My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 564 - Centesimate

Chapter 564: Centesimate

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“Uh…” Xiang Xuehai groaned. Then, her body became soft, immediately falling into Jiang Liushi’s lap. She was relieved to see Jiang Liushi. Actually, she exhausted to the point not even her fingers could be moved.

“Xiang Xuehai?” Jiang Liushi held her up.

The woman in his embrace closed her eyes, but still looked beautiful. The blood vessels under her clear skin seemed blue, and even her breathing was barely audible.

“You are poisoned.” Jiang Liushi frowned. In order to help him, Xiang Xuehai had overexerted her power, enabling the toxin to act wildly. She was in the brink of death.

“We will save you. You’re not going to die,” said Jiang Liushi while carrying her back to his MCV.

“Yuxin,” Jiang Liushi put Xiang Xuehai on the sofa, and Li Yuxin walked over immediately. She examined Xiang Xuehai carefully and said, “Let me have a try.”

“Will she be okay?” asked Jiang Liushi.

Li Yuxin didn’t answer immediately this time. Instead, she shook her head, “I will try my best.”

Then, she stretched out her hands holding Xiang Xuehai’s hands tightly. In the blink of an eye, Li Yuxin seemed to have entered an operating room, while Xiang Xuehai laid quietly on the operating table. Her body was attached to a number of instruments that clearly reflected her vital signs. Meanwhile, Li Yuxin stood by with an operating knife.

It was actually the projection of Li Yuxin’s spiritual world. In reality, she just held the hands of Xiang Xuehai, and her mental strength was turned into an invisible scalpel, which was directly inserted in the body of Xiang Xuehai.

Jiang Liushi was looking at them silently. Although he didn’t know why Xiang Xuehai was there, he knew that Xiang Xuehai was hurt because of helping them. Otherwise, Song Lingchen couldn’t have been killed so quickly.

Under Li Yuxin’s treatment, Xiang Xuehai’s breathing gradually became more stable. Jiang Liushi sensed these changes, so he finally heaved a sigh of relief.

At this time, Zhang Hai’s voice was heard from outside. “Brother, several members of that Storm Squad would like to meet you.”

Jiang Liushi looked at Xiang Xuehai and then turned to walk to the door of his MCV. Several soldiers were looking at Jiang Liushi with some complex expressions.

Upon seeing Jiang Liushi, one of the men asked nervously, “Captain Jiang, since Song Lingchen has been killed, what are you planning to do with us?” If Jiang Liushi was unwilling to spare them, they couldn’t wait for their doom.

Jiang Liushi sneered. “Whether this battle should end, depends on you.”

That soldier stayed silent for some time before saying, “We don’t want to keep fighting.”

After all, they were not the real soldiers, in fact, they just some warlords. Of course, it was none of their business. All decisions were made by the high-level officials. Many of them wanted to become soldiers just because they’d like to protect their homes. They didn’t want to kill benevolent people and waste their resources. Especially after seeing Song Lingchen’s true face before death. He didn’t care about their lives at all.

“Well, you can lead the way for me. I’d like to go to Qionghai City and kill Luo Jiafeng,” said Jiang Liushi. He truly enraged. The MCV had been damaged to some extent, while Xiang Xuehai had been poisoned. All of that was caused by the mysterious organization backing Luo Jiafeng. If that could be tolerated, what could not!?

If killing Han Yuan was not enough of a warning, then Luo Jiafeng had to die too. Jiang Liushi intended to dig out the mysterious organization from its roots and bring it out from the dark.

“You…” That soldier looked at Jiang Liushi in surprise. He didn’t think Jiang Liushi could kill Luo Jiafeng at all. After all, many teams had run away, and they would spread the news in detail. In his mind, even if Jiang Liushi decided to flee, it would be almost impossible to escape, let alone kill such a mighty figure.

However, it was still Jiang Liushi’s choice, and they could also return to Qionghai City in one piece. Therefore, the soldier and his compatriots looked at each other, nodding in agreement.


The street was in ruins after the battle. The soldiers of the Storm Squad pulled all the bodies of their companions from tanks and armored vehicles, gathering them together for cremation, to avoid being eaten by zombies and mutant beasts. At the same time, Xiang Xuehai’s subordinates did the same. Only three of them were left.

“Captain Jiang,” The three people approached the MCV, looking sad.

A girl wiped her tears and said, “Captain Jiang, I once saw you when you were fighting against that water monster. I’m following Sister Xiang now. My name is Su Yueyue.”

“Captain Jiang, thank you. If not for you, the water monster would have killed my brother. I finally found the chance to thank you-” a strong man said but couldn’t complete his sentence as he tried his best to hold back his tears.

Jiang Liushi noticed that he was sitting beside a body for a long time. The deceased should be his brother…

“Captain Jiang, how is Sister Xiang?” asked Su Yueyue urgently. The two men also asked worriedly.

Jiang Liushi looked at Su Yueyue and said, “Since you’re worried about her, you can get on to accompany her.”

“May I? Thanks a lot, Captain Jiang.”

Jiang Liushi nodded. Then, Su Yueyue ran to his MCV as soon as possible. After all, Xiang Xuehai’s team had suffered a lot just because of rescuing his team. Of course, he would do what he could to help them.

“But why did you come to here? And why were you with Song Lingchen’s team?” asked Jiang Liushi.

“It’s a long story. A plague broke out in our hometown. All the infected people died miserably. We’ve searched all around our camp, but nobody could treat the plague. As such, e came here to ask for help,” said the other man from Xiang Xuehai’s team.

“But why didn’t you go to the Star City Base or Xiayuan Safety Zone?” asked Jiang Liushi.

“We don’t know the details. Sister Xiang had heard that Qionghai City was specialized in such case, so she decided to come here.” He was a simple member, so it was natural he didn’t know more.

Jiang Liushi felt it was strange. After all, Qionghai City was far away in comparison with other bases or safety zones. Only a few people could find Qionghai City. How could Xiang Xuehai know the way to find it? It was a pity that Xiang Xuehai was still in a coma. Even if Jiang Liushi had some doubts, he had to temporarily wait.

At that moment, a rumbling sound came. A tank was coming towards them. The tank did not stop until it came in front of them. Then, Zhang Hai jumped out of the tank and said excitedly “Brother Jiang, how about Old Zhang’s new car?” Zhang Hai and Sun Kun had not only confiscated a tank but also collected a lot of ammunition.

Although the Storm Squad’s members were present, they could only accept this outcome.

Jiang Liushi looked at that tank and smiled. “Excellent. But it’s a little slow.”

Upon hearing Jiang Liushi’s words, many members of the Storm Squad wanted to argue with him. The speed of such a tank could reach 75km/h, which was pretty good for a tank. But they realized that compared to Jiang Liushi’s MCV, its speed was indeed slow. Moreover, the MCV’s weight was more than 50 tons! In all people’s eyes, the MCV was a colossal monster.

In the end, a soldier couldn’t help but complain, “The main battle tank has incredible power. If we hadn’t been ordered not to damage the peculiar vehicle, how could it have such an easy time trampling over us?”

“Can you beat them? If I’m not mistaken, your tank was also overturned!” reprimanded another soldier. He couldn’t bear someone to be wise after the event.

“F*ck! They stole my tank!” cursed another soldier.

“Well, you two should stop showing off,” said Jiang Liushi to Zhang Hai and Sun Kun, who were quite excited.

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun realized that every time they got a new car, they became quite excited. However, none of their new cars last for long, while Jiang Liushi’s was getting much better. Compared to Jiang Liushi’s car, their tank was nothing at all.

“Let’s go!” ordered Jiang Liushi and returned to the MCV.

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