expression became even more complicated, had he gone mad? It’s certainly so, only yesterday he was looking so down, and suddenly he’s completely fine today?

As a parent, Lonemoon felt that there was a need for him to be concerned about the mental health of his children. “I say Chef…”

He was about to ask when the creaking sound of a door opening sounded from not far out. Yi Qing faltered for a moment before putting away all the dishes with a wave of his hand and walked out, quickly going towards the direction where the door opened.

Shen Ying walked out of the room rubbing her eyes, still the same lazy manner, even seeming lazier than before, her steps unstable like she was stepping on clouds, she looked like she hadn’t slept the entire night.

“Master.” Chef went forward.

“Mm.” Shen Ying lifted her head for a look, then simply crashed headfirst into the arms of the person before her, leaning on Chef like a pile of mud, rubbing her eyes while yawning.

Chef was stunned for a moment before habitually supporting the person that was about to sprawl to the floor anytime. Holding her in his arms carefully, it was as if something soft spilled out of his eyes and wrapped closely around the person in front of him.

“Master, breakfast is ready, would you go wash up first.”


Shen Ying made a sound in response but still lounged around, not moving, Chef did not move either. The two just quietly held each other in front of the room.

Lonemoon: “…”

Lonemoon surveyed them both with suspicion, was this a misconception? Though such a sight was a common thing in the past, he somehow felt that there was something off with the two of them today? It was like a special aura was between them both. He racked his brains for a long time but did not come to anything.

“Hey, you two!” He really could not hold back and said, “Stop being sluggish, didn’t we set on going to the furthest end of the void this morning? It’s almost afternoon now.”

Shen Ying gave him a glance, before standing slightly straighter and walked off to go wash up. Instead, Chef looked towards him with some dislike in his gaze.

“Why are you looking at me?” Lonemoon was confused, had he said anything wrong?

Chef did not reply, only turning away and caught up with Shen Ying, following behind her to bring her water and towel.


He turned back and sat at the table, just after he ate two buns, the two people returned. He hurriedly increased his speed and stuffed another two into his buff. Once she was at the table, Shen Ying immediately came back to life on the spot, rousing her spirits as she began to fight him for food. Lonemoon could have won, but Chef also joined in, snatching quite a few dumplings from him and passing them to Shen Ying.

Although such a thing happened quite often in the past, for some reason, Lonemoon felt that there was something different. Perhaps his gaze when he looked at Shen Ying was too gentle and so focused that everything else did not exist.

That odd feeling rose up again. Lonemoon felt goosebumps rise all over his body for no reason. Just as they were about done, Chef instinctively raised a hand and wiped the corners of Shen Ying’s mouth. The two of them were so close that they were about to become one, a disgustingly sweet atmosphere seemed to surround them. Lonemoon then belatedly realized, what aura this was.

Damn it, go to hell with your romantic show-off!

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