My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 562 - Warning Sign

Chapter 562: Warning Sign

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The moment the bombshell descended, the MCV suddenly turned, smashing through a nearby shopping mall. Then, loud explosions followed, and the road was split apart as a big hole appeared out of nowhere.

Upon seeing that, Song Lingchen was still calm as if the MCV was destroyed that easily, he would be greatly disappointed. In the next moment, he was slightly surprised as the MCV dashed out of the mall lightning fast. However, Song Lingchen believed that if he ordered more tanks to attack, it would be unable to dodge the bombshells again. Of course, Song Lingchen’s task wasn’t to bombard the vehicle. He needed to drive it back.

“Surrender! You will not escape,” shouted Song Lingchen. In his mind, Jiang Liushi had been driven into a corner. Unexpectedly, he received no response.

“Haha, don’t cry when you’re about to die! First Team and Second Team, advance! Storm Squad go!” ordered Song Lingchen.

Many tanks and armored vehicles headed toward the shopping mall. Under their cover, a professional team was quietly approaching the mall. Before doomsday, Song Lingchen had established a team of elite soldiers, called Storm Squad. After the outbreak, these exceptional figures had become paranormals and had been training relentlessly to adapt to every situation and environment.

It could be said that they were a honed double-edged sword in Song Lingchen’s hands. They were responsible for finding and targeting the enemy’s vital parts. When they arrived at the entrance of that shopping mall, they found its gate had already been ruined as a larger hole was in front of them. Although the ceiling was extremely high, it was still torn. All the shelves were toppled. The falling upholstery and broken glass were everywhere.

The MCV was parked quietly in the depths of the ruined mall, and it looked like a caged beast. Many cold barrels were pointed at the entrance from outside. The captain of the Storm Squad gestured, and then several excellent combatants began to quickly and quietly approach the MCV. They held explosive devices in hands, intending to destroy the huge vehicle’s tires. In such a narrow space, there was no place for such a large vehicle to hide. Therefore, it was didn’t matter that they were found.

However, just at that moment, a dull rumble seemed to come from inside the MCV. Jiang Liushi was standing inside. In his ears, that sound was akin to the MCV’s heartbeat. On a screen that nobody could see other than him, Jiang Liushi was observing the internal space of the MCV carefully. The Black Hole’s Core was turning fast!

Earlier, the MCV was using a mixture of energy consisted of black light and fuel. But at this moment, Jiang Liushi had called out his Starseed to launch that Core completely!

‘Launch the Core at full capacity,’ said Jiang Liushi.

All of a sudden, the Core began to shake and then rotate much quicker. The Black Light Energy began to boil like blood inside.

The Storm Squad’s members stared at Jiang the MCV not far away in surprise as the dull roaring sound was growing louder. In the end, it reverberated throughout the mall!

Although that huge vehicle was still parked, they all felt it pounce at them like a primordial beast at any time. At the same time, they noticed a black barrel aiming at the gate.

“Where do they want to rush?” Someone asked.

Currently, the Shi Ying Squad was supposed to be in a desperate situation. However, Storm Squad’s members all sensed that they were the ones in danger.

“Act! Now!” The Storm Squad’s captain decided immediately. In the blink of an eye, 30 people rushed to the MCV simultaneously.

Jiang Liushi roared, “Fire!”

A stream of air suddenly tore the space and burst forward. All the members of the Storm Squads were scared to death. The shelves, the ceiling, the walls, etc. were all torn into pieces in an instant. Then, they were pushed outside. The tanks and armored vehicles outside the mall were all hit by countless debris. The two tanks at the front were overthrown by powerful air currents immediately!

At that moment, Jiang Liushi’s MCV rushed out!

Using the combined energy, Jiang Liushi’s MCV could reach a normal speed of more than 300 kilometers per hour. If the Accelerate function was used, its speed could be improved to a higher one in a short time. However, Jiang Liushi didn’t know what’s the speed it could reach by solely using Black Light Energy. It was a pity that the storage of Black Light Energy was limited. It wouldn’t last for long if they were to use the Black Light non-stop.

“Launch the Collision Ram and the Flamethrower! It’s time to teach them a lesson!” ordered Jiang Liushi.

A tank’s armor was strong enough to withstand the impact of the air cannon, but it was temporarily disabled when overthrown. Two tanks were nothing to the whole Storm Armored Regiment. However, a great deal of debris and smoke from outside obscured their views.

The MCV rushed out from that ruins at full force, its sharp ram obliterating the debris in its path. After exiting, the MCV’s engine released a roaring sound as it dashed toward the tanks and armored vehicles directly. When Jiang Liushi’s MCV was still in the minibus form, Jiang Liushi had used it to attack tanks, only to push them a few meters back. Jiang Liushi could not help feeling excited in anticipation of the damage his current MCV would bring.

Fortunately, he didn’t have to wait for long. The MCV’s ram struck the first tank in its path, sending it flying! The entire MCV trembled, but it still moved forward, smashing everything in front of it.

‘The shell has received 10% damage. The collision ram has received 5% damage…’

Numerous dents were appearing on the MCV’s exterior, while even the windshield was gradually cracking due to the continuous impacts. While receiving the feedback of the MCV’s performance, Jiang Liushi looking in front excitedly. Most of the tanks had been overturned, while all the armored vehicle had been smashed to pieces!

At the same time, the sound of machine guns was coming from the war room. Zhang Hai, Sun Kun, and Wei Feifei were shooting at different direction wantonly. Although the Shi Ying Squad was in a precarious situation, their enemies were in a worse state.

From the moment they had been surrounded, Jiang Liushi had been ready for a bloody battle. He had poured all his energy and power to nurture his MCV and the Shi Ying Squad.

Song Lingchen was astounded by the turn of the battle. He had just given the order for his subordinates to attack but never had he expected that Jiang Liushi would be the one to strike first. The rampaging MCV was like a fierce beast! Song Lingchen felt scared by its might.

‘Since it’s that strong, we have to bombard it. There’s no way to keep it intact. Commander Luo will understand,’ thought Song Lingchen. He had to change his plan as the MCV was too strong.

As he decided to give out the order, he heard Xiang Xuehai’s voice. “Commander Song!”

Song Lingchen frowned and looked at beautiful Xiang Xuehai. “Why did you get off?”

“Since I came here, I couldn’t just sit and look,” said Xiang Xuehai coldly.

“You don’t need to help. It’s better for you to rest back in your vehicle,” said Song Lingchen.

How could his Storm Squad accept the help of a woman?

However, Xiang Xuehai shook her head and said, “I have to fight…actually, I’m just waiting for the chance. Now, it’s the right time.”

“Killing intent?” Song Lingchen got an ominous feeling.

All of a sudden, Xiang Xuehai’s figure changed as the wind blew fiercely, forming a storm. In the midst of the storm, Xiang Xuehai suddenly got close to Song Lingchen’s vehicle.

She struck with her hands, and a dozen fierce blades about five or six meters long appeared suddenly. They were rolling up to Song Lingchen, hoping to tear all the people and cars into pieces. All the people around were unable to open their eyes due to the fierce winds. More than a dozen wind blades fell at the same time, leaving the cars with a thousand holes.

Xiang Xuehai floated down in the air. She always looked at Song Lingchen’s car intensely. Her team was with the Storm Squad, so she only had one chance to sneak attack them.

Xiang Xuehai was prepared for a long time just for this attack. As a result, she tried her best to deal a destructive blow. Fortunately, Song Lingchen was in an armored vehicle. If he was in a tank, she couldn’t cut it up at all; not even by using all her strength.

“Is he dead?” Xiang Xuehai wondered. She couldn’t kill all the members of Storm Squad, but as long as she killed Song Lingchen, the entire Storm Squad would be ruined.

All the members of the Storm Squad were shocked to death. However, just at that moment, a hand was stretched out suddenly from that car. It was holding the roof. The hand was blue, and as soon as it touched the roof, the hard steel began to melt. The roof of the car was lifted, and Song Lingchen’s figure appeared inside. His skin was blue all over, and his clothes were torn. His shoulders were bent, while his hands and feet had become extremely long. He looked more like a mutant beast rather than a human being.

There were several open wounds on his body, all of which were deep. Even his bones could be seen clearly. But all the cut flesh was wrapped in mucus, which was crawling back together. Song Lingchen stared at Xiang Xuehai, his eyes emitting killing intent.

“Xiang Xuehai, good! You did well!”

Originally, Xiang Xuehai needed some help from him, so he had never expected for her to attack. Song Lingchen wasn’t a fool. He had realized why Xiang Xuehai had attacked out of the blue.

“Jiang Liushi must be the man that rescued you and your entire camp, right?” asked Song Lingchen coldly.

Xiang Xuehai was shocked after seeing that Song Lingchen was still alive. She had tried her best to kill him.

“Yes,” She smiled and answered without any fear. Seeing Jiang Liushi’s MCV, Xiang Xuehai felt extremely happy.

“Good, but this time, he will be the reason that all your members will die!”

“You’d like to kill all my innocent members?” Xiang Xuehai asked angrily.

“Well, don’t worry. I won’t go out and kill them. I can use the Qionghai City,’s influence to cut off all the supplies your camp needs. It’s quite easy,” said Song Lingchen.

“Don’t look at me like that. That the consequence of attacking me. You should hat Jiang Liushi…It’s a pity as I could have given you a much more enjoyable life,” added Song Lingchen.

From the moment Xiang Xuehai attacked him, he began to hate her. He wholeheartedly wanted to kill the woman now.

“Maybe, you don’t know about my special ability, but I can let you have a lot of different experiences with my poisons. The pain levels can be broken down into many different ones.” Song Lingchen seemed to have become another person, or it was better to say that this was his true face.

Xiang Xuehai just smiled coldly, moving her fingers slightly for the storm to intensify again.

“If you want to kill me, you’ll have to pay the price,” said Xiang Xuehai.

Many guns were aimed at her, but her teammates had also quietly reached around those tanks and armored vehicles.

“Ah!” One of her members grabbed the barrel of an enemy. Then, he dragged that one out of the car. Such scenes were playing all around at the same time.

Song Lingchen stared at Xiang Xuehai and began to laugh. “We are doomed to be bound together. But you need to yield to me and become mine,” said Song Lingchen while suddenly pouncing at Xiang Xuehai.

He opened his mouth widely, more than a human could possibly do, releasing a pudd of blue smoke. It looked very eerie, sending chills down the spines of anyone that saw it. All the blue smoke surrounded Xiang Xuehai, who immediately covered her mouth and nose.

“Sister Xiang!” Her members shouted as they saw the air around her turning blue.

Of course, Jiang Liushi and other members of the Shi Ying Squad also noticed the strange blue smoke.

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