My Master Disconnected Yet Again

Chapter 565 - Meeting a Demon On The Way

Chapter 565: Meeting a Demon On The Way

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“Hey, that’s enough.” Lonemoon glared at the two of them, stop abusing the single man. “Displaying affection early in the morning, what exactly did you two do last night?”

He was just casually asking a question, Shen Ying did not really react but Chef’s face became flushed at once as he stood up instantly. He tried to conceal himself but his loud voice and stutter only exposed him. “No! Nothing! We did not do anything at night… This concerns Master’s reputation, Father Niu! Don’t… don’t spout nonsense.”

Lonemoon: “…”

Shen Ying: “…”

Lonemoon’s eyes narrowed, turning towards Shen Ying with an enlightened expression, giving her a look that warned her to come clean. Unfortunately, the experienced lady opposite him was extremely steady as she calmly took the last bun from right under his nose and stuffed everything into her mouth in a few bites.

Then she stood up and grabbed Chef who looked so red that he seemed like he was about to explode. “Let’s go, we’re setting off!”

Lonemoon stood up and followed but saw the affection between them grow stronger. Shen Ying was still fine, but another blushing person who was being held there had pink bubbles all around him. His gaze never left Shen Ying, filled with joy, happiness and shyness?

Huh… something seems to be reversed somewhere?

Lonemoon became even more curious and nudge Shen Ying. “Hey, what’s with Chef?”

Shen Ying darted a look at him and opened her mouth but only left one sentence. “You wouldn’t know even if I tell you.”

“Why would I not know, looking down on the single man, huh!”

“Yeah, looking down on you.”

“Scram.” Lonemoon gave her a glare. “You don’t know how popular I am! The girls that like me can fill up several streets, do you believe that I can prove it to you two anytime.”

“…” Why did it feel like they’ve heard the voice of jinxing.


Shen Ying gave them some knowledge of spirit seeds in advance. In conclusion, spirit seeds was equivalent to the original source in their plane, it was what was used to create living beings of the plane. Only the form of existence of the original sources of every plane was different. The original source of Mi Le’s plane was obviously an egg, so what he said was right, it was indeed something of great importance to him.

So they did not delay further, spending sometime after breakfast to locate the position of the furthest end of the void, they then rushed over immediately. The moment they crossed the plane gate, they sensed a mixed, indiscriminate aura rush towards them. This aura was very weird, it contained Spirit Qi, Immortal Qi, divine power and more, and had some unknown energy all mixed together.

This was certainly a place that had a fusion of living beings from many planes, even it’s aura was so messy. This being their first time coming into contact with such a disorderly aura, they were all involuntarily stunned, but they suddenly heard a call for help in the next second.

“Help! “Help… I beg you all, please let me off!”

“Go on and shout! Shout as much as you want! Even if you shout till your throat breaks, there won’t be anyone who would come save you.”

The three of them: “…”

What the heck was this outdated lousy line.

They saw in a bush not too far out on their right, were the faint figures of three males and a female. The three males all wore ferocious looks and were even armed with weapons. The only female laid on the ground, dressed in rags, tear stains covered her face as she looked at the few people before her in terror.

The slightly slimmer one amongst the three took a step forward with a lustful smile.

“Girl, just be good and submit to us? As long as you are obedient, we promise you a good life from now on.”

“That’s right!” Another man also said, “Don’t worry, the three of us will definitely treat you well.”

“Yeah, you’re a girl, why hold on so bitterly? My heart aches just by looking at you, let me dote on you properly!”

With that said, the trio moved forward to grab her, the girl had no place to retreat to and screamed out loud again, tears washing down her face.

Lonemoon frowned and shouted out, unable to stay quiet anymore. “Stop!”

He walked over on quick steps, conjuring a spell at the same time. A strong gust of wind swept towards the trio, instantly pushing them back by a few meters. Turning and glancing at the shabbily dressed girl, he still pulled out a piece of clothing from the storage bag after some thought and threw it over.

The girl was momentarily dazed before coming around, hurriedly picking up the clothing and wrapping it around herself, looking at the person before her with gratitude and worry.

“In broad daylight, why are you three putting such a lady on the spot?” He asked in a low voice.

“Where did this mongrel demon come from, how dare you interfere in my business.” The tall and slim one gave Lonemoon a harsh glare, even raising the sword in his hand in threat.

“That’s right.” The other more muscular one said, “This b*tch owes us money and is not returning it, it’s only right that we take her in payment. If you know your place, then get out of my way.”

“No… it’s not like this!” The girl on the ground become anxious and grabbed onto the corner of Lonemoon’s sleeve in two steps. “They lied to me, I totally don’t know them. I don’t owe them anything at all, I was abducted by them when I was passing by here.”

“B*tch, you refuse to return money your owe and still dare to deny it!” The tall and slim one shouted loudly, frightening the girl so that she trembled and shrank even more behind Lonemoon.

Lonemoon frowned, sweeping his gaze across the three people before him, he said, “Since you three claim that she owes you money, why don’t you bring out the proof of loan, how about that?”

The trio was stupefied, a hint of guilt showed on their faces, yet they still argued, “We… We came out very hurriedly today, we didn’t bring it!”

“Oh?” Lonemoon laughed coldly. “This is still my very first time hearing someone say he did not bring the proof of loan when paying a special visit to demand repayment.”

“You…” The person was flustered exasperated. With a change in his gaze, he stopped pretending and sneered coldly, saying, “Punk, I’m warning you. I am a spirit from Enchanting Spirit City, if you dare to provoke us, you won’t be able to bear the consequences,”

“Spirits?” Lonemoon’s mouth twitched as he surveyed the opposite parties, all sorts of beautiful images flashed through his mind as he instantly had a feeling of being disillusioned. Turning his head, he looked towards Shen Ying who was behind him, is he for real? Did elves really exist in this place? And they even look like this? What happened to their specialties of sharp ears and the beauty filter like appearance that they came with?

Shen Ying also wore a confused look as she shook her head, she’d never been to this area.

Seeing that they already had some qualms, the trio instantly smiled even more cockily. “Hmph, you all look like demons that came from some unknown village, I’m not afraid of telling you honestly, the three of us aren’t people that you can afford to provoke.” He pointed to the muscular man on his left and said, “My brother here is a Tiger Gremlin with a thousand years of cultivation.”

Lonemoon faltered before coming to the realization that he had meant spirits as in gremlins? Not elves from the Western mythology.

The other party then pointed to the other male on his right and said, “This brother here is a Deer Gremlin with 800 years of cultivation.”

“As for me!” He sneered, straightened his back and said, loud and proud, “I have two thousand years of cultivation under my belt, and about to ascend into immortality, a Chicken Gremlin 1 !”

The three of them: “…”

Silence fell on scene.


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