My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 561 - Crisis

Chapter 561: Crisis

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Chen Ting was jumping from one building to another crazily fast. He thought that even if the Jiang Liushi’s vehicle was enormous, it could not demolish all the buildings. Chen Ting felt a little relieved as the buildings were acting as his shield.

“Xiyu, stop him!” Jiang Liushi’s voice echoed in the whole vehicle. As the MCV’s owner, his voice and thoughts could be expressed through the vehicle if he wanted.

“Okay.” Ran Xiyu nodded.

Ran Xiyu’s grey eyes seemed to penetrate the void as her invisible spiritual sense spread through all alleys and buildings. Soon, she locked on a flickering spiritual light that was moving at high speed.

“I found him,” said Ran Xiyu.

Ying sped up at once, smashing two vehicles before the MCV, to chase after Chen Ting.

Upon hearing the MCV’s loud engine sound coming closer, Chen Ting was shocked. ‘They truly have a psychic paranormal!’ Chen Ting had been sensing that someone had been observing him all this time, but now he was certain.

Unexpectedly, it didn’t make any difference to him. From the very start, he was not trying to shake off Jiang Liushi. Chen Ting looked forward, sneering. Then, he sped up toward the denser residential area.

‘Since you’re courting death, then be my guest and keep following me!’

“His speed is abnormally fast, and he’s moving through buildings. I don’t know if we can keep chasing after him,” said Peach worriedly.

“Let me give it a try,” said Jiang Zhuying with a grin. She had not battled for a long time and was itching for some action.

In Jiang Liushi’s mind, no matter how powerful his sister was, she would always be a little girl that needed his care and protection. Thus, Jiang Liushi looked at his sister hesitantly only to be met with a resolute and sharp gaze. It seemed that his sister had grown a lot.

In the end, Jiang Liushi nodded. “Well, be careful.”

Jiang Zhuying smiled and answered, “Be at ease, my dear brother.”

The moment the MCV’s door opened, Jiang Zhuying jumped out. At the same time, she threw the electrically-charged longsword in her hand lightning fast, nailing it on a wall in the distance. Then, using the chain attached to the longsword to pull her, she appeared where her longsword was stuck. She pulled the longsword and threw it again like before. In the blink of an eye, Jiang Zhuying crossed a great distance by reusing that method.

“Zhuying has become stronger,” said Li Yuxin in excitement.

Finally, Jiang Zhuying had found the way to balance her body and abilities after her second evolution. The more powerful an ability was, the harder it was to control it. Jiang Zhuying’s ability was an exceptionally strong, so needed a long time to get used to it. However, once she mastered it to perfection, her strength would skyrocket exponentially.

Suddenly, Chen Ting heard the sizzling sound of electricity from behind. It was as if a raging electric storm was gathering and getting closer to him by the moment. The smile on Chen Ting’s face gradually disappeared as he got an ominous feeling. Then, he turned to look back at the direction of that lighting sound. At first, Chen Ting did not see anything, but he suddenly saw a flash of lighting. What’s worse, he saw a dark shadow in that flash of lighting. In the next moment, he saw two more flashes of lightning in succession. Each time, the dark shadow became the more corporeal as it was getting closer to him.

Chen Ting’s eyes shrank. ‘A level-2 paranormal! A quite strong one at that!’

Jiang Zhuying’s special ability was quite rare, but Chen Ting, as a local tyrant did not lose his calm, but instead appeared more decisive.

‘It seems that I won’t be able to run away. That person will catch up with me,’ judged Chen Ting and decided to strike first.

Chen Ting abruptly stopped and gathered all his power into his fingertips. Following that, his body exploded with power and his hair stood up. He was ready to fight.

At that moment, Chen Ting punched the air, and undoubtedly, if a person were to meet his fist, they would be turned into a bloody mist. Even a room was likely to be destroyed by his fist. His target this time was the person in the lightning. He grinned, imagining the sorry figure of the fellow that was about to receive his punch.

However, Chen Ting was not the only one smiling. Jiang Zhuying was also smiling. “Do you know how 100,000 volts feel?”

In an instant, Jiang Zhuying formed a powerful electric field that spanned for a radius of several hundred meters. All creatures within the electric field, including Chen Ting, felt excruciating pain ravaging their bodies. At the same time, Chen Ting saw a blue light flashing before his eyes.

How could a mere fist of his be compared with electricity?

It could be said that the moment Chen Ting saw the blue flash, Jiang Zhuying’s devastating current had already wreaked havoc in his body.

Jiang Zhyuying felt excited as she showcased the extent of her progress to her fellow teammates, especially to her brother.

Currently, almost the whole building was covered in lightning, while the dazzling light emitted from it could be seen from afar.

Chen Ting’s miserable figure was sent flying. He couldn’t even touch a corner of Jiang Zhuying’s clothes with his fist. While releasing her power, Jiang Zhuying had jumped aside.

Chen Ting was charred black. He could feel a burning sensation on his face, indicating that it was badly hurt. His whole body was in agonizing pain, while his flesh was spasming. He looked down to see at his fist, but it was still covered with a layer of electricity!

“Ahhh!” Chen Ting shouted with difficulty. He stared intensely at Jiang Zhuying, who was smiling happily. She was pleased as her electric attacks contained unimaginable power.

Upon seeing that Jiang Zhuying was walking toward him step by step, Chen Ting jumped up from the ground with all his strength and rushed outside.

“Ah? How is he still able to run?” Jiang Zhuying felt a bit of surprised.

The electric current that she had released was already exceeding the intensity of high voltage. Jiang Zhuying thought Chen Ting’s endurance was pretty good, while his battle prowess was meager at best. Actually, Chen Ting was pretty strong, but he had no chance to show it as his opponent was none other than Jiang Zhuying.

‘I need to run! As long as I can…run…there, I will be saved. You will all die-‘

Before Chen Ting could complete his thought, his body turned stiff and stopped. It was as if someone had used magic on him. At the same time, his forehead was covered in cold sweat. His muscles instinctively tightened, and his heart beat violently. He turned his head slowly and looked not far away. Jiang Liushi’s MCV was parked in the street.

From the shooting holes at its top, a dark muzzle was protruding out of one of them. It was directly aiming at his head. Chen Ting knew that if he made the mistake to even move a little finger, Jiang Liushi would immediately pull the trigger.

At that time, Jiang Zhuying arrived next to Chen Ting. Thus, the latter gave up on running away. Jiang Zhuying was annoyed, complaining, “Why did you run? Even if you somehow managed to escape from me, my brother would kill you.”

Suddenly, Chen Ting heard Jiang Liushi’s voice in his head. ‘You run toward that direction to lure me, right?’

Chen Ting, who was had fallen in utter despair, suddenly looked up and saw a large number of armored vehicles and tanks on the other side of the street. On the rear of the MCV, he also saw many armored vehicles and tanks. Therefore, Chen Ting revealed a nasty smile.

What Jiang Liushi had said was absolutely right!

‘They are Qionghai’s soldiers, a whole armored regiment!’

Nearly 30 tanks and more than 50 armored vehicles had come for Jiang Liushi. Moreover, they had many military off-road vehicles and guns. On the command car, a black flag was flying high.

‘Storm Armored Regiment! Song Lingchen is here!’ thought Chen Ting excitedly as he had achieved his goal.

Song Lingchen opened the skylight and stood up. All the members of the Storm Armored Regiment, including him, felt curious about the strange vehicle, which was surrounded by them. A metallic sheen was seen from the outside with smooth lines, highly technical construction and bulky volume. It’s hard to imagine that this was a car. If not for the giant tires underneath it, they would think it was a war fortress.

“No wonder those survivors’ squads failed as soon as they struck,” said Song Lingchen.

The failure of those teams had no impact in Song Lingchen’s plans. It was a simple matter to crush them on his own if he wanted. In his eyes, those teams could be replaced. They had all come to reap the high reward, so he didn’t care if they were all dead. However, Song Lingchen realized that he had underestimated the Shi Ying Squad’s power.

Xiang Xuehai was also looking at the MCV with surprise. She was longing to see Jiang Liushi’s face.

“It’s you…” said Xiang Xuehai gently.

In this terrible post-apocalyptic world, the feeling of meeting loved ones again was invaluable.

‘Do you still remember me?’ thought Xiang Xuehai. Needless to say, she was still satisfied to know that Jiang Liushi was alright.

“The sniper should be Jiang Liushi, right?” At that time, Song Lingchen looked at the sniper rifle extending out of the MCV. “Excellent! You are indeed powerful. Those survivors’ teams just helped you to warm up. I’m your opponent now. Are you ready?” said Song Lingchen.

Many teams would choose to give up after being surrounded by such a strong regiment.

Song Lingchen had heard about how powerful Jiang Liushi’s minibus was and that Commander Luo wanted to get his hands on it. Although he had not seen the minibus, he thought that the strange-looking vehicle before them was more powerful.

Jiang Liushi looked at the surrounding people coldly. Then, he stared at Song Lingchen and asked coldly, “Who are you? Who gave you the right to spout nonsense before me?”

Jiang Liushi was never kind to his enemies. At first, he thought that those soldiers were part of Qionghai’s military, but their flag was different. He had come across similar situations. Some officials and soldiers had severed their ties with the military, and they had established their own powers, becoming local warlords. The allure of absolute power over the lives and deaths of others was not only irresistible to ordinary survivors.

‘It turns out that the mysterious organization is backing the local warlords,’ thought Jiang Liushi.

Upon hearing Jiang Liushi’s questions, Song Lingchen frowned, while his subordinates were shocked.

“How dares he to be so arrogant after being surrounded?”

“I’m Song Lingchen form Qionghai City. Commander Luo Jiafeng is my superior,” said Song Lingchen. He didn’t mind Jiang Liushi’s words at all. In his mind, Jiang Liushi was an unlucky fellow that was about to die. As one of Qionghai City’s influential figures, Song Lingchen had his own pride and thoughts.

“Oh, so you’re a small fry running errands,” said Jiang Liushi indifferently.

At first, Jiang Liushi was under the impression that Song Lingchen was a member of the mysterious organization. But it turned out that Luo Jiangfeng didn’t pay much attention to the Shi Ying Squad, sending his underling to do the dirty job. He hadn’t even informed him about the Black Hole.

“I have to show you and that organization the consequences of provoking me!” said Jiang Liushi coldly.

Since the mysterious organization had put a price on his head, Jiang Liushi could not let it slide. Jiang Liushi was a person that knew how to repay favors and hold grudges.

“Since you have yet to learn your lesson let me kill another person first. You’re next,” added Jiang Liushi.

Only then did Song Lingchen notice Chen Tin, who was lying on the ground with a deformed face. If he had not looked carefully at Chen Ting, he would be unable to recognize him. Chen Ting was the one who had provided them with the information about Jiang Liushi so Song Lingchen couldn’t let him die before his presence.

“Let Chen Ting go-” shouted Song Lingchen, but a gunshot overshadowed his words.

Then, Chen Ting’s head exploded like a watermelon, leaving a headless corpse spasming on the ground. Jiang Liushi had killed Chen Ting, utterly disregarding Song Lingchen.

“Forget it, it doesn’t matter…” said Song Lingchen.

“As I said, you’re next. You’ll meet him soon enough,” said Jiang Liushi.

Song Lingchen waved his hands. Then, one by one, several cannons were aimed at the MCV in a flash. If all the cannons fired simultaneously, even a building would be blown to pieces.

Jiang Liushi felt his blood accelerating in anticipation. After the MCV’s upgrade, that was their first tough battle. It was quite difficult for other survivors’ teams to damage his MCV, but warlords like them, with modern thermal weapons, posed a great threat to his MCV.

Jiang Liushi did not want to fight against the military, but he needed to have the capital to protect himself. What’s more, there was an undercurrent running through the military. The web the mysterious organization had weaved was eroding the military from the inside. They were only a threat to the military but also Jiang Liushi’s enemies.

Jiang Liushi was looking forward to obliterating them.

“Fire!” Song Lingchen made the order.

Tremendous roars echoed, and bombshells flew toward Jiang Liushi’s MCV.

The sounds even alerted the town’s zombies and mutant beasts. Those mutant beasts and zombies had obtained intelligence, so they had memories and understandings of such kinds of movements. When they had attacked the base city, they had heard such sounds. But why were they hearing them again? In an instant, countless crimson-red eyes were fixed from all directions at the same location!

“Ying!” shouted Jiang Liushi.

Ying grabbed the steering wheel with both hands and slammed the accelerator. At the same time, Jiang Liushi shouted again, “Zhuying!”

The door of his MCV was opened immediately, and in the next instant, a flash of lightning jumped from the building directly into the opened door.

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